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  1. We did Dark Tides with the players on the boat, and as Gaku starts to 'villain exposition' he coughs blood, and the players step back as the blood animates into a hand and smother/chokes him. The blood then dissipates trailing off toward the water where they see 'a woman' with a knife plunged into her arm glaring at them as she is rowed away. So the party never even got anything on her other than the initial line with her name. As we started Mask, the clues they get allude to is this woman that woman, but they are still trying to figure that out.
  2. I ran the boxed set beginner game at my FLGS, and had 5 dedicated players who each bought the core book, and wanted to return and run together for a campaign. Next week we did a 'session 0' Character building night, and ended up with all manner of characters. Specifically: Crane Doji diplomat Crab Hida 'Glass-Tank' ( sorry inside joke ) Dragon Kitsuki Investigator Dragon Murimoto 2 Sword adept Phoenix Kaito Shrine Keeper So after brainstorming what to do with these people for a week, and knowing only 3 had any RPG experience, and only 1 had ever even heard of Rokugan my idea was they all were seeded into one of the Minor Clans. So we began back at Tsuma, on the eve of the Topax championship from the beginner box game, and watched with glee as their faces all wrapped around the understanding of the Imperial edict that sent them to the lands of the Hare. GM screen adventure later, and now wrapping up the Mask of the Oni adventure, it's been a great ride as they feel the strength of the Hare Clan in thwarting the evil Bloodspeakers... Oh if they only knew what is in store next... Since starting we have added 2 additional players An Isawa Elementalist with the Curiosity quirk ( new to RPG player, but man is she giving me material ) and a Kuni 'witch hunter' My long rambling point is... ABSOLUTELY you can have multiple Clan/Families under one lord. Also you can mix an match other clans into your clan of story under all manner of political maneuvering, marriage arrangements, etc. You should have seen my Hida players face, when after boasting on his martial prowess he was assigned as Yojimbo to the Crane Diplomat. "Oh yeah, big strong Crab needs to protect the weak lil Crane, so his feathers don't get ruffled" Thwack down, Thwack, Down, Thwack, Down. Hida's gone down so often in combat the Kuni has jokingly called him 'Sleeping Beauty' I'll say Roll Initiative, and she points to the map, and asks him where is he gonna take his nap.
  3. While not a big fan of the prequels, or the Clone wars cartoon, this is what Legion should have been from the get go. Epic ground combat in the Star Wars Universe is not Hoth, or Endor... Hopefully we can get the LAAT Gunships, AT-TE's and more... MORE I say.. MOAR!!!
  4. Cheap set of plastic poker chips is what our group settled with. Red for Fatigue, Blue - Strife, and White for Void points. Stack of chips sits right in front of the GM screen within easy reach of me, or a couple of players. for the stances, I created a simple doc for each element, with the symbol. Printed on card-stock, or mounted to 3x5 cards, and go. Image is borked up by Kansen. View the cards here:
  5. When I ran the beginner box adventure in my FLGS, I was concerned about stances (as they are a pretty foreign concept to the predominantly D&D Adventure League players in my pool of players) and thus crafted a solution. I simply went to the L5R wiki and downloaded the element icons, and then printed a brief summary of the ring value as described in the player folios. resized them to fit on a Magic card, and hit print. The 2 printouts were then glue stick'ed to a Magic card x5 ( Air, Earth, Water, Fire, & Void ) x1 per folio. Then during the tournament I'd have the judge announce their little hint blurb, and watch as the players shuffled through their cards to determine the 'proper' stance to select. It was quite fun, interactive and the players really got into it. Not to mention it was a great aid in keeping track of what stance was chosen for the final conflict. Feedback from the players was positive, and they enjoyed having a tactile interactive.
  6. My FLGS just posted available tomorrow. Core book, Dice, and GM kit. The Emerald Empire book however, was not listed as being available.
