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  1. Different OL build question

    Hi guys, For a while back, one of the podcasts talked about a different Omega leader build, I cannot remember which cast it was, or what the build was, anyone have any ideas?? Cheers
  2. Double Silencer+???

    Have been hearing about a double Silencer list, starting to turn up, with QD, I really enjoy flying the Silencer, so, maybe flying two, not sure of how competitive it would be, but sure sounds like fun. Sienar-Jaemus Analyst (32) x 2 TIE Silencer (26), Fire-Control System (2), Advanced Optics (2), Autothrusters (2) “Quickdraw” (36) Special Forces TIE (29), Veteran Instincts (1), Fire-Control System (2), Advanced Optics (2), Special Ops Training (0), Lightweight Frame (2) Am guessing the list would look something like this, anyone tried it, or has any good improvements on it?? Am going to the System open in Hannover, and am looking for a squad for that, is this at all viable??, Or will it get slaughtered by the Meta?
  3. Regional Results thread.

    Do you know if any of these games were streamed, they sound like an interesting build
  4. Fenn walks the Wookiees

    Against the new cancer list of Fenn and Ghost, what is your thimking on target priorities??, Initially was thinking Fenn, but... is that the correct call?? Would it not be better dropping all damage into Ghost trying to get him off the table first,+?
  5. List Showcase: Wedge

    I played a similar list in a 16 man tourney not so long ago, but instead of Wedge I took Wes janson, with the same load out, and the other ships also the same, I felt that with all these gunboats around it would work well, and it did, I went undefeated, played against a Dash Poe in the final round, and won because I had a 1 point bid :-) My friend also played your list ,and had great fun with it. Paul
  6. Fenn walks the Wookiees

    Why inspiring recruit?? Is it there for Wulf, if he wants to re roll more than one dice? Have seen a lot of players over the weekend in many differnet streams playing with R2 on Fenn, to give him more green options, have you tried this? The good thing about Wulf over a Lib is that like you say a higher PS and a special that the Lib does not get, makes you have to think about shooting him in some situations.
  7. Fenn walks the Wookiees

    Having played against this list three times last night, I hate it, and love it, I hate playing against it, and would probably love playing with it, Have been playing two Tactician Auzitucks with Braylan, so Fenn is an awesome upgrade to the list.
  8. Adv. Sensor kylo L.F.G.

    Funnily enough, have also been thinking on starting the self same thread, so we must be quite a few people out here that enjoy flying Kylo, I have been having great fun with him, but also feel there must be something else than the Gunboats out there, but normally play Scum or Rebels, so have no ideas myself. Tried with QD with the whole shabang, with harpoons, and an Academy to block with, that did not work for me at all, I am really bad with QD, she just dies for me, I do like the idea of the Decimator, that I think I will give a try and see how that goes. Will keep a good eye on this thread, Have fun guys
  9. I have been playing Tucks for a while now, and am having good success with them, have won four local tournies with them, I have been playing with lowrich, a Liberator, boh with Tactician, one with Operation specialist ,and the other with inspiring recruit, because the last ship, has turned froma tuck, to Braylan, Stress bot, three ships, that all can cause stress, and have very wide arcs, or two Arcs, Polle
  10. I played a game, in our National champioships, 3 Auzitucks, vs each other, i had Predator and Tactician, he had Expertise, both lists were 100pts, but I won, as I took initiative, giving me the chance to shoot and stress his ships, makinfg his Expertise irrelevant. Lately, I have been playing with Braylan and Lowrich and a Liberator, the 2 Auzitucks with tactician, and Braylen with gunner R3-A2, works very very well
  11. Which is exactly my question, the one or so times I have used Breach specialist, I needed it, for the extra evade results, so I find it very situational, as in can be used against the last shot, if it gives a Crit, otherwise, more often than not I need the reinforce, for the evade
  12. Because Breach specialist says, that you need to "spend" the Re-inforce token. Dreadai, yes I am aware that you do not lose the Re-inforce token, when you use it for an evade, but thx for checking
  13. A question I have, is how many of you are still using the Breach specialist?? And are you getting anything out of them?? I find that I never got to use them, not once, as I lost the re-inforce token,
  14. Sweet Bae Specialist., What is this?? I ran a three Auzituck list at our National event, and made the top 16 cut, was very unfortunate not to get thru the first round, as i made a huge mistake on which ship had what damage, flew against Dash miranda, and was very close to taking it, great game tho. My list was Lowrich Lightning reflexes, Breach Spec Liberator, Pred, tactician, Breach Liberator, Pred, Tactician Breach, Was very impressed with the list, played agaist anothe trip Auz list, but they had Expertise, and I won the roll off, so I chose to have Init, and could shoot first and gave them stress, so their Expertise was turned off. Ireally like the list, played against 4 Auz with wookie commandoes, Polish guy playing them, nice chap, lost to them, which was a shame, but still made the cut, and got my plastic crack, in the form of the National target Locks, so was a happy bunny
  15. It sure is, but realising when to take a focus or barrel roll is just as important, I feel. But the list sure was fun to play, played it into Miranda twice, and won both games.