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  1. The spreadsheet is great, and I find it quite an interesting set of data to read; we have been adding all of our games to it as we learn to strategize more and more. Three small errors/problems/slight-lacks-of-info I have noticed, first two both under the Expansions/Difficulty tab: - Option Frequency and Option Difficulty display the note of the topics above them when highlighted. (The Mythos Composition and Mythos Difficulty topics) - The above topics don't have a Prelude and Starting Rumour or a controlled variable (None) listed underneath them. This would help us know how much more difficult they make the game. - I am also slightly confused about what the numbers mean at the top of the Investigators tab, under the Team Size, are they win or loss percentages? Could that be clarified? As an aside, I think it would also be cool to see the win percentage of certain investigators based on Old One and Team Size. I don't want to come off as complaining, though; I think what you have done here is very quickly and immediately helpful. It has also sparked interest into preparing for an Old One we have never fought before.
  2. Have you ever had a monster die, get removed from the field, then returned immediately on the next monster surge? Sure, you mixed the Monster Box when it was killed... but are you sure you didn't just swirl the box and pull it right off the top? Oh, look, later in the game it came back again... How odd, that of the 60 tiles of monsters in the monster box, the 'one-of' Gug keeps coming back. You have played the game five or six times now, and you haven't seen a decent number of monsters before... but if it truly random, the Gug could keep showing up, right? Well, wonder no more, because now there is EH - Monster Randomizer V1.0! As a novice programming hobbyist, it won't be the most attractive program you have seen, but I will go over the major points here: - I have made this program in C++, so the program comes as a single .exe file! Please be aware of the safety risks of using .exe files from the interwebernetz. - The file is available through my Google drive. While I could host this file in a multitude of ways, I will spend my time trying to a) make a more attractive UI and more features to the program, and b) find a way to make this program executable online, so it will be available to everyone on all platforms. I program in such a way to not make the file platform specific. I would like to know if this program does not work on any OS, and I can try to fix it. (It won't work on iOS or Android at all, at the moment) - For all intents and purposes, this program is truly random when deciding what monster to pull from the Monster Box. I have learned a lot about randomization when making this program to make sure the chance of each result is evenly distributed, and so the seed of the Mersenne Twister algorithm is updated every millisecond. In my research I saw ways to make the program cryptographically safe, but since I want the program to no doubt run on all platforms, and since I am not worried about top secret spies seeing the future of my board games, I chose to leave it at that. Download: - V1.3 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2Xm3-3XnsGVMzBaemoxY3d1elE/view?usp=sharing Change Log: - Monsters can now be added or removed from the Monster Box before/during the game, to be removed completely from the game. Also, expansions can be removed by typing in their command once again. - Monsters can be listed by the expansion they come with. - Returning to the main menu now uses the command 'B' (for back) instead of 'K'. Known Issues: - Does not work on OSX, and I haven't found a way to compile for them, yet. If all works out, I won't need to, I am hoping to have a web hosted solution soon. - V1.0 - (Outdated, and no longer offered, and you don't want it) This program was created as a non-commercial and official companion to the Eldritch Horror board game.
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