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  1. I would love to play with you all. This is a leveled up version of the character sheet for a game I never got to play in, but I can adjust it. Meet "Lucky" Lafayette, a clumsy but confident smuggler (gambler/gunslinger) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-7xN4te0patdG1wSVRtZ0NhNkk
  2. thats awesome. I've never played shadowrun personally but ive read the rules book. I love the narrative setting but when I was done I just put the book down and said "no this is not for us"...and I have always been the "rules shark" of the group (I'm recovering nicely).
  3. Last d6 system we used was The End of the World and we hated it because it was too simple...also my party refused to play themselves which made me very sad as it has been my dream to run my group through a "play yourself zombie campaign". Ill check out d6 space though.
  4. I considered lots of different systems, including all flesh must be eaten, spycraft, GURPS, and shadowrun, but settled on this because 1. we are familliar with it and the group freaking loves this game and 2. it was such an easy fit, and a lot of other rules sets (*COUGH* SHADOWRUN *COUGH*) are just too...crunchy.
  5. I agree with that which is why I was thinking of allowing him to use computers instead of ranged light, but that idea was pretty thoroughly shut down and too power gamey.
  6. I'm basing it on XCOM: Enemy Within. I've taken all the advice into consideration and am going to let him use a drone if he wants, but he has to directly control it (until he can program something with an AI) with ranged light and agility and a setback dice with him having to be within Medium range (of the drone) and the drone having a range of short to attack, and I will allow him to apply speaks binary to it (though its not quite RAW). Once he can build something with an AI he can direct it to attack for him. Once he is able to build a drone with an AI I will let him use his action to command it to attack (applying speaks binary to its rolls) or he can do other things. Limited to one "combat follower" per mission. I have played technicians extensively in ffg Star Wars so I will give him plenty of other things to do, but "you can lead a horse to water" ya know.... Our previous GM didnt give that many opportunities for "support" characters to do stuff, so i'm going to have to do a lot of retraining of the group with a lot of aspects of this system (narrative uses of destiny pool and advantages especially). I haven't suggested this to him but I expect him to at some point after the first session go to best buy and steal the largest drone they have and tear apart a pistol and attach it to it. Ill give him probably limited ammo 2 and maybe let him spend advantage on it to increase that when he builds it... just because something there isn't a door to open/shut or a computer to hack. @RixxyAGoGo I know drones aren't really canon in XCOM: Enemy Unkown/Within, but it does fit in with modern military tech so I'm going to allow it. The system was actually really easy to integrate into an XCOM setting. The force = Psionics, take the vibro off of all the melee weapons at start (reducing damage, and vicious rating) and reduce the damage of basic blaster types by two. No lightsabers allowed (yet anyways), and any lightsaber focused talents can be used with any melee weapon. Restrict armor to some of the more basic ones, and reduce HP to give something to improve on with research and development. The only skill I couldn't really find a use for was Astrogation, so I said "hey don't take astrogation". I think its going to be a ton of fun. I am using duty from AOR, I am use base building guides from AOR and I gave them 6 options to choose from at the start, and I am starting the campaign off at the point where the aliens openly attack a bunch of cities. I even made an intro video by cutting and moving around parts of cutscenes. I think its going to be a blast.
  7. This reminded me of something. ILl need to book dive but one of the int based specs let you roll a knowledge check and give out boost dice or something like that. That would be an interesting use for the character and allow him to remain a "non-combatant" while still participating in combat.
  8. Thats a good point and analogy. I will keep him using ranged light even with a "floating gun." This player often plays the "not quite a hero" and does a good job of role-playing it, when his characters are put in a combat situation they basically say "Im a school teacher not a soldier...why am I here. and runs away. This is exemplary role-playing without a doubt, but it often leads to the PC saying "why am I with this group they keep getting me shot at" which is frustrating as a GM and a player. So I am looking for something to keep everybody happy. But I agree I will just leave it with ranged light and agility of the PC and if he is using a drone he can do it with a setback dice or maybe an upgrade...haven't decided yet. And then he can only take one action per turn be it shooting with his drone or running around overloading computer consoles. Edit: he PC did this in End of the World: Zombies and World of Darkness, but he really likes the advantage system of FFG star wars and it does add another level to think about even with low skill levels. Great Idea
  9. Here is the situation. My player is playing a non combat character scientist. If you are familliar with XCOM you probably understand it is a combat centric game, but he is going to play a scientist, and I have lots of plans for making the scientist useful (developing new tech, researching, etc) as well as being plot centric, the first goal is to rig up some sort of communications device so that they can get un-stranded in an alien infested city. But neither he nor I want him to be useless in combat so we figured he could use drones, and then droids. I was initially considering letting him just use agi + ranged light probably with a setback dice but eventually he would more or less assume control of a droid character and use its skill and ability. I fear it will get convoluted though. Im just trying to make sure everyone has fun.
  10. There will be sentient droids eventually, just not at the start of the game.
  11. Two issues with that. We aren't actually playing in Star Wars. I have adapted the system (fairly easily actually) for an XCOM game. and the initial technology they are going to have does not include sentient droids. Second off droids that would be effective in combat are very very expensive. I know you can make a remote very cheaply, but the PC would probably be better off using a pistol himself at the start than a 1 agi 1 skill rank remote.
  12. I have a player in my upcoming game who wants to play a scientist or technician who builds drones and then eventually droids and uses them in combat situations. I was considering letting him use agility + computers when directly controlling a drone/droid instead of agility + ranged light/heavy. I can see some opportunities for abuse but this player has never really been a min-maxer and I kind of like the idea. I see it as someone who is good at call of duty is not necessarily good at shooting a gun. Another way I would handle it is the PC makes a droid and when directly controlling it they can supplant either the droids agility or ranged light with one of the PC's characteristics/skills in combat, but he has to use one of his own. Any thoughts on this or am I just over complicating the situation. I would like other peoples thoughts on this idea.
  13. We had a player get a gruesome injury to brawn, which he had a 1 in. Right before hand we had just found a stash of power armor (with the +1 brawn), so we put him in that so he was able to move. Unfortunately the next encounter (a trap) had a temporary EMP effect, which shut down his power armor (as well as my droid character completely). He was unable to move the entire fight. He was a force user though and could use force move for stuff. The dungeon was all pre-scripted by the GM, but he did not expect us to do it in that order or for the player to have a brawn of 0. Happy coincidence. TLDR: we played it as brawn 0 means you cannot move normally.
  14. Don't mean to burst your bubble and it sounds like its too far down the road to matter, but it downgrades, not decreases. Downgrading difficulty doesn't remove dice ever (sadly)
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