  7. Thank you the replies, and suggestions. It helps me begin plotting, and figuring out how to begin. Some additional about the Players: Bothan Pilot: Family Obligation ( 15 point ) Parents relationship Ambition. We spoke briefly on 'what that means' and decided His family runs a legit trader service that he was expected to join the family business, but that was oh so boring. So he lives constantly seeking their approval of his less honest pursuits. Obligation in play, they require his ship for a legal run of freight, Family business ran afoul of Pirates that jacked a shipment, and they turn to him for assistance in recovering the loss to avoid the negative impact. etc.. Human Thief: Addiction ( 10 point ) Oath ( 10 point ) Obligation. Religion/Spirituality Ambition. This guy played it close to the vest. Asking does addiction have to be a substance, or can it be Klepto? If he unlocks enough Jedi/Sith artifacts can he become force sensitive? Asked alot of criminal tool questions. Codebreakers, lockpicks, slicing, droid restraining bolts. He I felt will be the most social of the group, he seems the most experienced as a roleplayer, and he is the one I am most nervous about letting down, or being bored with mental challenge encounters. Klatooian Merc: Favor Obligation ( 15 point ) Immediately asked about the Hired gun debt option for a few thousand credits for gear. So we added 2 points Debt, and he picked up the Protector 1 Combat armor. I forget his motivation, but he wants to be part of the Klatooians that wander away from Hutt service/slavery, and his Mentor was who took him from that life, and began his para-military training. Perhaps a mine consortium, and the mentor was part of the security division. Duros Modder: Dutybound ( 15 point ) Expertise motivation. Asked if he could be bound to the Merc, followed him from that service, into his current, and just wants to tear apart all the toys he will get to make em better. More to follow:
  8. Well the players threw me a curveball, and now I'm scrambling to adjust. So I figured why not come to the boards here, and get som outside suggestions, and advice to spark the creative juices to mess with them. Buahahahahahhahahahahaa... So I ran EotE Beginner box at my local game store, and then we did episode zero where they made characters to go forward with if they didn't wanna be the pre-gens from the box. My plan was they would be hired by Teemo, to track down Pash, Oskara, 41-Vex, and the return the Wookie to the gladiator pits, while recovering the Kyrat Fang could be a bonus ( especially as Trex lived ) This would allow me to use Long arm of the Hutt as a resource, while beginning to craft my own story as it would have played out differently than the printed adventure. The players however, have a different idea, as we have: Bothan- SmuggPilot Human- SmuggThief Klatooian- Hired Merc Soldier Duros- Tech Modder An one comment while we were wrapping up. "No Hutts!" I have 3 of the supplement books, Hired Gun, Explorers, & Technicians, but because Bounty Hunter has not been released they decided to avoid that career, and go more thief route, with a professional soldier type if it goes south. So now I have to start from scratch, scrap my plan, and devise a thief centric campaign that if anything goes against the Hutts, not in their employ. Or avoids them altogether Guess I could go out, and pick up Jewl of Yavin, but I kinda wanna go different to begin. Thoughts? Suggestions? Preciate the feedback.
  9. Welcome Biohunter, I too just jumped in, and started playing. In fact my first game was at a local store that was also running a regional tournament for Spring, 2016 Personally I say to follow the advice of those above and play what you would enjoy more, and build on/from that; however, that being said Scum rocks! Now I spent more on my initial purchase into X-wing, but I was going specifically for a list to run in the tournament. Seeing my first ever game was at that event, and I finished 4th of 8 I have to feel I am on the right path. Definitely get the new set from Force Awakens, the damage deck is a little different than the original. This is the deck every participant used in the tournament I just participated in. With the remaining $55 you have a few options. If you wanna go Imperial Consider Imperial Aces, and with the remaining money pile on another Tie/FO or 2. Or look at a Firespray, and a Tie/FO. Had you more money to invest You could then look at a Shuttle, with... You could also go Scum. Consider Most wanted ( pretty much a must ) with either a Y-wing, or the HWK-290, you should be able to get that for 55 That would get you started in Scum an a path to be competitive. The tournament had a player who had been playing about a month, and fielded a HWK-290 an 2 Z-95's. If you could squeeze Most wanted, and IG-88 in that is another solid start. Rebel I don't have much experience with, but a quick Battlescribe look maybe a YT-1300, and another T-70
