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  1. When a travel event card “Mysterious Herald” is played, the tracker doesn’t allow playing rumor card featuring a quest of the current act.
  2. Just to clarify whether I understand surge usage correctly. For example, Runemaster Leoric uses his heroic feat to attack three adjacent monsters. He rolls 3 wounds and 2 surges. Then monsters roll their defence dice. Then Leoric uses his surges in the following way: 1) The first monster is a goblin archer. He rolled 3 shields. leoric uses one surge for use Runic Knowledge to get one fatigue and add 2 wounds to the monster. So after surge adding the monster is defeated. 2) The second monster is goblin archer too. He rolled 2 shields. As Leoric spent one surge on first goblin he has only one surge. So he spends the second surge for pierce 2 from his Arcane Bolt. The second monster is defeated. 3) The third monster is another goblin archer. He rolled 2 shields. As Leoric spent all his surges he can not add any surges, and the monster takes one damage and survives. I understand that multiple surges can be spent the same way when attack has multiple targets (for example, "blast").
  3. Can a hero learn new skills in exchange of already learned skills using his experience points? For example: At the start of the game High Mage Quellen as Geomancer has 3 experience points which he spend to learn Ley Line (1 point) and Stone Tongue (2 points). During the game he summons third stone as the first action (assuming that two stones were summoned in previous turns and are presenting on the map) and attacks according his basic skill Terracall. Then he changes his skills to a new skill Cataclysm (3 points) and as the second action he makes an attack for each stone on the map (three attacks). Next turn he changes Cataclysm to Ley Line and Stone Tongue again to summon three stones. And so on. Is it OK? As I understand, a hero can change skills any time (not only in the city). Correct?
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