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  1. I would love a book on armored and vehicle combat. Adding more Xenos and special Dominate vehicles too.
  2. I would say that it has radio function.
  3. I would like to see what you come up with as some of my players struggle with finding things still.
  4. Probably for me it's description. I tend to miss out describing as I am thinking about what is gonna happen next. I've done a lot to work on my prepping and to get my group to participate to add creativity by letting them bring ideas for lore and what not about their regiment. I've luckily learned this from also being apart of many games from many GMs, all ranging from too much detail and depth in a campaign to the exact opposite where they run it on the spot and have no idea what they are going with ahead of time. I am wanting to be in the happy medium. Also I keep forgetting important talents and skills in affect, I need to write those down on a sticky note on my screen...
  5. What do you call a Lasgun with a laser sight? Twin linked. But seriously, my players were confused about me giving the sniper a Long Las instead of a regular sniper rifle. That Felling (4) is a God-Emperorsend. Especially against Orks.
  6. Well, since my group is the 1st Squad in the 1st Platoon in the 1st Company in their Penal Recce Regiment, their tank is named "One Armed Bandit". I found it fitting.
  7. I would totally watch that, and would be willing to contribute with what knowledge I have.
  8. I allow instant kills if the first hit brings the target to 1 HP left. I get the player to describe they way that they kill them, either brutally, flashy or such pin-point precision. They get to elaborate the way that they do it and everyone at the table laughs or cringes and then that enemy is dead. If they say "I kill it with my sword" I leave that 1 HP alone.
  9. In the instance for my Penal Regiment, they don't get paid and probably never will. However, this does not stop them from bartering with Lho sticks, Alcohol, Drugs, Contraband etc... I'm sure that they will want to trade in some goods for a currency, which I will allow if they figure out a way to keep it hush hush, but if they are wanting to purchase goods in this way, I will turn to the DH or RT books. Other than that they have what is requisitioned to them and whatever they want to keep hidden from the Commissars.
  10. I had this issue with a combat just recently between my group against Orks. They all have Chameleoline cloaks, which they stole, but that's another story... But I was concerned since they are a Recce group, that of course they wanted to use smart sniping tactics and that the bonus was gonna be too high, especially against Ork Ballistic Skill. Now it was about 4 players and 4 comrades (+1 NPC Comrade) vs 12 Orks, 6 Gretchin and an Ork BW. With Orks BS on it's own against a non moving target at a good range with said cloaks and my players dug in with jungle cover, the Orks chances to hit were in the negatives. My players were playing it smart, and I rewarded them for it. But I also wanted to have the element of such amass amount of fire coming back at them (After some of the Orks needing to Per check for them...) to actually have an effect. So I made it that 0-5 was gonna hit. And I felt it worked. The amount of Dakka was crazy, and It missed A LOT. But with such mass I was still able to get the occasional 0-5, which took out 3 Comrades and critically wounded 2 players. They felt that if they didn't use said tactics they would have died. None of them died, but it still brought the brutality and dangers of conflict and making them realize how dangerous it is in combat, with almost half of their comrades dying around them, which made them really enjoy the game more. They still have another combat to go before being able to treat the wounded so it will prove very interesting how they get through it, if they do. TL;DR Give a chance to hit like 0-5 for enemies, I made it on the fly to make things interesting and worked for us.
  11. Well, for my Penal Legion group so far: - Sgt throws smoke grenade to get closer to Ork BW, doesn't inform Chimera Gunner, Friendly fire ensues - Group spends time and planning to start a Lho stick market at the local base (Extermanatus will be issued soon on said planet) - Only have Flak jackets, want more armor and issue for more at local armory, get a 99. "You're a WHAT Regiment?!" - Ratling argues with army cook about meal qualities - Six Gretchins kill 2 comrades and critically wound another 2 players who had a heavy bolter - Debating to take off Penal Collars comes up A LOT - Commissars come up A LOT - Shenanigans to rob the armory, start drug running, and just being scum. When doing so they keep getting between 75-100. War isn't going to be the main contributor my players dying... I think Commissars and themselves will be.
  12. Yeah, I love that they added more vehicle customization with it, and I know my group with a Chimera will be most pleased with that. Also have a couple players wanting to play a Priest when their characters finally fall. I think they'll appreciate the scourge and purge in this book.
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