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  1. Kinda just a personal gripe but am I the only person who feels its a little rude to view a topic and not reply? Mainly talking about asking question topics like rule clarification. But also in Facebook groups for example every time I post in our local FB group asking if anyone is down for a game I will get zero replays but 15-20 views.
  2. I believe the YT1300 and the YT2400 should be multi factioned to scum. Han Solo I'll say rebel only since he is so iconic but Lando is scum in my opinion (Pretty sure Leia's opinion too) Both ships where widely used as smuggling vessels and smugglers are scum!
  3. It works all day long and Kath loves it!
  4. Pretty sure I know the answer but does Bossk's pilot ability work with snap shot? Just wanted other opinions
  5. Looks perfect but PC only, sadly I only have a tablet and a PS4
  6. Anything that could ever possibly add a red dice should never be 0 points even Fearlessness cost 1, seeing as the circumstances you specify seem more common to take place with all the 1 and 2 evade ships we have I'd like this upgrade to be at least 3 points
  7. Really think Latts is fine the way she is, we already only really see her on Assagi and any real change would limit her even further.
  8. Kinda saw Most Wanted as the core set for scum not really an aces pack. But yes I would like to see a Rebel pack with new X and Y but I'd love to see a most wanted 2 that fixed Starviper and Keraxic (or however you spell it) that adds cards and so on for scum YTs I don't have to have Solo but scum Lando would be nice
  9. AdamGATX105

    CRoc pics!

    Awesome find, good work! She looks great! Can't wait to have one on the table!
  10. You already know the answer, Aces and after that All of them! And SCUM
  11. Just toss this out there but I think I remember there is a WWI/WWII tabletop game called Wings of Glory it might give you some ideas and be a great source for WWI era minis Edit sorry should have read more, its already been mention sorry
  12. Can I highjack the topic for a sec and ask is BroBoba a thing?
  13. Putting this in off topic so no one yells at me for its in the wrong place Looking for some good point coated homebrew Titles/Pilots for the YV666. Anyone seen some custom cards or a place where I can find them. Or maybe a good site where I can make my own custom card? Doing a Captain Harlock's Arcadia repaint and wanted to find something new for it.
  14. Between this and all the "fix this" topics I think its time to take a break from the forums again for my own health
  15. No in fact it does not work since all ships and upgrades are not legal in play till released
  16. The difference is one is meant to be a legal combo and the other is not. You all know that, your just trying to be cute
  17. Isn't this one of those simple common sense things? You all know this is the title for IG2000. Common sense it won't work. Further its Aggressor Title NOT Tie Aggressor title two completely different ships.
  18. Title of the post made me think the complaint was a lack of upgrade cards in the new wave, which all have a minimum of 5 each compair to the Protectorate starfighter that only had 2 its an improvement. But inline with what your really asking, small ship expansion hardly ever come with extra copies of a single card its usually the ships priced at $20-40 that come with extras
  19. The Scurrg will be $20, which I guess is fine but I'll want 2 of them!
  20. Looks like a wave I could easily get 2 of everything from
  21. If you see Kong you must stay for the after credits scene!
  22. AdamGATX105

    PSA: BoShek

    Could probably decimate a Decimater with Chopper VCX with Zeb crew and auto blaster turret
  23. I'm gladly taking my wife to it this weekend, Beauty and the Beast was her favorite movie when she was little so I will happily take her. Plus this means she has to come see Alien Covenant with me
  24. Simple solution for homebrew, extra munitions is changed to a mod slot and you can equip a second mod that cost 2 points or less
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