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  1. Solution candy replaces evade tokens
  2. Saw it with my wife I actually really liked it and don't feel less of a man for it.
  3. Halloween night game use candy for shield tokens each time you have to remove a shield token your opponent gets to eat it!
  4. OK so we all agree Firespray are over coasted for what you get so how about a new Slave 1 title 3 points and increases agility by 1? Would that even the coast out? Too cheap? Too much? Firespray only can work on scum or imps, unique.
  5. "No good to me dead" EPT large ship, only once per game when a friendly ship with a equip crew card is destroyed you may take one crew from that ship and equip it to yours
  6. I still find dengar more useful to me, especially with my dice rolling. Dengar also let's me reroll 2 dice vs aces which are very common today. Besides my Kath builds normally have her with outmaneuver ept which reduces the agility and followed by Dengar crew to help me get more hits.
  7. Just wondering if there's any update on when snap shot will be working? Want to try it out on some A-wings
  8. My go to crew for her is still Dengar I find the rerolls much more useful.
  9. I like this idea personally but I wouldn't make it a mod or a title but rather like to see it as a new astromech to help out T-65s as well.
  10. AdamGATX105

    Y-TLT vs HWK-TLT

    My question is why fly TLT at all
  11. Pretty sure he was just referring to the crew card
  12. Outrider title clearly states you cannot use your primary weapon so the may later on in the title means absolutely nothing HLC cannot fire at range one. My solution has always been to take mangler cannon
  13. Your going to hate me but I can't help believing if scum was a faction when the Firespray first came out there would have never been a Imperial version of it. So with that said I think any chance of a Imperial fix is very low on FFGs to do list.
  14. Not to mentioned a much better dail on the Lancer
  15. A lot of rumors going around about Boba Fett appearing in the Han Solo film, if any of that is true I say it would be a safe bet to see a fix for it next year.
  16. Completely totally and forever agree with this!
  17. Most Wretched pack that comes with a Firespray and a Kihraxz fighter would be good. Something I would definitely buy. True Starviper needs some love but the Firespray has been around longer and is more recognizable. Good fix would be something along the lines of the X7, title remove some of the upgrades for fewer points and more green on the dial.
  18. Thanks guys! I'll see what I can do about getting some cleaner photos up tomorrow!
  19. Man I really wanted this to work lol just another unique way to fly Bossk than the wackie party buss combos
  20. Call me crazy but I'd like to see a U-Wing upgrade that lets you ditch a crew for and astro maybe a point limit one the astro? And can equip a second mod of 3 or less points. Could fly Bodies Rohk with M9-G8 and weapons engineer
  21. Yes but the Skurrg will be epic in scum epic! See what I did there?
  22. Scum YT1300 and YT2400, Rebels can keep Solo but Lando is scum! Would also argue that scum needs a slime covered C3PO from when Jaba owned him but that's a crew not a ship. Stolen Kihraxz fighters for rebels with some new cross faction upgrades. If they stole a Tie why not a Kihraxz?
  23. So posting my first real attempt at a good repaint and mod. Seeing as I don't do this often apologize for crappy camera quality and lack of photo box. Repaint is inspired by Captain Harlock's Arcadia, skull and crossbones where from an old Gundam model kit I had and the cannon from an old toy. Tell me how I did and how I can improve
  24. Would be interested in this as well, everyone says Strange eons but I would need a web based solution seeing as I'm limited to a tablet
  25. Just to clarify why I think it works his ability is when an attack hits BEFORE dealing damage you can cancel a crit to add 2 hits. Typically you roll dice you mod them defender rolls evade mods them attack hits or miss then Bossk triggers so his ability is after timing window for modding dice. Does it work this way?
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