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  1. I think I love you....... Let's not tell my wife
  2. Oh wow really can't wait for scum epic to take off. Would prefer the first epic to be more like the corvette or raider since I have an awesome model ordered to proxies out to feel the place, but beggers can't be choices and I will welcome the C-Roc with open arms all the same. Let me ask if in casual epic if I was to use a corvette for scum are there any upgrades that would be broken on it with scum crew I should be aware of?
  3. Yup I was also going to suggest the Tie Strikers they have surprising good maneuverability with adaptive ailerons.
  4. Think the card art on Inspiring Recruit points to this as well. Card shows a front crew ramp on the U-Wing which in the movie it didn't have. Really hope there's a chance for further down the road a pack to give the U-Wing new life.
  5. Or just better at not dropping the ball when they try. Poor U-Wing
  6. Title sums up. Looking at getting into Armada but already have a ton of X-Wing stuff. What's the average price point I'm looking st spending for a rebel fleet? How long is a match? How new player friendly is it? Any great learn to play videos?
  7. If you watch how it should have ended on YouTube what they did with K2S0 I found very believable and wish had happen in the movie
  8. Han Solo would be an example of a pilot that was a member of all 3 factions at one time or another in his life, however not always the same ship. Would think a lot of rebel players would be mad as hell to see him in a Tie.
  9. Dropped the ball on that one no pilot or crew card
  10. Yes but the main turret you see is TLT which doesn't work at range 1 so with a careful approach and there speed you can get in range 1 and not worry about TLT
  11. I'm one of the few people that would argue that Protectorate can fly great with only what they give you. I know players like to throw autothrusters on there but I feel like the designers intended it to always be at range 1.
  12. Most wanted had so far been a one time thing and didn't help Rebels or Imperials. A solution like this could. Doesn't seem like there's much love for this idea anyway. Rather more frequent Ace packs
  13. Actually my idea was new pilot cards included, but started a separate thread for it
  14. AdamGATX105

    Bonus Pilots

    Idea I was bouncing around last night. I know its been mention somewhere that FFG either can't or is unwilling to do card only packs. So would it have helped if ever new expansion came with 2 new pilot cards for a previous ship as a bonus. Could this have helped to keep older ships in the game as well as sell more new ones? Examples Lancer with 2 Firespray cards Tie FO with 2 basic ties T-70 with 2 T-65
  15. I was thinking about this last night. What if every new ship that came out also came with a bonus 2 pilot cards for a previous ship of the same faction to help keep them caught up. Some examples: Lancer with 2 Firespray Cards Tie FO with 2 Basic Tie cards T-70 with 2 T-65 cards
  16. Love the two named pilots for the Firespray. When you coinsider the point cost and the dial of the ship I wouldn't think the ability's are broken. Would fly burnout slam on Deliah for sure.
  17. Personal opinion. Only have played it about 4 hours so far but I am really enjoying the game! A lot of reviews out there saying the animation and writing are bad and most seemed tied to just one character you encounter about 2-3 hours in. Four me I didn't really notice but maybe that's because the game drew me in. Combat is great feels like Mass Effect 3. Exploration is fun I love the little scanner tool you get just adds more to it. This isn't a direct sequel to the previous trilogy it really is its on thing with a fresh start.
  18. Well keep up the great work. It is certainly less buggy and running smoother!
  19. Calling it out right broken is going a little far I always just call it over coated to me there's a difference. Something that is broken has no chance of winning. Over coated means it will get the job done but there is a cheaper option . In this case its the Lancer, stats wise there pretty similar but if you look at the dials the Lancer is just better. A total of 7 greens vs 4 on the Firespray. Thus its over coated in the dial.
  20. But that's just it the dial is why the ship is over coated. So any fix has to address that issue.
  21. Not really we are talking about an over coated ship with a bad dial
  22. I'd be OK with the 4 point coast if its a free action if not then it should have a 0 point coast
  23. Think what people want is a 0 point title that allows you to perform a free boost action combine that with a new Firespray only mod that let's you use the 1 hard turn when boosting would go a long way towards fixing the fail and making it worth the points.
  24. Your right it doesn't look Star Wars, it looks TREK, Romulen or Klingon shuttle! :Runs away:
  25. Shuttle Tyderium is the only one I've listen to. Just really enjoy there style, fun group of guys that love this game. Actually makes me wish I lived in there area to get games in with them.
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