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  1. That sounds like good for the cost, which is really how we evaluate pilots right?
  2. This x1000. If he’s not terribly priced he will see play because he’s an I5 with shenanigans. His ability could be blank and he’d see play at 5. That said, any list that can afford Sun Fac is taking Sun Fac instead literally every time.
  3. ST actually has provided a pretty solid array of interesting ships even if some of them are not visually distinct from their predecessors. It sounds like TROS from leaks/rumors is expanding the FO/bad guy side of ship diversity at least, and season 2 here already shows plenty of ships to add to the factions. Mandalorian takes place 7 years post ROTJ so we may see ships end up on either side of the era divide. This show ending at what may be the natural conclusion of the ST or at least the show’s storyline isn’t an indicator of Disney backing away from ST material completely.
  4. So, he’s Tallie - basically. nobody takes Tallie for her ability, but she sees play.
  5. The EU was a mess. Fun, but a total mess. The ST era has plenty of excitement from people I know, anecdotal evidence at best obviously. After TFA there was a ton still. The controversy of TLJ (and the internet echo chamber) dampened enthusiasm for sure but I'm at least starting to feel a turn going into TRoS. Hopefully they capture the magic in TRoS to end the ST in an interesting and crowd pleasing way.
  6. To that end, I'm potentially interested in painting one or some minis. I painted my templates and such. But I am in the same place, I have no desire to paint my collection.
  7. I try to make it pretty straightforward to avoid questions of ethics. Do I want to play? Yes, I do. No, I don't, as long as I'm not hurting the other player's experience. But I'm in the salt mines anyway at premiere events.
  8. I've had a really tough time lately not getting salty as I've been specifically checking probabilities. I had a QD in one game get killed on a ~2% chance or something like that by two concussion missile TAPs with heightened perception before she ever shot her normal engagement attack. Bigger is the issue of probabilities like 53%, 46%, etc because they make you believe what is more likely and less likely but don't illustrate the decision making impact. Depends on the decision and situation. If Soontir had a 40% chance of getting popped, maybe I don't commit him, where I don't mind committing my V-19 into that same chance to die as a blocker. So its sort of linking the probability with the corresponding impact on the game and my win condition if it doesn't go my way.
  9. Eh. Doesn’t look like a T-85 to me.
  10. Love the FO bomber look. Aggressive look to it.
  11. FO bombers showing up outside the poster. Some interesting scum-style ships. And the final season.
  12. dsul413

    Can you make it work?

    Rivas really doesn’t suck as FO filler. He’s 1 point more than the generic off the top of my head. I played him to decent success online at least. Against lists that have linked actions or other self stress mechanisms it really forces your opponent to consider that use. there’s a million lists that could have him, but I ran him as part of a QD/Backdraft/2xOSE/Rivas list
  13. In epic especially you won't mind the points invested in this medic ship, and it'll be very useful across the Separatist faction - not just the C-ROC. Run it back and forth behind the lines and it'll be pretty neat. Great idea. Lots of hull/min shields in the faction lend itself well to receiving crits, unfortunately.
  14. Agreed, but he's a 5 in a faction starved of high init. I bet he'll see play. Sort of like Kylo (but you know, not a force user/awesome silencer), nobody uses Kylo's ability. I see the same happening here with this dude as a budget ace if he's priced right.
  15. Tractoring some poor sod on a range 1 ensnare from Sun Fac (5 dice in bullseye) and a range 1 APT from 404 (6 dice) and -1 defense will be difficult to pull off but a wicked feels bad for that ship.
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