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  1. I have been playing Tucks for a while now, and am having good success with them, have won four local tournies with them, I have been playing with lowrich, a Liberator, boh with Tactician, one with Operation specialist ,and the other with inspiring recruit, because the last ship, has turned froma tuck, to Braylan, Stress bot, three ships, that all can cause stress, and have very wide arcs, or two Arcs, Polle
  2. I played a game, in our National champioships, 3 Auzitucks, vs each other, i had Predator and Tactician, he had Expertise, both lists were 100pts, but I won, as I took initiative, giving me the chance to shoot and stress his ships, makinfg his Expertise irrelevant. Lately, I have been playing with Braylan and Lowrich and a Liberator, the 2 Auzitucks with tactician, and Braylen with gunner R3-A2, works very very well
  3. Which is exactly my question, the one or so times I have used Breach specialist, I needed it, for the extra evade results, so I find it very situational, as in can be used against the last shot, if it gives a Crit, otherwise, more often than not I need the reinforce, for the evade
  4. Because Breach specialist says, that you need to "spend" the Re-inforce token. Dreadai, yes I am aware that you do not lose the Re-inforce token, when you use it for an evade, but thx for checking
  5. A question I have, is how many of you are still using the Breach specialist?? And are you getting anything out of them?? I find that I never got to use them, not once, as I lost the re-inforce token,
  6. Sweet Bae Specialist., What is this?? I ran a three Auzituck list at our National event, and made the top 16 cut, was very unfortunate not to get thru the first round, as i made a huge mistake on which ship had what damage, flew against Dash miranda, and was very close to taking it, great game tho. My list was Lowrich Lightning reflexes, Breach Spec Liberator, Pred, tactician, Breach Liberator, Pred, Tactician Breach, Was very impressed with the list, played agaist anothe trip Auz list, but they had Expertise, and I won the roll off, so I chose to have Init, and could shoot first and gave them stress, so their Expertise was turned off. Ireally like the list, played against 4 Auz with wookie commandoes, Polish guy playing them, nice chap, lost to them, which was a shame, but still made the cut, and got my plastic crack, in the form of the National target Locks, so was a happy bunny
  7. It sure is, but realising when to take a focus or barrel roll is just as important, I feel. But the list sure was fun to play, played it into Miranda twice, and won both games.
  8. Played the list tonight, the first one with Wulfaroo Lightning reflexes, Rey Breach spec Wookie Lib, Breach Spec, Tactician, Expertise *2 Game two, changed it to Lowrick, Lightning reflexes, Rey, Breach Spec Wookie Lib, Tactician, Breach Spec, Predator, Vectored Thrusters*2 I found that Pred version and Lowrich to be better, the Vectored thrusters actually helped out, more than I expected, meant I had more options. I like the list, lots of fun to play
  9. Think they have taken it down, have tried the link, but shows nothing, Thx for the tips guys, will give it a run tonight, see how they go
  10. Loving this thread, good to see something different, can I ask you guys, how are you playing the three ships?? In tight formation, or nice and spread out??
  11. thx, this is what we thought, but we just wanted to check
  12. We had a game or two today, where we had the one side with TLT, shooting against ships that had Selflessness next to them, and draw their fire, we came to the conclussion that neither card would help against TLT because the hits were cancelled, is this correctly understood?? Thanks
  13. Good channel, with good commentary, keep up the good work
  14. Can any else see more than 30 entries, tried downloading the PDF, but seems to only have the first thirty entries for me :-(
  15. When setting ships up. There has been a discussion on wether you can use a range three ruler. Or can only use a Range one ruler. What was the answer to this. Many thx