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  1. The Wild Wormhole - Episode 1 - “All Hail King Potato” is LIVE! We’re back for more! Richard Garfield did an AMA on Reddit and we’ve got some hot takes on his answers! Bonus: Send us the best deck names you’ve seen for our new segment! Listen anywhere you can get podcasts or watch on YouTube at https://youtu.be/CEScxuznWmQ Check us out: Facebook/Instagram: TheWildWormhole Twitter: @WildWormhole YouTube: The Wild Wormhole Patreon: Coming soon!
  2. We were definitely having a blast man! and thanks, hope you enjoyed it!
  3. Hey guys! I made it back from Dice Tower Con alive! Streamed yesterday so check that out if you haven't and then have some newly recorded matches! Come out check out some Cad Bane action as I believe him to be the go to action cheating character since Sabine has taken a hit! Yes yes I know Sabine Solo is a thing! https://youtu.be/Kg2uyv80fdA
  4. Time to see if the thematic deck if Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister can be and strong as it is cool! Also, late game Ezra with 5 upgrades?! https://youtu.be/-C1ZLySwb0A
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