  10. Thanks for the welcome, So first game is in the books. Finished 4th of 8 in the tournament, so overall I am pretty pleased with myself. Even managed to claim a prize for participating. Here was my list accomplished with Battlescribe Pro, and pointers from some of the guys in attendance: Starviper- Guri with Predator, Autothrusters, Sensor Jammer, and Virago title G1A- Zuckuss with Dengar and Veteran instincts G1A- Ruthless with firecontrol, and outlaw tech 99 points First match was against Rebels: Chewie in a YT-1300, and Lothar Rebels in a Ghost. I tried to dangle Guri out front to draw fire as she was harder to hit, but botched the maneuver and had the 2 G1A's a bit far out, and didn't have range to add their firepower. Result was a draw when time expired. I lost Guri, and Zuckuss was at 1/2 health. Killed the Ghost, and had the YT down to 3 hull, Intense game, and well played by my opponent who congratulated me on my play. Second match was against Scum. Karn(sp?) in a Firespray, Some guy in a HWK-290 that kept stealing my tokens, and 2 z-95's with pilot skill 1's I positioned split and crossed my forces at around range 3-4 in from my edge, then turned my left heading force hard right, and focused hard on his Firespray which due to asteroids on the field split his force. He countered by burning down Zuckuss. I focused down a Z-95 to remove the return fire. As time wound down, I got the HWK-290, and he with the last Z-95 killed Guri. He ended with one Z-95, and me with the Freelancer G1A 3rd fight had me nervous. Imperial Decimator, and Firespray. I had seen the Decimator unboxing vid on Youtube when I considered getting it for my own forces, but had gone Scum instead, but I remembered the pilot on his card was the one that likes to bump. So I made an effort to stay outta his front. I got the Firespray, and 1/2 credit on the Decimator. I lost both G1A's Last fight was against Scum. IG-88b, and Karn in a Firespray. Having experience against Firesprays, I focused on him, and Turn 2 we had the showdown. Zuckuss, and the Firespray were gone so now 2 on 1 Big mistake, IG-88 is brutal! An my opponent was good. I did manage to get him down to 1 hull., but I lost all 3 ships. Tense game, and well played by him. All in all, a great experience, and I enjoyed the second looks, and comments about my list being unique, or non norm/standard. Not sure how competitive winner capable it is, but I can't wait to go again to get more experience with it.
  11. Greetings fellow aces, Fresh meat reporting in. Having looked at X Wing being played at both game stores near me, and stood watching a game to see how it played out. . . I have jumped into the flightsuit, and purchased: X-wing 'new' Starter set Most Wanted expansion 2x G1A heavy fighters StarViper expansion Safe to say I have been recruited by the Black Suns, and will be representing Scum an Villany for now. Tomorrow will be my first match. There is a regional tournament, and they are also running a new players table. So tonight I am punching out tokens, assembling dials, reading instructions, and hiding the receipt from the wife. Not sure how I'll do, but I hope to not embarrass myself when I roll up to KublaCon in May.
  12. Hrmm.. an EotE revamp... My revamp was along running an imperial campaign, and the PC's assault the terrorists that have to pull back. Have to think about how to run this as an EotE, easist way off the top of my head is the PC's are muscle/authorities, raiding a well financially backed pirate/slaver/smuggle shadowport. first there is the actual fight. then the investigation into who/what is backing the operation.
  13. I feel they are, yes. A dice pack is $15.00 US, so $14.00 more gives you 4 sample characters, map,set of tokens to be NPC baddies, monsters, allies, etc. and an adventure. It is also possible to run cross game set characters. So the EotE character joins the Rebellion. Or your Ace pilot becomes force sensitive, etc.. I picked up all three beginner boxes for the contents, and because when you have a table of 5-6 players one set of dice can be lacking.
  14. The Beginner box set is a fine introduction set by itself. Grab it, run it, and see how well they take to the game. If it does grab their attention adding the core rulebook, and GM kit can get you by well enough with more in depth characters, and the rules required to dive into the system. When you do pick up the box set there is a link path to two additional starter characters ( tokens provided in the beginner box ) as well as an additional adventure to run as a follow up to the box set play. Good luck, welcome, and Happy Birthday.
  15. Personally I say it's all about characters chosen, because timeline can be adjusted to make it fit. 2 F & D Jedi types, Hired gun, Rebel Soldier can easily be set in a Clone Wars era AoR combat-centric run. While a Seeker, Scout, Explorer, Spy centered group is much more EotE flavored.
