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  1. From one of the Gen-Con demo videos that were posted, it was using something like AH LCG, you were placing clues on one page, on other doom tokens. Both doom and clue "timelines" (I don't remember how it was called) were advancing separately.
  2. There won't be that many tiles, so it shouldn't be a problem with finding the correct one.
  3. As each player pulls from the cup, it fixes any player number scaling problems with ease and without any added complexity. Here is a nice overview - http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/08/03/arkham-horrors-3rd-edition-gives-the-game-a-dramatic-and-awesome-overhaul-gen-con-2018
  4. I'm not that much familiar with Valkyrie but it helps create user content for both D2 and MoM apps and I heard that it will work with IA. Then you can recreate IA campaigns for LotA, but there might be some holes or traps hard to avoid translating them.
  5. @The Cocky Rooster Try Nox, my brother had better time with it and I had problems with Bluestacks when playing Iron Maiden's Legacy of the Beast
  6. We need to make a sad thread for all of us waiting for a STEAM version...
  7. The wait now, since it was revealed, is so much more painful. Ahh, that agony! Next week? Next month? Arghgh... (Loses all sanity)
  8. You will be able to choose if you want to bring him on a mission or not, so you'll have at least that. Though I think that there will be some text explaining why he's there alive
  9. Yes, but heroes do more, they can search, use stuff (I don't know how these actions are called in English) and their goal is more than "kill all heroes".
  10. That would be quite a lot of work to make it, well, work (but then, the app is still being developed, we hope). There is just way too many decisions too make as a rebel player compared to a simple enemy that just moves and attacks.
  11. We still have an unreleased expansion coming, so no, 2nd edition is not coming.
  12. @Union I don't want app to take away "the board game". I want to play the board game. I want to roll dice, I want to draw and search cards (I agree, the preview of items to buy would be welcome). I just don't want to play campaign 1vs1 (as I can count on only 2 players) and app allows for that.
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