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  1. The X-Wing community is down-right spoiled compared to Armada players. FFG might as well have just stuck an image of a middle finger on the last presentation where they said that.
  2. Same team. VR isn't necessary for me, but the HOTAS will definitely be on the way.
  3. I recommend anyone looking to get into HOTAS or VR wait until compatibility is released. The devs have said they will release that information when its ready. Don't drop a bunch of cash on things that might not work with the game.
  4. Much of this is readily answered. The gameplay mechanics show in the trailer are clearly well above BF lite, and power management is discussed in decent detail.
  5. The designers did specify that which HOTAS systems it will support isn’t released yet, I believe in the polygon interview.
  6. Or not, if the trailer is accurate. Only two columns for Tie Interceptor. Left is the X-Wing.
  7. Looks like cross-platform game-play which is sweet.
  8. Honestly...Fallen Order was great and BF2 (ground combat) is still so much fun, with all the updates they made. I play BF2 regularly with a X-Wing friend and it’s just a great time. Probably the most improved game I’ve ever been played - release to final update. I'm excited to see the trailer for this.
  9. I don't feel bad for FFG at all. If they're outsourcing app development to another company, its on them to detail what they're looking for. I've been involved in app development as a user for military applications, and we've always defined our requirements, quite strictly, with the company developing the product. Along the way there are a number of usability checks, tests, updates, to ensure the product we receive is adequate. Its on our project managers to ensure the contractor is held to the standards we set, and on our project managers to ensure that the end product meets our intent. The app sucks, but it sucks in its overall design intent. Everything about it seems form over function - which is a 10 minute conversation at the start of development. Honestly, they had plenty of examples from 1.0 of applications that met community intent exceedingly well. All they had to do was build off the concepts they knew worked for the majority of X-Wing players, and they didn't start with that baseline unless the contracted developer wildly swung a different direction with no oversight from the company. Also - user research. Its a thing. I don't feel sorry for FFG that they received, released, and failed to update a sub-par product.
  10. I'm with @theBitterFig on this one. Given the strength of the Jedi or clones it will be supporting and highly likely ability to take cannons/missiles based on what we've seen to provide forward punch (and a 270 arc, roughly) there's no way they start in the 30s. They could get there if they aren't successful but I expect them to be conservatively priced. And there is minimal if any overlap to the ARC in role from what we've seen.
  11. @Cpt ObVus, https://tabletop.to/jank-tank-open For everyone, Game 2 of the Top 4 will be at 2000 (8pm) ET, 0000 UTC today! Come join us!
  12. Jank Tank Open Top 4! Tomorrow, 30 May at 12pm ET (4pm UTC), we have Agata Pikulska v Tsukuda Joe Congdon on stream. We'll have special guest Bartosz Wojcicki on with Jonathan (@NaKoaLani) for this awesome game. Might of the First Order vs Joe's scummiest of the scum squad. Sunday, 31 May at 8pm ET (12am UTC), we have JF Gaudreau v Garrett Jost. Jonathan and I will be hosting this game. Lets see if Odd Ball can continue his unlikely run backed by Lumi/Padme madness against Garrett's list of odd ball Scum heroes. Come join us!
  13. Jank Tank Open Top 8 Schedule! Three of the four games are streaming on https://www.twitch.tv/thexwingdebrief, while the fourth is on the Gundarks stream (annotated below!)Today, 21 May at 9pm ET (1am UTC) we have Nathan Willcock vs Tsukuda Joe Congdon. Nathan is flying a true 5-ship separatist salad of death, with an electro-proton bomb (2 BBs, 2 Hyenas, and a Vulture!) while Joe is flying an initiative-reducing, tractoring, autopilot droning, beat down Scum squad.Tomorrow, 22 May at 8pm ET (1200am UTC) we have JF Gaudreau facing off against Cam Murray. JF is attempting to somehow achieve greatness by pushing Odd Ball to the championship in a defensive, Jedi-fueled, Padme rocking Republic squad. Cam's running multiple Z-95s, thicc Palob, ANGLED DEFLECTORS Dalan in the Kimogila - munitions and bombs all over the place!Saturday bright and early, 6am ET (10am UTC), Aaron Furminger attempts to defy the masses and take Berwer Kret to the promised land against Agata Pikulska's First Order might. Aaron's bringing three Hyenas and a palp Infiltrator to the fight, while Agata's list centers on the stoic Upsilon, the impressively consistent Quickdraw and Backdraft, and a 45 point generic TIE/FO! Will Aaron's Seps bow to the Supreme Leader of First Order jank? Tune into https://www.twitch.tv/fearlessgundarks for this game.The final game of the weekend is Sunday at 3pm ET (7pm UTC.) Garrett Jost will take on Timo Hetzel! Garrett has the whale-hunter Ahhav, beefy StarViper power, and the droid resistance leader L3-37 in the escape craft amongst others! Can Timo's Imperial squad, led by the enigmatic Soontir Fel and the intimidating, barrage-rocketing, prox mining, beefed-up Captain Jonus, take out this Scum threat?Schedule is of course subject to change based on player requirements, and all streams require consent from the two players. Anyway - hope you tune in or watch in Vassal!
  14. Getting started with another Top 16 game, Paul Heaver vs JF Gaudreau!
  15. We've got a pair of excellent Jank Tank Open games coming up on stream. Tomorrow, 15 May at 1300 ET (1700 UTC) we'll have Stephen Parker taking on Timo Hetzel (Table 1.) Saturday, 16 May we'll have Table 4 with Paul Heaver taking on JF Gaudreau at 2000 ET (0000 UTC.) Time to party in the top 16! Stop by and hang out as much better players than us battle it out!
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