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  1. Thanks a lot! I'll be checking those stores out! Unfortunately I'm not in NYC on 11th of Aug.
  2. Hello GM's and Outer Rim inhabitants, I'm going to travel to Washington DC and New York soon, and I just wanted to know if you could reccomend any good stores to buy Star Wars RPG's (EotE, FoD, AoR; and the respective expansions) there. This stuff is way cheaper there than in Europe, and probably easier to find. I currently own the EotE core rulebook and No Desintergations, so if you want to reccomend any books in particular I'm happy to get your advice (I know that this mostly depends on the players, but there always are books that are good choices in general). I also need the dice. Thank you, YariSamrai
  3. Ebay. Me. What do you have?
  4. Maybe it's encediary gas? Could also be that they are scraching the ground so the walkers can't walk on it anymore.
  5. Hello fellow pilots, I'm going to tell you about what I think of the last two episodes (the double-episode) of SW Rebels S3 (excluding Twin Suns). Feel happy to disagree with me but I didn't think it was good. It was 0k, not as ood as the end of Season 2. First of all: You saw too little of Thrawn being the badass guy he is: most of the time he was just standing around in the bridge, I was expecting more hand-to-hand combat after that episode with the training droids. Second: Too little emphasis on Space battle: It seemed like there were only regular TIE fighters in the air, nothing special. A bit disappointing when you consider that Thrawn had been preparing for this attack for a long time. I also felt that there was a lack of Fighters involved in general, it seemed both sides had 15 fighters in combat max. (15 each), which feels a bit lame. That means every Star Destroyer only deployed 3! I know this is a kid's show and the Production Team has to keep it simple for them to understand what is going on, but I was a little disappointed that the master tactitian Thrawn's plan was simply encircling the rebel fleet and shooting everything. A bit more tactics would have been great. Third: Paper Star Destroyers: It seemed like the Star destroyers were made out of (low-quality) cardboard. They blew up faster than regular TIE fighters, after only two Y-Wing bombs hit them. Fourth: Maybe I was expecting too much, but I thought the Mandalorians were going to highjack the Interdictor. Fith: The Chimaera, one of the most badass Star Desroyers in canon, didn't do anything. I just want to note that I didn't hate it, I just didn't like it as much as the end of Season 2. The best part for me of these two episodes was seeing the different types of Mandalorian Starfighters beside each other / fighting. Tell me what you think about this episodes, YariSamurai
  6. Hello fellow pilots, I bet you have all watched this: I wasn't really excited for this rebooted franchise but I think this game has the potential to live up to its name (which kinda overrides Pandemic game's name). Probably someone has already pointed this out but have you noticed the Imperial Raider? What is so cool about that you ask? The raider wasn't in Star Wars-FFG created it. Now it is made canon by this trailer! I think this shows us how much impact our favourite little space combat game, which seemed so peripheral to the whole Star Wars canon, can have on it! Tell me what you think about this "incanonisation" of the Raider, thank you, YariSamurai
  7. Hello runners and corp bosses, I think I want to buy Android Netrunner and play it with a friend, but I have a problem: I'm an "expansions guy". Therefore I want to buy at least one card pack with the core set, but because I don't play the game yet I have no idea what the different cycles are/on what they focus and where to start. It'd be really cool if you could tell me which cycles/packs (excluding deluxe expansions, I'm not yet into that) I should get, what they do, and why you think they're cool. Thanks, hack/ICE on, YariSamurai
  8. Hello fellow Warlords, I think I'm going to get into WH40k Conquest this Chistmas, I want to play it with a buddy. 1) Can anyone explain to me the 2*106 factions that exist in this game (including expansions*+war packs) and what they do. 2) What are the coolest expansions/warpacks? 3) What is the biggest bang for my buck. (I live in Europe so there is no way my mom is going to allow me to buy all packs avaliable at the Chistmas sales site because shipping alone is 60 Euro, more than the actual game+all the expansions.) Thanks in advance, YariSamurai
  9. Well, I've got about 20 X-Wing small ships + 2 big ships (no huge ships), but you make me think of this : ) : https://imgflip.com/i/v19vs YariSamurai
  10. But how much is a single obligation worth, "addiction" for example? 5 "d100 points? 10? Is the basic value the same for all obligations? Or are some more important, have mor "d100 points" and are therefore more likely to trigger? Thanks, YariSamurai
  11. Hi, What about: IG-88C (36p) Shield Upgrade (4p) Seismic Charges (2p) Accuracy Corrector (3p) "Mangler Cannon" (4p) Veteran Instincts (1p) I really like this ship build, have become ace with it. The Seismic Carge gives cover from behind, the pilot skill enables you to outrun every enemy starfighter, the shield upgrade makes you more durable, the "Mangler" makes you more efficient at ranges 2-3, the accuracy corrector makes you more accurate in general and, last but not least, the Veteran Instincts makes you more skilled, this way you can plan your boost/evade combo better. YariSamurai
  12. Hi, I don't understand how much "d100 points" obligation is supposed to be worth when you first assign it to a PC, not when you upgrade it.Isz it the value on the grid which explains the different types of obligation? Thanks in advance, YariSamurai
  13. I'm with buckero0, it would be cool to get some swamp terrain. Geonosian caves or caves in general would be cool, too. Or even some interior of imperial/rebel ships would look nice, too.
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