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  1. You are correct. I should have written "too bad it's half a board game". Ah, but it is manageable, can be done, and is considered fun by many people. I also seriously doubt that the app will provide complexity. Nothing shown thus far has been anything approaching a complex sequence of events. Now this doesn't mean that you can't have an app. I have always supported the idea of versatility and for people to play the games they want in the way they like. Anyone who argues that you shouldn't have an optional app is wrong. As stated, the problem is that the app is forced. Rather than providing play options, this setup has taken options away. There is no deluxe edition or app-less expansion to substitute the app. I also question how easy some aspects of the app are really going to be. You manage your cards and play them, imputing your details into a series of fields having effectively already done the maths. It seems like extra steps for little benefit. Set-up is clearly easier but at a cost of table-top interactivity. Going back to the original question, I wonder if the reason for why this particular game is getting hate is that it is so significant. XCOM was a less popular property, Mansions of Madness was already owned by many and if you had it and didn't want the app then you could just stick to the previous version. Journeys is unique. Its a big IP that has never had a game like this and a lot of people are going to be upset that they are being left out by the way some of the content is being delivered. From Fantasy Flight's perspective, I wonder about how it will effect sales. Its clearly a huge seller, but there seem to be many people who are giving it a miss due to the app. They lost three sales from my group and my group is tiny so they must be loosing sales from other people. Will the monetisation of the game as new modules are released for download make up for it and will they outsell print-on-demand style add-ons? I have no idea, just voicing some ideas.
  2. The forced nature of the app is the problem. Its not about providing players with options the way Descent does, its about limiting the experience. If you don't like apps, as I don't, tough luck. While the logistics are an issue, the big problem I have is that it breaks the immersion. I simply don't like the "feel" of it and can't get invested. Many people say this. The problem is if there is another Lord of the Rings branded, RPG themed, Gloomhaven style board game out there I can't find it. The physical parts of the game look fantastic; too bad its just half a game. There are no reasons to exclude apps but plenty of reasons not to force players to use apps. I won't labour the point as it has been argued to death in other forums but I will say that while apps make it easier for some people (not a criticism) there is nothing an app can do that a physical game can't if you can be bothered to develop the game mechanics. I don't think that the market will in this case. Fantasy Flight has such a huge following that people will buy it simply because it is Fantasy Flight. Likewise Middle Earth remains very popular among gamers. The brands advertise themselves now and this game was always going to be a money spinner regardless of quality. Stumbled on to it while searching for something else.
  3. Just like Star Wars, Babylon 5 had its own EU with a massive number of ship and fighter classes. A quick count of my Babylon 5 Wars stuff shows 6 fighter types and several shuttle sized support craft for humans alone. It FF were to acquire the license (doubtful) there are a wealth of ships to use and I for one would buy all of them. Freespace would also be acceptable.
  4. It's a little complicated. JMS has creative control and can make B5 productions that aren't linked to the original series, in other words a reboot. He could theoretically make product linked to the originals but Warner Bros. controls distribution and merchandising so if they don't agree (and take all the profits) the production would never see the light of day. This leaves JMS going alone and while he does want to he can't currently raise the money. Having said that, it has been some years since he last said their was an issue licensing B5 and B5books.com have been producing limited amounts of B5 merchandise, so it might be time for someone to test the availability of the licence. Never in my wildest dreams do I think that Fantasy Flight would acquire it but if they did I would buy everything they made.
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