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  1. Thanks for the feedback so far, I'm looked into the Tauren/Troll name generators now and found a decent enough fit
  2. Heya Looking for Naming conventions for Whiphids which are rather hard to find even on google (*or maybe I'm terrible at google search* ) Some source material would be greatly appreciated. (Makes it easier for me making PC's and NPC's alike.)
  3. Heya I was wondering how one could go about taking a HWK 290 Light Frieghter and have a "hopefully" rough in game translation stats wise to the Moldy Crow. Namely it also states It can take six passengers? When the default can only handle 2. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Moldy_Crow (However the details on this could be incredibly wrong) Would love some feedback on this soon, otherwise I just might have my part stick with the YT-1300 that I'm ... *Cough*goingtocrashhorriblythisnextsession*cough* Possibly on the fence of replacing with something a touch more in the expanded universe/not so well known light freighter. (My next bet would probably be the "ghost" as a replacement for the party as well. Namely because I like the design of that one too)
  4. Kylo, Definitely Kylo.(doubt the player I have who want's TO have that as his lightsaber knows about Roblio.)
  5. Heya! I'm looking for stats/rules for a Cross-Guard Lightsaber hilt are there any in the source books or could you possibly do a homebrew ruling on it but keep it fairly in balanced with the other options available in the core rulebook? Any answers will be greatly appreciated thanks!
  6. Thanks for the help! I'll keep this all in mind! pleasure to be a board as well.
  7. Hiya I'm new to Star Wars FFG and I've been looking at eventually getting into this and the players I've discussed with want to possibly run a Force and Destiny game but it seems the website is out of stock? I was wondering how often it is restocked. Thanks!
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