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  1. Cassian: "Well, we did it, but we're about to die." Jyn: *thumbs up and a shrug* Dead
  2. I need help convincing myself that I don't need that shoretrooper helmet
  3. Why not? There was a jedi who was a sand people. Well, half. Possibly not at all. They'd at least have to have that Primitive species ability.
  4. Man, whoever made the pictures in #2148 and #2149 must have never tried to look through a scope while moving even slightly. And forget about recoil/proper firing position. haha
  5. This looks like a scene from a great story. Almost looks like he's defecting
  6. Am I the only one that thought the Star Destroyers looked a little off? They looked like someone forgot to paint the mini's or something. Oh, and did one of the x-wing pilots look/sound sort of like Larry the Cable Guy to anyone else? haha
  7. Anybody else feel like Vader looked a bit off? His neck seemed super thick. Or was that just me? Yeah Vader did look a little off to me too. And some of his lines sounded weird but he was still terrifying. Oh and the acting was not as bad as some people would have you think. It was just kinda campy in some spots.
  8. First off, I turned off my analytical, star wars nerd brain as soon as there wasn't the crawl. I knew if I wanted to enjoy this film to the fullest, I had to watch it like that. Enjoy it I did. Second viewing will get the analytical brain. These are just initial aftershock reactions. OKay, maybe it's a little analytical. As far as shots from the trailer being absent, weren't there rewrites/reshoots? Am I making that up? I don't remember for sure but I bet that's why. I loved it. I felt way more connected to the characters in this than in any other piece of star wars media. I think that's because this is really the first SW movie I've seen for the first time as an adult, besides TFA, but I think the characters live in a more morally grey area in this movie, and that makes them more real. Yeah, some of the acting was a bit camp but its a ****** star wars movie, what do we expect? Some of the plot devices were a bit convenient, but it's a star wars movie, what do we expect? And I'm not saying bad acting/lazy writing get a pass, but I don't think that's what was going on here. My point is that this is still a star wars MOVIE and it operates as such, to a level that isn't too overboard (side-eye to TFA) but still exists with the general quirks of the genre. I don't personally think the fanservice moments were too numerous, although they were a bit jarring. What were there two? It's safe to say I enjoyed this much more than TFA. But don't tell Oscar Isaac, I wanna be best buds with that dude. Anyways, that Vader scene, HOLY SMOKES. Actually terrified. Also, am I the only one that thought Donnie's staff/blaster was going to be a lightsaber at the end, with the way he was holding it and the shape of the tip? I got a little teary when his bud was cradling him. That's a first for SW for me. I was on that beach with them, emotionally. Costume design? Hell yes. If the original trilogy was WW2, this was Vietnam. Loved that choice. Tonally I'm in love. I hope all the star wars stories can be this compelling. Loved the dark parts. I live on that ****. The dread I felt at the end of the movie (I was so engrossed I actually forgot that everyone was going to die) was great. I want to ask any old-timers if this is how they felt after Empire. Sure, we know what happens, but shoot, that doesn't make what happened in the movie weigh any less on me. Alan Tudyk and whoever animated K are the real winners here. And yes, half my brain was playing a game of EOTE/AOE the whole movie because stealing imperial ships and uniforms to get into imperial facilities is 3/4 of what we do in my game hahaha. Tl;dr just go see the movie. Convince Disney we need another gamble on non-established characters. OH, and Tarkin. I hated the CGI. And it was super noticeable to my girlfriend, who is not familiar with the character at all. She immediately turned to me and said he looked weird. Leia looked better though, but she had way less to do.
  9. There's a guy out there somewhere in the internet that restored the three original films to their theatrical release versions, color corrected, all that business, blu-ray quality. They are awesome. I can't for the life of me remember what to search for but it's worth going down the rabbit hole if you have the time to look for it. Edit: If you're wondering why he did this, I think it was because there wasn't/isn't any hope of Disney releasing blu-ray versions of the original theatrical movies.
  10. Oh YES! Interesting how they have brown pants. So far all the troopers we've ever seen have a black suit base. Boy, am I ready for this one! You know I think Deadpool has a theory about wearing brown pants...
  11. Borislav Mitkov, the artist for the one I posted has some good stuff on his artstation, though most of it seems more at home in a fantasy setting.
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