  16. The biggest problem with this, is the constantly reinforced mindset that Stormtroopers are incompetent. It takes a dedicated GM to show the players early, an hammer it home there is a reason the Empire, and it's Navy and it's shock troops have subjugated the galaxy. Sure the players will shoot up a minion squad of troopers, but make it clear that minion group has comlinks. 2 TIE's call on their ship ship to heave to and be boarded. So when the players jump into the turrets, can they clear the field to make the jump before the Victory class Destroyer at Extreme range can launch supporting flights? You are not railroading the players when the Heavy stands an fights as more an more arrive, while players whose head does more than keep their helmets from falling upon their shoulders scream" Drake, we are leaving!" When I GM these situations, I make the weight of numbers argument clearly by the piles of Setback, difficulty, and challenge dice that start appearing from behind the GM screen. Players really get the message when you start flipping Destiny....
  17. So my suggestion to 'get it right' is to channel your inner GM-fu, and take a deep breath. Then borrow a quote from a wise ole hermit an "use the Force, dude" Being a 'good' GM means keeping your players happy, and wanting more. While running a challenging encounter, that lasts in their memory beyond the rolls. I recently tried to run a beginner game for EotE at a local game store, and had my adventure all planned out. Til I got a table that wanted to 'right the prequels' and just knew there was a bounty on Jar Jar, so they were off to Naboo.. What began as a 'We'll stump the GM' turned into a pretty investigative heavy galactic romp, an when they did try to deliver Jar Jar's head. Turned out to be they brought in the Gungan trying to cash in on Jar Jar's fame an popularity. At the end they thought it was pretty kewl, and want to go again. Deliver an experience your players enjoy, and let the overprep sit secondary. prep multiple minions, have nemesis, and rivals ready. An be ready for the player interventions. Get that right, and let your Star Wars universe evolve from your table.
  18. There is always the FarStar.. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/FarStar And as mentioned above the Marauder corvette. The main question is what fits better for your players, an the campaign? A rebel cell will need to keep it more low key, while an Imperial licensed Bounty Hunter, or Hutt enforcer group in Hutt space, can be more "here we are" Speaking of Hutt's: Lords of Nal Hutta sourcebook has two ships that may be options: Both built by Ubrikkan Industries. The Minstrel Space yacht may be closer to what your looking at: Silhouette 5, with hangar space for 6 starfighters, and 2 shuttles. Only needs a ships complement of 37 souls.... Or go big with the Kossak class Frigate: Sil- 6, 8 fighters, 3 shuttles. Only gotta recruit 975 pilots, officers, and crew... How do they feel about being Obligated to the Hutts???
  19. Nice work. Might I pm you for contact info an availability?
  20. I have to agree with the yes they are worth it crowd. Maps, dice, tokens, 6 example characters, and an adventure are definitely worth the extra $15 you'd end up paying. if you buy a dice pack to play with the core book. I personally bought all 3 beginner boxes, because if there is one thing I have learned in my many years of playing RPG's too many dice are never a bad thing.
  21. Well done. The crawl does flow more naturally as you commented; however, you must take two factors into account. First be careful of specifically calling out one character in particular at the start, as the other characters could feel they are merely henchpeople to that story. If you have a well established group that is less of an issue, but it is something to be aware of. Make sure you devote equal front an center time to the other players. Second by making the crawl specific to Oskara, what is your plan if you run less than 6 players, an no one chooses that character?
  22. I have been plying with 1-2 Gamorrean's being upgraded a category to reflect 'group leader' since the basic minions are a pushover. or adding 1 in the doorway that runs for reinforcements as his patrol becomes bacon. overall i feel the beginner game needs a challenge difficulty increase. still got time before Kubla con to figure out what works best.
  23. Having all 3 beginner box sets, I had thought about the AoR Mon Cal engineer would run well. Pick up an obligation to Teemo, and cross breed into Slicer.
  24. Nice clip. I have only seen the EWW ( everything wrong with ) an the HISHE ( How it should have ended ) do their runs at the movies. As for rankings Empire hands down. An the only good thing about the prequels was Natalie, well Natalie and the concept artists, but I'll still put the prequels ahead of the clone wars animated. So disappointed how the slapstick Monty Python humor ran rampant in that.
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