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  1. I think its a good thing opens the door for scum to get the mandalorian corvette
  2. Your the man Crabbok, been watching your YouTube vids for Armada as I get ready to start getting into it! Very helpful, thank you!
  3. Speak for your self please, my scum epic fleet LOVES him!
  4. I think the solution is shuttle craft. Both the Federation and the Romulen/Reman do have a fighter that is the size of a shuttle craft. If you get into ship lore both the Akira and the Constellation class ships had a large hanger deck/shuttle bay
  5. Slam then Experimental Interface to drop the cargo...
  6. The solution is simple drop Push the limit take Experimental Interface
  7. My point is don't complain if your not going to play him where he would shine. He comes in an EPIC ship not a small or large.
  8. Oh here we go again everyone whining about a card that comes with an EPIC ship isn't going to be great in standard play. Hey here is an idea why don't we praise how good Jabba will be in EPIC play where he is ment to be and not focus on how horrible you "think" he will be in standard. Or even play a 200 point no epic game and see how great he is there!
  9. If FFG did ever get there hands on Trek and Star Trek Armada came out I would probably sell my entire X-Wing collection and buy into Trek Armada. Attack Wing just surfers from being the wrong format before anything else. Sure I agree that even if Trek Armada was a thing we would still see some scale sliding with the Borg but I feel FFG could balance the whole game more. Plus a Trek Armada would have more factions which would equal more sales. Another attack wing issue is probably too many factions keep it simple, Federation, Klingon, Romulan and Borg. Launch without Borg add at a later date maybe add Dominion after that.
  10. Yeah for the purposes of this topic I'm pretending Attack Wing isn't a thing. Scale is horribly wrong and the minis are just ugly. While FFGs minis are just plane gorgeous!
  11. Simple question would you still be here if FFG had the Star Trek licenses instead of Star Wars? Personally I think there would not have been a X-Wing format type of game at all and it would just be Star Trek Aramada and maybe a Star Trek version of Imperial Assault called Away Team. Which with FFG attention to detail I would be a uber nerd and all over Star Trek Armada 1-2 of every ship.
  12. Eh people know what I mean, I'm sure I'm not the only Star Trek fan around here. At least I enjoy both.
  13. Fly protectorates with advance photon torpedos and fearlessness and make TLT disappear
  14. With what you have I really think you should be more open about faction mixing. Take the T-70 and the M3-As VS 2 Tie FO and Tie Phantom. Should be a decent and fun match. Why are you against faction mixing anyways? Scum mixing with Rebels feels more thematic then Rebels and Imp mixing. Plus this did happen in the movies Luke and Obi would never have gotten off of that desert planet if the didn't mix with a scum smuggler named Solo.
  15. **** I didn't think such a simple question would start so much debate. Just wanted a second opinion. As for why people want it to work it just gives you more options for a fun Bossk build. Its not VI or mindink so that gives it some originality. Not the traditional party buss either and its not tripe jump masters.
  16. I always some how flew Kath off the board. Constantly miss judge how much a large ship moves. Heck sometimes I still do Also thought ID tokens where used to kept track of activation order
  17. Triple jumpmasters and TLT spamming is always something to be upset about. So much for creative list building and skilled flying.
  18. Rock paper scissors lizard Spock!
  19. Biggest thing is to not get upgrade happy they don't need much, EPT, Engine upgrade and a crew. Boba: Fearlessness or Adaptability Recon Specials Engine Upgrade Kath: Outmaneuver Dengar or Tail Gunner Engine upgrade Could see a bomb on Kath just to make her rear arc more trouble
  20. http://www.cornponeflicks.org/harlock/pirateships.html this list the green version as 400 meters long whiuch I think is more accurate since it was comparable in size to the Yamato. The 1077m version I think is from the new movie remake
  21. **** bigger then I thought lol. Just always loved the design saw the movie and some of the anime. The model I order is around 13/14 inches so was going to use it as a larger scum epic in casual games. A smaller one 5/6 inches would fit in Armada as well lol. Luckily thius area is laid back and more casual focus when they do play
  22. You know if you where ever bored you could do a custom epic fore and aft card for me with those stats with this image. Ordered the model of this ship and going to proxies it as a scum epic. Have to flip the image I guess, its the Arcadia from Captain Harlock's
  23. Please don't contact my wife as she would be willing to swap in a heartbeat and my PS4 would be gone
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