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  1. Here is my buddy's round 6 game at the system open on gold squadron
  2. He went 5 and 1 then lost first round of the cut due to time. I dunno what he calls it, but cluster torani on the right targets is real mean. It procs her ability twice, So she's the real muscle in the list, but the others carry their weight too.
  3. So one of the guys from my area made it to 'top 32' (actually top 18) at the denver system open with: Hired Gun (33) Dorsal Turret (2) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) R4 Astromech (2) Seismic Charges (3) Shield Upgrade (4) Ship total: 50 Half Points: 25 Threshold: 5 Jakku Gunrunner (32) Deadman's Switch (2) Ship total: 34 Half Points: 17 Threshold: 3 Captain Nym (48) Dorsal Turret (2) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Ship total: 56 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 5 Torani Kulda (50) Cluster Missiles (5) Shield Upgrade (4) Ship total: 59 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 5 Total: 199
  4. Accidental double post
  5. I want to disagree with you there, because the new rule states : "A ship cannot attack a ship at range 0, even if the attack range would be range 1." And Rhymer's ability is: "While you perform a missile or torpedo attack, you may increase or decrease the range requirement by 1, to a limit of 0-3. " It does not give him the ability to make an attack at Range 0, just that his missiles and torpedoes can now be range 0, Unlike Arvel and Oicunn who both have: " You can perform primary attacks at range 0." As their abilities, which would supersede the new rule, unlike Rhymer's ability which just makes his ordinance (uselessly) range 0.
  6. It might be an unpopular opinion, but I think the Tie Bomber should loose it's 2nd missile slot, and the Tie Aggressor should be priced down to bomber levels. This will do a few things: 1. It'll more differentiate the bomber from the Punisher 2. It will give the Tie Aggressor a good role it can fill, in being the only cheap Barrage rocket carrier now 3. It will also make barrage rocket swarms a little less tanky, as it removes 1 hull per ship, thus nerfing that arch-type slightly. 4. It will also push the bomber closer to actually being a bomber again, as it takes away some of its ordinance capability, so making bombs a more attractive upgrade.
  7. I would like to point out, though, as it is kinda funny. One of the guys who's list didn't have it's configurations, actually went 3-0-1, the 1 is a skin which in the outryder cup means that he won/lost by less than 24 MoV. Also, the ruling was agreed up by all the team captains, so everyone had to abide.
  8. I want to point out that the Jumpmaster only has a front firing arc when it either has torpedoes or the arrow points that way. It doesn't have a native front arc otherwise, and combining that with its native red manuevers, it only able to rotate with linked actions, and no gunner slotfor Agile gunner, means it is extremely predictable.
  9. They also added in the Moldy Crow title for scum. K-wings got a gunner slot, and fixed some spelling errors like "Heff Tober"
  10. I agree, it's painful to see them like this. The contracted scout, which also lost it's EPT, is 2 pts less expensive than Scum Han base. And for those 2 pts you get a better initiative, pilot ability, dial, 2 more hull, 1 less defense dice, trade red barrel roll for red boost, white rotate (no linked actions, though), trade missile for torpedo, two crew slots, a gunner slot, and a bow-tie turret.
  11. True, but also it really depends on the matchup, like Scum han becomes equal to Rebel han only when facing ships that have a lot of linked actions or red manuevers. Rebel han, meanwhile is one of the few ships in the game that can easily get double mods (his reroll plus focus). So rebel han hits a lot harder and more consistently, where as scum han needs shenanigans to hit as hard, though he can actually hit harder with his ability and title, but things have to really line up for that. I think those extra points are in there for a more consistent and stronger attack ability, compared to the scum falcon in general
  12. Also, should be 26 pts, if you are using the title on one, you should use it on the other. And Rebel han Always has 3 attack dice, and can re-roll re-rolls for attacking and defending when near rocks, as compared to Young Han who's ability only works when attacking/defending through rocks.
  13. Tie swarms are also going to be another big gate-keeper list. Probably something like Howl and Iden and 5 acadamy ties. Because offensive modifications are down, there's not a lot of ships that can eat a tie a turn anymore, and even so, Iden stops the first big shot, so you can't torpedo howl out of the game immediately anymore.
  14. Aggressors are medium base ships, so easier to hit, have a worse dial (More green, but no ability to turn around without stress (and free evade action)), 2 more hull, 1 less shield, no focus action, And their title is 2 pts, so the PS 1 defender is equivalent to a bro-bot with title. And a fight between them, the Defender will probably come out on top, due to being able to token stack compared to the aggressor. Also, with the lack of actual damaging canons, IG-88 B's ability got worse except with ion cannon, which is about the same with control lists. Also, Ioning an Aggressor is 100 times worse, as they loose all actions, since Ionizing only lets you do the focus action, which they do not have.
  15. After re-reading Vessery, I was wrong. But even still, Each defender is still hyper defensive. 2 dice ships you need at least 5 focus shots to do 1 damage to them. So that means you gotta keep those 5 ties alive for 14 turns on average to win.
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