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  1. dsul413

    Leebo List

    I'd go with Roark and Han gunner and give yourself two init 7 shots, but Jan is solid also. I don't know that PerCo is all that useful on Jan, since she's not giving away her focus tokens and can stack them early; it'd be great on Kyle to feed the beast that is Leebo. I'm not a big fan of Outrider title, I think its a waste of points here. Leebo without C3PO is a huge missed opportunity.
  2. The search function isn’t working for me at the moment, so apologies if this has been covered. Regarding timing for Autopilot Drone’s charge use - based on the order in which the player chooses to use dock/undock, or just the fact that the drone was undocked during the systems phase at some point? The drone docks and undocks at its initiative. Since Rigged Energy Cells just says “During the systems phase, if you are not docked...” I’m not sure on timing of the charge loss vs docking (or undocking) the ship. EDIT: How I see it, at any point in systems if you are undocked (so, if you undock during, or dock during) you still lose the charge. So you could undock, lose a charge, next turn lose a charge and dock, then its an undock into explosion at end of activation on some third turn in the future.
  3. dsul413

    Double Tap Initiative 7

    You can modify one eyeball result a shot at minimum, two on one of the shots if you want to be aggressive. That isn't terrible. I'm curious to see how it plays at least.
  4. dsul413

    Brobots - any ideas?

    Ion cannons really aren’t that bad. Most of the time they’re just a normal 3 dice attack that gets one damage through, and can set the rest of your list up well to punish the opponent harder the following turn.
  5. dsul413

    Anecdotally, are your launch tournaments seeing many swarms?

    Did the Howl swarm play the Drea swarm? I’m curious how that turns up, based on the absurd amount of health on the Drea side.
  6. dsul413

    For everyone saying two ship lists are dead...

    It’s not whether the ships exist as playable, it’s whether you can counter them with good play. They aren’t auto win anymore, you have to fly well, so I’d call that intent met. A heavy swarm with support can often beat two ship lists without the consecutive miracles or substantial outplays that 1.0 needed for awhile.
  7. dsul413

    For everyone saying two ship lists are dead...

    I don't think two ship lists are the future of the game, and I don't think we need to overanalyze the results, but most of the interwebs had written them off completely. I think this still shows that smaller lists can hang when flown pretty well. I haven't been flying two ship at all, because my ships tend to evaporate from decisions that are too aggressive. Both players made mistakes in the game, and variance is going to play a role. That includes the direct hit at the end, but the loss isn't solely from that card pull.
  8. dsul413

    For everyone saying two ship lists are dead...

    From what we saw on stream there was a lot of variety, other than the Boba Guri list being on for the last two streams. I think the list was something like: (80) Boba Fett (3) 0-0-0 (3) Marauder (6) Shield Upgrade (2) Debris Gambit (4) Han Solo (5) Proton Bombs Points 103 (62) Guri (8) Advanced Sensors (6) Outmaneuver Points 76 Total points: 179 not positive about debris gambit and Guri other than advanced sensors, im blanking after a long day. He had a sizable bid for sure.
  9. Boba Guri just beat Lt Sai and 4 sentinels in the finals of the Gold Squadron Classic. Heck of a run.
  10. dsul413

    IG88-C + IG88-D Crew Question

    You can take the free evade action, you don’t need evade on your action bar.
  11. dsul413

    Kavil Firing Turret in Front Arc - How Many Dice?

    Just to be clear, your interpretation is not correct based on the most recent FAQ. It’s weird, I know, but it looks like turret facing forward is good (but potentially not torpedoes.)
  12. dsul413

    Scum Questions...

    At range 1 with stress on the target through a rock you can get a 6 die attack. 2 native, +1 for range, +1 for title, +1 for han ability, +1 for trick shot. So dirty. Hard to pull off...but dirty.
  13. The IGs in 2.0 are really **** fun, and pretty darn strong.
  14. dsul413

    Scum Questions...

    Yep. Trick Shot is basically mandatory.
  15. dsul413


    I think contraband cybernetics is really good on Dengar - with that right side red, just the threat of not conforming to the expectations of the left and getting necessary actions/modifiers is extremely useful. I've got the same thing that BitterFig posted, but it trades rigged for cybernetics. Excited to try it. You can also run: Dengar — JumpMaster 5000 64 Contraband Cybernetics 5 Electronic Baffle 2 Punishing One 8 Ship Total: 79 Boba Fett — Firespray-31 80 Fearless 3 0-0-0 3 Marauder 3 Han Solo (Scum) 4 Ship Total: 93 Jakku Gunrunner — Quadjumper 28 Ship Total: 28