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  1. dsul413

    Seperatists: What Will I need to Build a Squad?

    I’m getting two of servants and two vultures, one infiltrator. That should be plenty to serve my hybrid swarm purposes.
  2. dsul413

    Those with the new kits - did FFG screw us over again?

    FFG stayed how many dials would be in the pack. They didn’t say you’d get X number of generics and put Y in the conversion kits, unless I’m missing something. The conversion kits kits are an absolute bargain for the amount of fun I’ve had playing what is close to a new game with all the changes made. I would gladly do it again.
  3. dsul413

    First FO List thoughts

    As are most of the meta monsters right now. Poe may change that.
  4. dsul413

    Nubians in the future

    I really hope we do not get more factions. It is nicely balanced in faction distribution right now across eras (except scum, odd faction out.)
  5. dsul413

    First FO List thoughts

    9 point bid, without the coordinate. I think they have different goals - this list is written to keep Kylo full up, while a QD list is built more to brawl. scum and villainy podcast just has an episode that talked to Kylo and what he brings to the fight and they discuss the importance of moving last at 5 and the flexibility that primed thrusters gives you. We are seeing high bids with I5 centric lists right now - Boba Guri is one example. Have you thought about switching hull to shield upgrade? The value of an extra attack may outweigh the benefit of fanatical for one additional hull.
  6. dsul413

    First FO List thoughts

    Compared to what we are seeing now with bids, it really isn’t. Kylo really, really wants to move last. Badly. I think 10 points is going to be the minimum bid in that race.
  7. dsul413

    First FO List thoughts

    Yes to BH on Null. This was what I’m going to fly first, it includes that. Null is there for the cheap coordinate for Kylo, pretty much. Kylo with Help (82) Kylo Ren (12) Supernatural Reflexes (8) Primed Thrusters Points 102 (44) "Midnight" (2) Fanatical (4) Advanced Optics Points 50 (31) "Null" (4) Squad Leader (1) Biohexacrypt Codes Points 36 Total points: 188
  8. dsul413

    Upsilon - Why?

    If the gun is that hard to keep on target, than we really shouldn’t pay as much a tax for the fourth die, right? The platform would be great at the right cost, it’s just not completely there right now.
  9. dsul413

    TIE Silencer vs Defender

    Alphas aren’t garbage and are seeing play, but Soontir is still the most prevalent interceptor. Conversion kits are out in Poland (system open) and UK (early release). The Silencer dial is not average.
  10. dsul413

    Happy Friday - Which of the five are you playing.....?

    First Order for a bit. CIS when it comes in. I like that I can start simple with the low number of ships.
  11. dsul413

    Points are up

    The SF will still get a lot of play at its current pricing. I think First order pricing is pretty decent overall. Curious how we will see the upsilon played...
  12. dsul413

    Mining Guild TIE

    Negating or boosting based on debris. Its really interesting, the design space they are using in 2.0.
  13. dsul413

    Mining Guild TIE

    Ahaav is definitely a meta call, but I don’t think it’s a bad one if it works for your list. It’s a great ability and will skew target priority for opponents flying medium or large base.
  14. dsul413

    Let's share some good rebel lists

    Do you feel a points reduction on crew will effectively give them "better crew", or are the crew options that trash?
  15. dsul413

    Dash Is Back

    I've played against a similar list with Leebo quite a bit. Range control is critical, and I've had the most success massing my squad against the YT-2400 first. It takes damage pretty easily and doesn't have THAT much HP. A lot of people have tried burning the support down first, but if you do that you're still taking 4 dice to the face for awhile.