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  1. I know the offical rules say you can paint the models and still use them in offical matches. However can you mod them? Im thinking about adding some small cannons to my YV-666
  2. Sorry new to this but whats AT and CR?
  3. Does anyone realy get a single expansion for just one card in it or do you prefer to buy ships you will use? Im felling a little pressure to buy a m3 interceptor for the mangler cannon card to use on my bossk build but been trying to hold off cause the interceptor isnt really a ship I would use.
  4. Trying to throw together a list to fly Dengar in Jumpmaster with Bossk in the YV-666. My question is will it be competitive enough to last and do real damage. Dengar 33 Punishing one title 12 Push the limit 3 R4 Agromech 2 K4 Security droid 53 Bossk 35 Wired 1 Shield upgrade 4 Gonk 2 Outlaw tech 2 Mercenary copilot 2 Total is 99 points
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