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  1. dsul413

    Begin Attack Run - Y Wing article

    ICT adds the rotate action, as there is not a primary weapon turret for the Y-Wing natively. There is a red reload action though, which looks somewhat similar.
  2. dsul413

    Begin Attack Run - Y Wing article

    I know it was previously spoiled, but veteran turret gunner will be really nice if planned correctly, especially against medium and large base ships when it'll be easier to get both arcs on target.
  3. dsul413

    WalrusofDoom's Repaints

    The firespray looks great. I like the black cockpit, personally.
  4. To be fair to Rebels, the Defender was a limited, prototype project that never hit full production...those resources had to go elsewhere. Same with the TAP as a limited ship. Bringing the interceptor into Rebels felt a bit odd though.
  5. dsul413

    The biggest problem with 2.0.... is 1.0.

    Or trade. Or purchase second hand.
  6. dsul413

    Jam action or Jamming is total garbage in 2.0....

    Jam also helps you attempt a save on your other ships, if they are about to get lit up. That's a big deal, especially as a support craft. It'll be heavily situational, but its a tool. That's all.
  7. dsul413

    Reaper Article!

    We've already seen the correctly templated cards in an older preview, so I would assume the error is not consistency as much as version control. We'll see what was printed though.
  8. dsul413

    Jam action or Jamming is total garbage in 2.0....

    The jam mechanic as a cannon, sure, but having to price up a ship solely because of the strength of an action isn't exactly great either.
  9. dsul413

    Jam action or Jamming is total garbage in 2.0....

    The new article indicates otherwise. May be a mistake...but we will have to see the rules reference first. The full version.
  10. dsul413

    Are you enjoying 1.0 more or less today?

    How are players not going to be able to build creative lists?
  11. dsul413

    TIE Advanced X1 -- For real this time

    To be clear, I'm not against the changes; I'm just not up in arms against the current state of the X1. Edit: ATC adds the die and changes a result. That sounds like boosted power output, no?
  12. dsul413

    TIE Advanced X1 -- For real this time

    "Crappy freighter" = heavily modified YT-2400 with upgrades to the weapons systems, when we look at the scum faction use of it. If we say that Vader's TIE has more powerful cannons than the TIE/LN, but less cannons than the TIE/IN (of the exact same type), with no actual ability to compare than "much more powerful" (L-s9.3 wiki), the same argument can be made for 4 > 2 cannons based on the TIE/IN wiki entry - "In addition, four laser cannons on its wingtips allowed for far more firepower to overload the shields on an enemy craft". The TAP is two dice as well and boasts, per the wiki, more powerful cannons (but still two) than the TIE/LN. It doesn't mean that number of guns = number of attack dice, but number of guns can influence attack dice. At the end of the day, I just want to see a balanced ship on the table. I'll be happy with that.
  13. dsul413

    Imperial Wedge, Biggs, and Hoobie

    Yea, does everyone forget Vader? The guy who, you know, killed the Emperor?
  14. dsul413

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    The fact they have real character names gives me hope. That's a step in the right direction.
  15. dsul413

    STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!

    This whole discussion generated from some hate people had for the most recent episodes. I'm with you, I enjoyed the episodes and look forward to the rest of the season.