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  1. I think that anything but rebel junkyard can melt in front of super ordnance attack these days. Trying to mitigate that, I put selflessness. That way I can redirect one bad shot to Lowhrick, second can be evaded (not fully, 2-3/4). Third shot is not killing Ten, but if there is fourth then he is fried. Not that I am willing to fly into that spot, where all torp squad can shot me. Reposition can help with range control and optimising the approach, so not everyone can shoot at Ten. Then zoom into Autoblaster range, and finish one of theirs with autohits i think. I put Autoblaster instead of Mangler, because of bombers. They like to be close to you with their bombs, and that is where I do autodamage in revenge for their bombs
  2. May I introduce my idea of bringing B-WING back to the game The main problem is its cost, because B-Wing dies so quickly for its points. I think I managed to change that qiute a bit with some cards from the new wave. Biggs so Numb & Low (100) Ten Numb (31), B-Wing/E2 (1), Rey (2), Intensity (2), Advanced Sensors (3), Autoblaster (5) - TOTAL: 44 Lowhrick (28), Selflessness (1), Wookie Commandos (1) - TOTAL: 30 Biggs Darklighter (25), Integrated Astromech (0), R4-D6 (1) - TOTAL: 26 Firstly, Ten is piling up focuses with Rey early on, and Biggs is hard to crack with Low's reinforce. They will both give time to blow enemy's threat with Numb's autodamage hurt + target locks and focus. After Biggs is gone, Lowhrick will protect Ten Numb as he did with Biggs. The key is Ten's barrel roll before he moves to acquire evade via Intensity. He's got focus from Rey at the start of the combat, even if he bumped. So, even if k-turn'ed, he still has focus, evade and can reposition before taking his move. With 2 free tokens a turn Ten Numb has it easier to pay Intensity's cost to flip it back. What do You think?
  3. My opinion is that it is impossible to interrupt the Intensity card with another effect if not instructed. An argument on nesting actions is about Actions, not effects and abilities. Kanan and ID are effects and abilities, so there was the need to explain how these things work with each other. There is yet no mention about Jake's ability having any power to interrupt Intensity effect. These two (Jake Farrel and Intensity) are not actions, cannot be nested like those unless specified otherwise. The Intensity card contains instruction and effect: "After you perform a boost or barrel roll action, you may assign 1 focus or evade token to your ship" - this is instruction. "If you do, flip this card." - this is the effect, and You read this effect as: "If you do assign 1 focus or evade token to your ship After you perform a boost or barrel roll action, flip this card."
  4. Putting BoShek onto big base blocker may make dodging all that bombs and mines quite a pain, I think.
  5. Something came to me as I read the card again. It may be to bad wording, but: Pattern Analyzer makes a STEP from a SUBSTEP. Check pilot stress substep becomes independent step, in times when You want to activate PT. This is something that implies that step can be completed without resolving all the substeps of that step. And again, as BlodVargarna suggests, if a maneuver is not completed since substep 2b is resolved, means that step 3 is put into maneuver step. There is no rules of nesting steps that i can think of, thus, suggesting that this is the case with PA, is making more rules than option with maneuver resolving without all substeps resolved, i.e. Lightining Reflexes.
  6. As I mentioned earlier, Pattern Analyzer instructs You to move substep out of step 2, and resolve it after step 3. Pattern Analyzer does not instruct You to move step 3 into step 2, and resolve it between substeps 2.c and 2.b. This is, in fact, the only possible way to resolve this situation, as InquisitorM tried to explain. I think this is similiar to nesting actions with PTL - it was legal after explanation inf FAQ from FFG. There is not any mention about nesting substeps, so... cut and paste
  7. InquisitorM is right. here is why: Pattern Analyser does not state that You can move step 3 between substep 2.a and 2.c, then resolve substep 2.b. It requires to complete the maneuver, proceed to step 3 and then do something that is moved from step 2. PT stating that " You may resolve the "Check Pilot Stress" step after the "Perform Action" step" does not let you make actions from step 3 in step 2, thus step 2 is resolved without substep 2.b.
  8. Just remember, HSCP only works with primary weapons on Jan's shots. But it is good for mitigating enemy shots at her, because opponent must decide whether he looses focus while attacking Jan, or shoots Rey instead.
  9. And if cost is not a problem, You could fit him with Experimental Interface (instead of Stealth Device), same cost, and get that focus to modify more of your eyeballs, or leave it for next defensive bad rolls. Of course it generates a stress, but it is only if Luke is in a really bad situation. That could give him more survivability i think.
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