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  1. 1 hour ago, Maturin said:

    I have no experience with it either, mind you!


    Are you trying to balance the ships for use in the Star Wars universe, or are you limiting these ship cards to use vs Gamilons, etc?

    More for balance in Star Wars, hence why I'm skipping over the idea of the wave motion gun not sure how to translate it over. It would be pretty op.

  2. 10 hours ago, Maturin said:

    Nicely done!  Always wanted to do this myself....


    My only comment is around the ship stats, specifically the firing arcs.  (I'm assuming no Wave Motion Gun here.). You have most of the dice in front arc, but since those ships have centreline turrets, wouldn't the side arcs have the most firepower?  Yamato has 6 main guns facing forward, but can bring 9 guns to bear on each broadside....though only one side at a time. :)

    Tried to take that into account with the Yamato title I made, and giving the ships the largest forward firing arc I could. I'll admit I'm no expert on these ships or making custom cards. Hence my reasoning for making this thread lol.

    What would be a more reasonable firing arc/dice balance?

  3. I have a few Star Blazers/Yamato models I use to replace my rebel ship models in casual play. Strictly casual player for this game and if someone told me I couldn't use my models I'd simply not play with them. That being I strongly think you should buy a FFG expansion for components to run your custom ships with. So you still support this awesome game.

  4. I've recently started picking up some Yamato/Star Blazers mini models that are perfect scale for Armada. As such I'm going to use them to add a few new ships to my rebel fleet. For now I'm just going to use them to replace some of my existing models, Liberty & MC30.

    However I have been on Kuat Drive Yards brainstorming a few custom cards and would welcome input.

    Yamato- http://kdyards.com/ships.view.php?id=3082

    Arcadia- http://kdyards.com/ships.view.php?id=3069

    Yamato Title- http://kdyards.com/upgrades.view.php?id=3083

    Arcadia title- http://kdyards.com/upgrades.view.php?id=3084

    Captain Harlock Fleet Commander- http://kdyards.com/upgrades.view.php?id=3080

    So balance, point value, suggested stat changes. Made Yamato a med base and Arcadia a large since all resources on the ship sizes I've found vary on Arcadia being 100-200 meters longer the Yamato. 


  5. 2 hours ago, DrakonLord said:


    *looks around and whispers* was it something I said? Because seriously that came out of nowhere and nothing. 

    who wound you up before you saw my poor little thread asking about if anyone had actually found a formula that fit the sliding scale of armada? I have the utmost respect for FFG but I am not talking about 3D printing one of the ships we already have, if I wanted to do that why would I ask for the formula? I have one of every ship expansion out so far and am quite capable of putting the model in the scanner if I wanted to cheap FFG out of their money for bringing me a game that has brought me so much joy and I fully support by buying all ship expansions when I want to.

    my friend wants to print a Vindicator I believe, followed by a wingless Liberty if that helps to clear up troubles and as I am the one who keeps up with the online forums, I came here to ask the community if they had any leads to start with, because I know that when I first started visiting these forums here was a couple of discussions about the sliding scale and possible formulas that explained it (or something along those lines, it's been a while now)

    so I don't understand, what brought that ^ down on my head? 

    2) OK to clarify for everyone else, I ain't no noob, I know that the bases are what is important for playing purposes, what I want to know his if ANYONE has a formula to SHIP sizes, and if not that is no problem, as I said above we are willing to just go with what 'looks right'.

    3) thanks @modise and @thecactusman17 for responding

    Dont think he was trying to bring anything down on you just casually reminding you if your going to 3d print don't print out everything ships bases and never buy anything from ffg

  6. On 4/18/2017 at 9:31 PM, Blail Blerg said:

    .... not to rain on the parade but it looks like a K-wing. Or like an 8year old strapped guns and platforms to a female pleasure device.  

    (I sorry.  Its kinda cool too.  I could get used to it.  But it'd still probably paint one pink)

    Almost all rebel ships look like female pleasure devices especially anything made by MonCals. 

    Dont see how it looks like a owing though

  7. Agree that the reinforce action would be great on the ghost would like to see a new upgrade that any 1 agility large ship can take it but that brings up the problem of the lines not on the ship base, but come on any monkey in a flight suit can draw a line down the middle

  8. There has been a lot of discussion about the Firespray recently this is the 3rd thread I've seen in the last 2 weeks. I'll stick to what I've been saying.

    Suffers from a bad rail when compared to the lancer it is clearly over coated in the rail.

    So fixes should address its maneuverability or its cost, adding a barrel roll as a second free action and take a stress token could work as a title. Or a title that knocks off the cannon slot and drops point cost.

    Also I'm sorry retire the Imp version if scum was a faction at launch the Firespray would have been scum only anyways.

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