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  1. @Chucknuckle I always appreciate the advice. Have something I want try that is not available via 3rd party, which is how I have arrived at this point. Trust that I looked. Aware of the difficulty. So i can try or shelve the idea. My preference is to try.
  2. Because I am new to hobbying and trying how to learn to do diff things Not about time or money
  3. Wow ... Talk about horrific timing. Agree with all the thoughts ... Probably should have been available from Day One So glad I ran out of primer and did not base my Fleet Troopers
  4. @BigBadAndy ... trust me. I know you are right; After my black primer on white carpet debacle, which is my new guy thread, I am lucky to be alive and have had a small reprieve of painting in the house. The ask on the airbrush ... little aggressive on my part. Conversely ... You miss 100% of the shots you don't take .... shooter gonna shoot ... can't have less than zero ... you get the idea I tried. Shot down before I finished the thought.
  5. @Jman444 ... yes! I have a LARGE master storage container, which I made look nicer, and ... finally ... bought a smaller Plano (the stuff everyone uses) that will fit what I need for an 800 pt game or day of games. I think it was $4 at Walmart. Lesson learned.
  6. @Admiral Deathrain ... agreed Sometimes, a movie can just be a movie. Entertainment. Doesn't need to have an agenda ... you can determine your own definition of agenda in media. It's just a solid movie FFG wise ... yeah, missed opportunity to reveal/release Solo that same weekend. Not a marketing guru ... not my area ... but I feel like there was a moment they failed to capture
  7. While I get Amazon and live in the US's test market for their initial On-Demand offering, I do my best to shop local. I spread my $ between my primary store (90% of game products); old school hobby shop (all paints & modeling stuff) and a much smaller gaming store (super close to home and emergency primer type purchases.) With that I have found ... The smaller of the locations had ... Leia Fleet Troopers Snow Troopers Just sitting on the shelves this past Saturday I was REALLY shocked to see the Snow Troopers and surprised to see the Fleet Troopers. Come to find out this smaller store does not have a designated game night or any participation in the formal FFG events. ZERO Legion traffic. Maybe, you can find some items at an out of the way, smaller retailer? My primary store? If you don't pre-order and or are there when they put it on the shelves, you're not getting it.
  8. @Jman444 and @TylerTT ... have the sleeves and storage. Guess I worded it poorly. It's the sheer volume of tokens required to play and, then, in game movement/management of said tokens. Getting used to it and would think some sort of digital "scoreboard" could be applied. Maybe it is just me and my in-game OCD
  9. Take a single model ... Try Simple Green Leave it for 1-2 hours Take a soft tooth brush; gently run the brush over the model, while running it under just warm water See if it takes a little off. Don't force it Then, put it back in the Simple Green. Leave for a little bit. Take a little more off. If it was a non-acrylic spray paint, then I am not sure if this works. If it was an acrylic paint, it should work. Gentle; patient and don't go all-in with every model in the solution. Oh, and don't let it sit for days on end, while thinking that will make it cleaner. Been to this movie. Ruined a model. Lessons learned. Try to pass it on.
  10. @Mr Tough Guy ... noted and thank you That styrene is so thin that, if you did not say anything, nobody would notice. But ... you sort of have to go lowest common denominator/worst case with something like that ... zero fun/all rules type person across from you or in the TO slot I considered sanding. My idea, though, would also require making additional marks/notations in the base. Thus, the styrene concept. Now, cutting that stuff into 1" circles ... yeah ... not easy. Bought one of these ... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000BK7NWC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And not helpful at that small of a radius. Moving onto an EZ Hole Punch. Just not sure if it will punch styrene.
  11. Ok ... So I ordered this variety back of Evergreen Styrene, as I have some ideas and want to try working with plastic card There are sheets the same thinness of paper. Meanwhile, the bases have that molded texture. I did a test if pva/water to see, if ligbtly applied, it would level the tops of the bases. Didn’t work. So ... Would a layer of plastic card that thin make the bases illegal, if placed on top to create a flat surface?
