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  1. I really expected the results to be much more skewed, but maybe it’s just mine that are actually that bad.
  2. By my calculations the LAAT gunship should be a small base ship, here’s why. Everyone knows that officially quoted lengths are almost always wrong, so I needed something concrete to work off of, like the hight of a clone trooper, which is 1.83 meters, or 6 foot for those of us that use the system that got us to the moon. Now, a clone trooper is just barely under 1/3 the hight of a gunship So let’s give it a generous 6.5 meters. And a gunship is just about twice as long as it is tall So that gives us about 13 meters, only .5 meters longer than an X-wing. This ship at proper scale would look ridiculous on a medium base.
  3. Whenever that happens, it is usually I lost.
  4. My guesses: Rebel: RZ-1 A-wing at proper scale. Empire: TIE/IN interceptor. Scum: Articulated StarViper with new slick paint scheme. FO: Upsilon or skip. Resistance: Falcon. Republic: Small base BTL-B Y-Wing. Separatists: Droid Tri-Fighter
  5. The only LAAT that had the capacity to carry an AT-TE was the LAAT/c, which wasn’t a gunship. I don’t think we’ll get both.


    Both abilities happen “after you fully execute a maneuver”. So you place them both in the queue, and activate afterburners first, then when it is time to check for the conditional statement in Ani’s ability, you will be at range one or have someone in bullseye.


    Why? Afterburners can be used after a k-turn to proc Ani’s ability.
  8. HoW dO YOu eXeCUtE a TalLon rOLl?
  9. I would make Padmé a two dual cards that are identical on one side, but one is the double on the other side, the other is Padmé. You put them out facedown during setup, then can flip them both either during systems phase or when one is destroyed.
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