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  1. As I see it, the wording stems from SW, where the Lightsaber-Specs have this talent to swap a specific Characteristic. You have to purchase that talent just to get down the tree, so the "may" makes sense. In Genesys you purchase such a talent only when you WANT to swap - it makes no sense to invest the 5 XP and still use the lower Characteristic. So, a simple always swap would indeed suffice, IMHO.
  2. Hi! Great work! Seems talents that swap Attributes don't work - Finesse is there, but Melee (Light) is still based on Brawn instead of Agility. When creating a custom talent, swapping seems not even possible ...
  3. You know, there's Luke on the cover of the Sentinel book ... Mace would have been fitting - but as it's still the GCW era, he's dead. As to Anakin - he'd need a new career: Whiner.
  4. Definitely! There's a lot in common between space and deep sea, after all ...
  5. The Poe Dameron comics give the impression, that the Resistance (in fact Poe and his squadron) are the ones openly engaging the FO in combat - against standing orders. But the first major strike is indeed the attack on Hosnian Prime. Blitzkrieg comes to mind ...
  6. There have been conflict between the resistance and the first order for years it seems. In fact, for years, there is NO conflict. The FO works like a mirror Empire: it begins in the Unknown Regions and slowly occupies worlds in the Outer Rim (while the Empire spread from the Core). The NR, still struggling to build a working Senate and pulling worlds into its folds, demilitarized by Mon Mothma, can only arrange itself with the slowly spreading influence of the FO. As the FO takes every step necessary to maintain the picture of "bringing order" to "worlds that wilfully join", there's not much the NR can or even wants to do. In fact, Leia has not much backing in the senate, and is even seen as a troublemaker, especially by those already on the payroll of the FO. So, it's in fact HER Resistance, made up of people that believe her. It's small, chronically low on resources and personel, and almost without suppport by the NR.
  7. The good thing is: SW has room for almost every kind of narrative - that's one of the things that made it successful. If anything, the old EU showed that the setting doesn't break, however bad the writing. To me, the era between VI and VII is the most appealing to RP in, as there's a lot more room for stories besides the Rebellion vs. Empire thing.
  8. Which makes all the 'canon-breaking aspects' and 'make VIII non-canon' postings all the more nonsensical.
  9. Five 10 men groups. Anything smaller and my PCs would not even consider it a nuisance. Don't need mass combat for that - 'mass combat' to me is a battle on a truly military scale, involving at least a hundred combatants on both sides. Everything smaller is a skirmish and minions are easily mowed down. But OK, I'm talking about PCs above the 1000 XP bar here (though they mowed through Stormtroopers even at lower levels ...). 3 p vs. 2r1p is not that much less challenging. Red die just implore the possibility of Despair and a slightly hightened chance of failure. Given that they need to roll up more FP, I think that's more or less the same.
  10. Why? That's only for nemesis' and rivals. It's an opposed roll - the 3g become 3p. Magnitude upgrade for 3 targets, so it's one roll for all. BUT: You need the force pips to activate the necessary upgrades. Minion groups can be anything above 2, so treating them as one target can get out of hand rather quickly. Would be a bit too easy to just make 50 troopers look the other way, while the group marches into a Star Destroyer to place some Detonite ...
  11. Yup. It's rather easy to influence a single Stormtrooper, but if there are five of them, you have to get them all to believe you. Same with Misdirect: you can easily put an illusion into the mind of one weak person, but you have to do so with all other bystanders - or find a different solution. And yes, mindtricking, etc. gets a lot harder that way.
  12. Rian Johnson has meanwhile cleared it up - Luke's using an advanced Force power, that was established in The Jedi Path. https://io9.gizmodo.com/a-2010-book-established-the-force-abilities-luke-has-in-1822233606 So, it's not Misdirect, it's a different Force power, that could possibly have just a lot of Range upgrades in its tree. And, again, the director shows better background-knowledge than most of the haters ...
  13. As there's nothing in the RAW that indicates a minion group is treated as a single target in other cases than COMBAT, I do so. Meaning, anything that is a direct attack (Force-push, Force lightning, Harm, etc.) treats the group as a single target (though potentially with a higher SIL). Everything that's NOT a direct attack (Influence, Misdirect, etc.) treats every single member of the group individually. I think, that's what we see in the movies - while a whole group of Stormtroopers can be hurled through a hallway with a Force push, there's never more than three mind-tricked at once.
  14. Would like shows, where gender's not important - with female and male characters that do play significant roles as the story progresses. Ah wait, that's already been done in SW (like Ep. VIII) - just not in FoD.
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