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  1. Hi guys and gals, I used to paint up my 40k and Fantasy, but as of yet, have not tried painting the X wing ships, but... am looking to spruce up my Kylo ship, as I really enjoy playing him, so if anyone has already re painted him, or if there is another thread somewhere, with this subject, please either point me there, or even better, put a couple of pictures up of your Kylo, so I can get some inspiration, I have no airbrush, sold it after sold all my 40k stuff, so cannot do all the fancy stuff, but still, would like to see some pics of other peoples Kylo. Cheers
  2. Mcpolle

    The QD + 2 Seinar PS4 Silencers

    Thx, that helps
  3. Mcpolle

    The QD + 2 Seinar PS4 Silencers

    DXCrazytrain, how do you quote different answers in the same post, and keep them in the boxes like you did? Also, The Intensity build and the Kylo build play very very differently.
  4. Mcpolle

    The QD + 2 Seinar PS4 Silencers

    I find the Silencer to be my all time favourite ship, I used to love Fenn Rau (Scum version), when Attanni was viable, it helped him out so much, but now I am totally digging the Silencer, have played both with Kylo and in another list Double Silencer with FCS, Auto, Intensity, Optics, which works really well, put this with OL, found OL died every time, but the Silencers won thru, maybe only with 1 HP left on each, but it really helped having an evade, a focus and a TL from FCS. Love also playing Kylo he 47 point version, but by the end of a tournament I have a head ache :-) but it is worth it. So, have two of them now, just need to work out which version of it is better. I saw the list that won in England with QD and Epsilon ace, also a great list, and fun to play, all in all the Silencer gives me a lot of pleasure to play.
  5. Mcpolle

    Double Silencer+???

    Funnily enough, when I flew the two Silencers for a small 12 man tourney, it was this exact list, and won the little tourney as well, many times the Silencers were on like 1 hull left, but they surviived, lost Ol almost every game, but still that is so few points, and the damage had been done by then. Find these Silencers to survive quite well, altho they are not as janky in their movements as say Kylo with AS, and push, because well.... Anyway, find them fun to fly.
  6. Mcpolle

    Optics Ahoy!

    Or, what about this?? A different type of Kylo build, built from the way I enjoy playing Kylo, with FCS, Intensity and Optics, plus the rest of the SO winning list “Quickdraw” (36) Special Forces TIE (29), Veteran Instincts (1), Fire-Control System (2), Advanced Optics (2), Special Ops Training (0), Lightweight Frame (2 Kylo Ren (45) TIE Silencer (35), First Order Vanguard (2), Intensity (2), Fire-Control System (2), Advanced Optics (2), Autothrusters (2) “Epsilon Ace” (19) TIE/fo Fighter (17), Advanced Optics (2) ------ View: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/821186/kyloqdea Tweak: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/build/821186 XWS: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/xws/821186
  7. Mcpolle

    (Silencer) Kylo’s wingmen?

    I have been flying Kylo in another build, i have been using Intensity on him, and it is surprisingly good, also with FCS ,instead of Advanced sensors, he plays VERY differently from the AS version, but I am used to using Fenn (Scum version) so with Advanced optics (psuedo Attani mindlink), and FCs, and Intensity, he has a TL, Focus, and evade, making him very surviveable. have been trying him with different wingmen, won a 12 man tourney, with 2 generic Silencers, both with Intensity and FCS, and OL, was a lot of fun to fly, but have since moved on to having Kylo in the mix, with a generic Silencer, both with Intensity, and Optics, and Kylo with FCS, so I feel many players are stuck in the Advanced Sensors mindset, and are not trying different things, granted I did not win a System open with it :-), but am having lots of fun with Kylo.
  8. Mcpolle

    Different OL build question

    Hi guys, For a while back, one of the podcasts talked about a different Omega leader build, I cannot remember which cast it was, or what the build was, anyone have any ideas?? Cheers
  9. Mcpolle

    Double Silencer+???

    Have been hearing about a double Silencer list, starting to turn up, with QD, I really enjoy flying the Silencer, so, maybe flying two, not sure of how competitive it would be, but sure sounds like fun. Sienar-Jaemus Analyst (32) x 2 TIE Silencer (26), Fire-Control System (2), Advanced Optics (2), Autothrusters (2) “Quickdraw” (36) Special Forces TIE (29), Veteran Instincts (1), Fire-Control System (2), Advanced Optics (2), Special Ops Training (0), Lightweight Frame (2) Am guessing the list would look something like this, anyone tried it, or has any good improvements on it?? Am going to the System open in Hannover, and am looking for a squad for that, is this at all viable??, Or will it get slaughtered by the Meta?
  10. Mcpolle

    Regional Results thread.

    Do you know if any of these games were streamed, they sound like an interesting build
  11. Mcpolle

    Fenn walks the Wookiees

    Against the new cancer list of Fenn and Ghost, what is your thimking on target priorities??, Initially was thinking Fenn, but... is that the correct call?? Would it not be better dropping all damage into Ghost trying to get him off the table first,+?
  12. Mcpolle

    List Showcase: Wedge

    I played a similar list in a 16 man tourney not so long ago, but instead of Wedge I took Wes janson, with the same load out, and the other ships also the same, I felt that with all these gunboats around it would work well, and it did, I went undefeated, played against a Dash Poe in the final round, and won because I had a 1 point bid :-) My friend also played your list ,and had great fun with it. Paul
  13. Mcpolle

    Fenn walks the Wookiees

    Why inspiring recruit?? Is it there for Wulf, if he wants to re roll more than one dice? Have seen a lot of players over the weekend in many differnet streams playing with R2 on Fenn, to give him more green options, have you tried this? The good thing about Wulf over a Lib is that like you say a higher PS and a special that the Lib does not get, makes you have to think about shooting him in some situations.
  14. Mcpolle

    Fenn walks the Wookiees

    Having played against this list three times last night, I hate it, and love it, I hate playing against it, and would probably love playing with it, Have been playing two Tactician Auzitucks with Braylan, so Fenn is an awesome upgrade to the list.
  15. Mcpolle

    Adv. Sensor kylo L.F.G.

    Funnily enough, have also been thinking on starting the self same thread, so we must be quite a few people out here that enjoy flying Kylo, I have been having great fun with him, but also feel there must be something else than the Gunboats out there, but normally play Scum or Rebels, so have no ideas myself. Tried with QD with the whole shabang, with harpoons, and an Academy to block with, that did not work for me at all, I am really bad with QD, she just dies for me, I do like the idea of the Decimator, that I think I will give a try and see how that goes. Will keep a good eye on this thread, Have fun guys