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  1. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    This whole discussion generated from some hate people had for the most recent episodes. I'm with you, I enjoyed the episodes and look forward to the rest of the season.
  2. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    I've generally been impressed with the new canon overall. Sure, its taken a largely different direction from the EU, but I'm happy with that. I've enjoyed the content put out so far.
  3. That X-Wing is on point. Great progress.
  4. New preview: save the dream

    Yeup. That's sticking.
  5. The Wrench That Changes the Works ...

    Snap shot on stress ezra is dirty.
  6. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Extremely well done pair of episodes.
  7. Possible Sheathipede/U-wing fix?

    Fenn is very good, but he isn't broken. No need for these changes. I agree with MrAndersson that there is no one element that makes it great.
  8. Thweek & the Kimoglia Aces

    Great write-up. I tried flying Thweek this weekend and did not do well with him; I put him in too many arcs at Range 2, especially, with no modifiers for defense. He is certainly fun to maneuver, but I need to get better at my arc dodging with him to be effective. Best of luck at Yavin with the list!
  9. New Solo Stills

    The rumor (and its a rumor...sort of like all the **** that surrounded Rogue One) is not specific. An acting coach was brought in, supposedly, but it could be literally for any number of things. Voice, trying to nail certain mannerisms, etc. We've seen the actor do well in other films. I'm looking forward to this iteration of Han.
  10. Solo Teaser Observations

    Ding ding ding. Its a part of Star Wars.
  11. Don’t Forget this New Ship

    The U-Wing is a phenomenal design, they really knocked it out of the park. There have been some other good entries though. TIE Striker? Ghost/Phantom? First Order Dreadnought? MC-75/Profundity? Protectorate Starfighter? Gauntlet fighter? Maybe even the Resistance bomber? Just some interesting designs that I thought have been well executed by post-Disney Lucasfilm. Totally agree on the T-70, TIE/FO (/SF is an interesting modification), Resurgent-class SD, etc.
  12. Regional Results thread.

    It was incredible watching him swing those Vipers around. Great flying on a list that is fantastic but seriously unforgiving.
  13. Solo Teaser Observations

    "We're fine"? That sequence is barely a joke.
  14. First Tournament

    The winners of the Montreal and Chicago regionals at minimum would probably disagree. The attack shuttle is showing up on more of the Ghost builds as the docked shuttle, although Fenn is showing up as the wingman extensively as well.