  12. With the sniper coming via the Rebel expansion ... need the spotter/forward observer it reads like game mechanics are accounting for a recon type aspect with those units, which is pretty cool The more of these types of adds to both Imps\Rebs the less frequency of 2 AT-ST or 3 AT-RT armies. I think play style and army creation greatly enhanced and varied at that point
  13. It’s worth it. There’s a few older threads that did all the math. Saves considerable money and, thus far, FFG staying true to word that all cards available to both sides in expansions.
  14. I just wish i had time to play and paint. This thing called work continues to get in the way. My only feedback is the sheer volume of gear ... tokens and cards. I get it and, then again, I think there has to be a better way.
  15. Solid work. My wife has put a hard no on my airbrush purchase. I need indoor space, given I live in south Texas and my garage is about 80-85 daily. Can’t make her understand the tools available to capture the mist. The time saving concept is awesome
  16. This. Not a Star Wars historian. Just a fan and 2 months into gaming. This seems like a polarizing discussion based on whatever happened in X-Wing, which I have never played, and logic. Or, maybe, thematically accurate instead of the word logic. It appears people are all-in or out and not many in the middle. I see/appreciate both sides. If it were done in a way that it was in the spirit of all digital content/books and exhausted of any chance of tilting the intent/design of the game, why not? Where it goes wrong is ... somehow ... it is done and, as was hinted at by @Caimheul1313, you end up playing a game of nothing near the spirit of Star Wars. Or a unit or two are just low cost/ridiculous ROI in a game. You arrive at here is a master list that by the rules I can build and, well, has zero applicable ties into anything related to anything in the Star Wars universe ... but ... allowable by the rules ... and ... well, I am that guy so ... deal with it Now that I have played a few games I respect the concept of immersion. I like that and would like to keep it.
  17. This ... My experience is running at least one with the Laser Canon gives you an "artillery" presence. Paying for the extra range and, potentially, needed ability to handle armor. Place it last during set-up. Run long range comm. Be in control of when it activates and put down suppression fire in R1. Or run a couple with the Canon and do the same. I have done this correctly and in R1, someone walked right into range; suppressed and 2 units gone by end of R2. They never moved again. Never fired a shot. Ignore the AT-ST, while forcing the opponent to decide ... shoot the AT-RT or shoot the units. Word distraction is being used. I prefer opponent's choice or making them divide their fire between units. Not just throwing away the points sunken into the AT-RT. Simply making my opponent decide how to allocate their fire and, hopefully, they divide it between multiple units, which means my AT-RT lives longer. Or my squads. Or both. But by no means just donate an AT-RT for clear demise or throw it out there for target practice. Create LONG firing lanes due to either R4 (Canon) or R3 (Z6). Attempt to have 2 of the AT-RT with arcs that intersect the field like an "x" The terrain will always have natural lanes. During set-up put the canons in position to own the lanes. Let the opponent walk into the lane vs walking the walker into the field. I knew my years of archery hunting would eventual pay dividends in other ways. When archery hunting, you pre-range trees or rocks or colored grass patches ... objects ... LONG before anything walks into view. You know this tree is at 40 yards ... shrubs at 30 yards ... boulder at 20 yards ... you are prepared, as you only have a few seconds to make a decision when necessary. You can range at any moment once the game starts on your turn. Use that to your advantage on your very first activation. Get an idea of what building or rock or vehicle ... object ... is at R3 or R3 or R2 at the intersections of long firing lanes ... pinch points ... and at the end of each firing lane. Plan AT-RT moves or non moves around controlling those and move your squads to cover areas on the sides of those lanes, while in pursuit of objectives. Either way when the opponent moves he is most likely walking into range of the squad or the AT-RT. Likewise, you can walk the AT-RT backwards. It is possible to walk back; still be in range of the target/shoot, while no longer being in range for a volley back. Laser Canon at 4 allows this. Then, you can walk right back into range on the next turn. If I use a 3rd AT-RT, wander and force