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  1. so my team decided to go for all out assault on the nemesis at the start of the quest, as we defeated Snak Craggle before any peril effects, we basically just ignored them as he was defeated. Was this the correct thing to do? Also we rolled a few nemesis attacks through the later stages of the dungeon, but again he was defeated sooooooo, we decided as a group his attacks weren't possible. Can anybody clarify whether these were the correct actions to take?
  2. did you come to a conclusion as to what you should do?
  3. I'm a bit late to this party (18ish months) but I have a similar question. in the nemesis lair at the end of the quest. the location is fully explored. but there are still engaged enemies, and the nemesis is undefeated. do you escape, or should you continue to defeat the enemies?
  4. does anybody know whether these will be available to buy again soon? theyre sold out