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  1. He can also be pretty defensive with only needing one surge to use maro's ability to heal.
  2. Here is a list idea I have come up with that focuses around a tight knit army with Ardus at its head. Ardus has the potential to benefit from: Duskblade, Carrion Lancer Ability, Maro's Heal, Tempered steel, Blight from archers. Thanks to combat ingenuity he can use these skills with just one surge each (except maro). Dispatch runner on the deathknights with their dial allow for them to rally and skill to get ardus to double attack turn after turn. Ardus also has a rally on his second command dial if you want to get rid of banes. This build would allow Ardus to really choose what skills to use during each attack and tailor it to the enemy he is fighting. If he had: Hit-Surge, Hit-Surge for dice he could do 6 damage, reduce their defence, apply blight or apply blight and do 4 damage 2 mortal strikes. 198/200 points Ardus IxErebus x1 [37] --Artifact: Shield of Margath [6] --Unique: Ardus Fury [1] ----------Total Unit Cost: 44 Death Knights x2 [24] --Artifact: The Duskblade [8] --Champion: Dispatch Runner [7] --Training: Combat Ingenuity [6] ----------Total Unit Cost: 45 Carrion Lancers x2 [27] --Equipment: Fire Rune [7] --Training: Simultaneous Orders [2] ----------Total Unit Cost: 36 Ankaur Maro x1 [40] --Unique: Violent Forces [6] ----------Total Unit Cost: 46 Reanimate Archers x2 [18] --Equipment: Tempered Steel [3] --Training: Combat Ingenuity [6] ----------Total Unit Cost: 27
  3. Episode #2 of the Runewars Battlecast is up. Hopefully you enjoy the elf shenanigans.
  4. How many can I have in my army? can I have a 2x3 unit? or just a 2x1?
  5. I had a question about faction upgrades while using Maro's passive ability. If you incorporate Leonox Riders into a Waiqar army, can they use combat ingenuity? It could see it both ways. Especially if you picture the leonox riders being resurrected and creepy.
  6. Works well! good job. A few suggestions: 1) add into the "how to play" set the rotate to 15 degrees as it makes rotating the dials better. 2) the scale of the table is off. a 4 move gets you half way across the table. I guess they need to be scaled.
  7. When aiding with the improved dwarf ability: do you pull and enemy over and exhaust them? Or do you pull them over, roll including their black dice, then exhaust them? The wording is a little ambiguous. Secondly, When attacking a face down enemy in the shadows with a ranged attack do you ignore armour? The rule book says they dont have rank and are not nemesis until flipped I seem to recall. If you choose to deal 2 dmg to an orc boy who is face down in the shadows do you flip him and apply 2 damage through his armour? Thanks
  8. It still does damage...Thats a bit disapointing. It sure wont make this game any easier. Thanks for your response!
  9. I played my first quest of Wahammer quest: the adventure card game and just had a few questions. 1) I Have and active enemy on me who has 1 health and I use my attack action. I roll 2 success with white die, and a claw on the black die. Does the enemy still injure me despite the fact that I kill it? 2) When being rewarded with success (through a hero's aid ability or through an event) do they have to be placed on an action card? Can they just be un assigned and used for whatever? Thanks very much
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