some action or, if needed, tie up the AT-ST, as to allow the troopers the chance to move around. I finally realized the game is not about killing all the other guy's minis ... even though that is awesome ... it is about objects and, perhaps, time measured objectives in game. That 3rd AT-RT is like a cattle dog or bird dog. Funnel the herd or flush the birds in a desired direction. Sort of had a new guy, break through gaming moment in my last game. Someone that whipped my tail 2 weeks ago spent a solid 30 minutes post game helping me. You did this ... consider this ... don't be so quick to do this ... wait on this ... really solid gamesmen stuff. Made notes. Applied in most recent game. Last game I let my opponent come into range. Suppressed. I knew what corners and edges of firing lanes were at distance 2-4. Then, used the nimble/quick function of the Rebel squads and Luke to quickly get into range at start of R2 and just ripped through stuff. Once I knew I had units pinned I made sure I won priority in R2. Luke and troopers move in to finish off squads/claim objectives and the fire of the AT-RT moved onto other units, which were now also in range. I feel the Rebels require a little more of an aggressive/move play style. Definitely require thinking 3 moves ahead, as let's face it. White defense dice are HORRIBLE and many Rebels will die. Quickly. Keep the squads moving. The AT-RT, though, can be parked and used pretty effectively or engaged and walked out of range. I tried the Flame Thrower once. Blown apart after it moved in R1 and before it was shot. Priority target vs target of opportunity. Wasted points. Admittedly, I am not a savvy enough gamer to pull of the FT yet. HIGH cool factor. LOW ROI for me. Not an expert by any means. Have just learned from my mistakes and started to figure out how to leverage the AT-RT and couple them with Luke's jack rabbit movement. I have not found the AT-RT to be as faulty as others.
  18. I like the challenge associated with 800 pts. The addition of specialized forces will create a new revolution once said units are available. The 800 pts will change. The options greater. Choices harder. For me it is the perfect amount. @jgibbs2 ... agree on the set-up/break down time, as it stands. I could envision a special, tourney or "occasion" offering a 1, 000 -1, 200 pt game but do not expect that to become the norm.
  19. Thank you. This is why I asked, as I had picked up the Hired Guns pack and they are just too tiny. I was curious if you had used a different type of head for the mod.
  20. @Makwiesel ... solid work. Question ... Is the Rodian head from an IA mini? If yes, did you find it scaled well?
  21. @Mr Tough Guy ... thank you I have read several product reviews, which have a slight tendency to direct you towards specific products by design. This looks like it is coming from painters minus an agenda. Much appreciated.
  22. @Rogue Dakotan ... the statue came out great.
  23. Airbrushes ... tanks ... tubes ... gravity feed ... compressors ... Iwata ... Badger ... others ... I have started doing some research on products. I think my painting has reached that point. Rattle can cost adds up and they do not offer the control I want/need for some of my ideas. I'd also like more control in priming and, potential base coating. Once I move onto all my Stormtroopers it jut feels like an airbrush makes things cooler; faster with less work. Anyone have a product they would recommend? As it relates to compressors, you want one with a tank, yes? What is a good tank compressor that comes with ALL needed hoses and parts? in the U.S Hobby Lobby has Iwata products. You can leverage the 40% coupon over several purchases to get pretty good price on a set-up. They have the Eclipse CS and BCS, which can be bought significantly cheaper. Are these decent? In general yes, buy one; no regrets or nah, just keep using cans/brushes. Any advice welcomed I have a mountain of gift cards from several years I can dedicated to this.
  24. @ABXY ... thank you very much. I learned more doing that model than any of my other plastic adventures so far. Hairspray technique was super simple. Once I was a step or two into it I realized you could prepare under layers in a manner to leverage what the hairspray/water does when it is reactivated. On my next 2 AT-RT plan on some advanced planning with lighter under darker to create some effects and I need more color. Some regret on this one in that I only painted a few small areas with grey green. Could have put more of that on the front face of the vehicle and just did a tiny little bit. At some point I need to get some better photos.
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