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  1. My hope here, is that I might actually get to hear from a customer service rep in regards to this game. I have sent 3 emails to customer service over the last couple of months, and have yet to get a reply. Let me put it to you this way. Where I live, there are not exactly a plethora of readily available game stores. That being said, the ones that are here, got about a sum total of 15 boxes of boosters. Imagine just how far that DOESN'T go. So, when you have a healthy and thriving gaming community, that love, repeat, LOVES Star Wars, this kind of game is going to sell. Then you have the internet merchants (limited availability if you don't want to get ripped off). Doesn't look like I can get my Destiny product there. Then, I get to hear, that I can't even get the boosters now, other than an upcoming limited release. Unless of course I want to get more starter sets, which I have 2 of each already. So, FFG, tell me, WHERE DO THOSE OF US GETTING TOTALLY HOSED GET OUR PRODUCT? Its nice of your customer service team to totally ignore my emails, and for your distribution team to essentially skip the area I live in. Help a huge fan out here. I have thousands of dollars invested in your products, and am ready to keep that up, but not if you can't make enough for me and my friends too.
  2. ... You know that rule would seem to indicate that if you roll them one at a time (ie roll too few) then any dice rolled later could NOT alter any dice that were already on the table. If you roll a blank with the first of your four red dice then it MUST remain a blank die despite wanting to take three shots at "bumping" it over to something else. I guess there IS a rule against that form of cheating which could be done rolling dice one at a time. Rolling them one at a time also means there should be no excuse for rolling too many dice. After all, once rolled each die is LOCKED so you can just see what has been rolled before the offending die landed on the table. Now all the TIME SUCK still remains which could easily be called stalling. If one of the people who does this is your TO I'd like to say it's time to find a new TO. Now if you play that person in a tournament you should still be able to call them on it as they should not be allowed to rule on their own games not that it's likely to happen due to "buddy systems" where no one would want to upset someone else. As for finding a new TO, he is placed by the game store I have frequented for years, but there is a newer game store, with friendlier employees, and much much better inventory, a little ways down the street. So, I am trying to motivate a few of my friends to change game venues, and leave the old one behind. They just don't seem to care about their customers anymore, and I for one have no problem moving on. But, like I said earlier, I have contacted FFG and have yet to receive an answer, so I am guessing they are operating on the "out of sight, out of mind" metality
  3. First, one of our players that does this is also our TO. So having him rule on this is kind of wasted. Secondly, while we can talk the numbers and statistics, I was hoping to find an actual x-wing rule that spoke to this, maybe just a fantasy flights rule. I emailed FFG a couple of weeks ago, and never got a reply, which is quite frustrating.
  4. For starters, we have a few players at the local gaming store that like to roll dice individually. I have heard some claim that there is nothing wrong with this method, and other state that individually rolling dice alters the odds. I am curious as to if it is actually a point worth being concerned over, or if its totally fine to roll one die at a time?
  5. I have a question regarding the appropriate method of dice rolling. There are a few players where I play that like to roll their dice one at a time, and some that really stretch the idea of rolling by kind of sliding the dice off of their hands. The question is, regarding probabilities etc, is there an actual FFG approved method of rolling dice?
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