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  1. I playtested with mates from my LGS the addition of an extra shield when you equiped the B-wing/E2 modification card. And, that was fine. With cards like Linked Battery, Hera, Rey or Maul (on Keyan) , the ship isn't too bad. With this little "errata", you reduce the gap between Bwing and the others more recents chassis (Auzituck, Kilmogila). One of my problems with the ship is the lack of low value named who can be fine with a minimum of upgrade (like Jess Pava) and stay under 28-30pts. Maybe with somes cheap named Pilot (ala Braylen or Jess in the 23-25pts) and a generic PS1 at 21pts that will be ok.
  2. You can still playing triple attani torp-Boat . But, yeah, list based on attani lost a strong tokens generator ...
  3. The actual parattani list need some adaptation to the new FAQ... maybe choose the ship who will be assist by Manaroo then, changed some card to adjust the list to your choice. You can also swap Manaroo with Palob/attani+LT+4lom or Palob/attani+autoblaster+cloaking+vectored thrusters+IA but we lost the main subject of the topic :/
  4. I know, I know, range 1 shot is important... BUT See this like a TLT : for the turret, you roll 6 red dice to only deal a maximum of 2 damages. I don't say that you limit the hit results but the damage deal after the compare result step (assuming it's for primary weapon only). You're less efficent in front of low Agility ship but in the case of high agility aces, all hits beyonds your limit of 3 damages are evades results that you cancel. With a range 1 shot of 5 red dice full modified, if you shoot on a x7 with focus and evade ; you still dealing 1 damage if it spend both token to get 4 evades. Another main advantage is the fact that you optimize the probility of dealing damage with unmodified attack on average agility ship like the TLT currently do. So you can keep your action for any other things like barrel roll, keep your focus to defend, etc. So, If the card is : You can fully modify your short range shot to cripple High-agility aces and you can deal better damage with unmodified dice on average agility target. I think you're more concern about the fact that this effect transform a "knife fighter" short range starfighter into a sharp shooter who favoured middle and long-range (like a Heavy scyk with mangler canon). And this what this title do : turning the Kihraxz into a sort of bulky heavy scyk with a canon. You will play them the same way.
  5. Yes, in the case of 4 hits for the attacker vs 3 evades, you hit your target but deal any damage... maybe adding a restriction like "you cannot deal more than 3 damages in an attack"
  6. I played triple tlt+bumpmaster at a regional this season and my main problems was essentially Fenn & Teroch PtL or Attani version (and manaroo in backup), brobots and imperial lists with jax, inqui and other 3 greens dice aces with autothruster. If your list can handle tlt, start by killing the jumpmaster first, he is here to protect the ywings but y wings aren't good bodyguards. And for Tlt, like usual, dive in range 1.
  7. Last summer, I ran a Wes/Biggs/Vrill in some local tournaments and made decents results... I ran Vrill with HLC + Recon Spe instead of the Lothal Rebel with corrector + autoblaster turret, but i think we can tinkering it a little bite : Wes Janson w/ integrated R3-A2 + VI Biggs w/ integrated R4-D6 Eadren Vrill w/ HLC + Rey + Tactical Jammer Or maybe something more than the inquisitor ability..., but only on the firing arc (because PWT need to care about their arcs ^^) : "When attacking with your primary weapon inside your firing arc at Range 2-3, treat the range of the attack as Range 1. Your upgrade bar loses the cannon and missile slot." and we can down the cost of the title to 5-6pts
  8. 14pts for the first generic (and 13pts the NX cruiser title ... O___o ). Compared to the Awing prototype pilot, for 1 less point you gain +2 PS, a free title, a torp' slot, an astromech slot and an EPT slot ... Compared to the Awing Green Squadron pilot, you replace your extra ept by a cheap sensor Jammer, you gain a torpedo slot and an astromech slot ... for 3 less points ! I know that the Awing is in a bad position these days but... not that's much If you up the cost of all your pilots by 2pts, the ship is still a better Awing and sound more balance.
  9. No. His Mk-2 replace the torpedo slot by an illicit slot... so, no reduction stack. Why not. Something like the "Mist hunter title" maybe... -> Mandal Hypernautics line (title, starviper only. 0pt) Your upgrade bar gains the [illicit] upgrade icon. Increase your shield value by 1. You must equip 1 "sensor cluster" upgrade (paying the squad point cost as normal).
  10. i'm curious about one thing : If someone made a partisan's Xwing (T-65) as a Scum ship (with Saw Guerrera & his band). The ship count as a new ship or count as an ace pack ? (It's the same question for the minning Guild TIE and Scum YT series)
  11. Your pilots are nice. Guri + Black Sun refit + Autothrusters + Attani Mindlink sit at 31pts and make it a very strong choice for any attani list, maybe you can start be pricing the upgrade at -1pt instead of -2pts. - Did you playtest an alternative version with a focus token instead of evade ? With attani mindlink, that's could be a solution more interesting than an evade token. i'm agree with you that's the lack of evade token is irritating but it's part of their DNA, like the protectorate. - Another solution could be to change the maneuver which trigger the card : maybe "after executing a bank maneuver" (only 6 maneuvers with a limited short range maneuverability) or "after executing a turn maneuver" (only 4). +1. I think the starviper need to keep some distance with the Protectorate starfighter (because with this, the SV is a protectorate-wannabe with an extra shield). You already get a cost réduction with the Black sun refit, Maybe take the opposite concept and get extra ordonnance : Like, well... Maybe allow to take an additional missile or torpedo that's cost less than your equiped torpedo. (If you see the 2 Defender's title, 1 is for barebone ship et the other is to boost the use of a canon). And for the M-2 title... I think it could be fun with Dace Bonearm around. But Could it be effective ? I need to try it to get a real opinion about this title...
  12. Maybe change the restriction of the TIE/sa title to "TIE Bomber & Punisher Only", Punisher are also good at bombing things (especially Deathrain )
  13. Wow, these results for my Stiletto and my Ewing (Dac & beyond) ace pack chill my mood... I'm curious about what was wrong on my packs...
  14. Sorry, but it's imperial first (cf this post).
  15. Voted. I'm juste a little bite sad : the Guy who drafted a pulsar skate custom ship didn't submit it :/
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