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  1. Weirdly enough there seems to be no announcement about this on the KOSMOS-Website. It seems that they are doing this on their own and there might be no german version (yet)? ?
  2. ArinRahl

    Either I don't get it or this is an awfull mess

    ...OR the cards ARE very same-y after all and all have a very standardized power-level, but then the game would just be boring? Anyways, there might be a world where this works but there would have to be an enormous amount of work behind a game like that!
  3. ArinRahl

    Either I don't get it or this is an awfull mess

    But that is the worst part, you will not be allowed in any way to change the premade deck that you bought. There is absolutely no decision making or deck adaptation, so you don't draft and choose cards like in Magic, you just go there and you get one deck and boum that's it...
  4. ArinRahl

    Either I don't get it or this is an awfull mess

    Yeah, you are right, this concept seems like a really bad idea. Don't wanna bash either, but I hope it's a late april's fools joke from FFG... there is just no way that u can really create THAT many decks that are all more or less balanced and have a unique way to play them... Either this is just a very weird idea and smne said why not try it out or it's a money grab....
  5. Hello everyone I know the reprint is out for a while now in the US, but I can't really find it in my local (online) european stores, it all seems to be private copies / last available, ... really sad, cause I already bought the expansion. :/