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  1. No need for starting a war between Vassal and TTS... both are equally useful. My feeling is, that Vassal is better suited for people who are looking for competition and just want to play a quick and easy, fastpaced game of Xwing. TTS on the other hand seems to be the better fit for casual players, who just wanna hang out with friends in the voice-chat. I am happy for both tools. They are a great way to maintain my loved hobby, while we are in lockdown.
  2. Why would you want to play against yourself? There are dozens of people online to play against...
  3. Thanks Mu0n. Vassal (and especially your X-Wing-Module) is awesome and more important then ever.
  4. And of course there should be European-X-Wing-Team-Championships again. Well... if Asmodee/FFG finally manages to announce date and location for the official Euros... šŸ™„
  5. I'm co-organizing the German-Team-Championships on december 5th/6th this year. We got room for 96 players (32 teams) and are already sold out! šŸ™‚
  6. Did you buy a german wave 6 product or did you opt for the english product? Afaik noone in Germany has seen a loclized Wave-6 ship so far, since the ship hasn't arrived in Hamburg yet. The last localized products we got were the epic-conversion-kit and the epic-missions-rulebook.
  7. It's really disappointing, that Wave 6 isn't available in Germany yet. I think a couple of german players ordered some english ships from the UK. Me personally, I've been preordering the localized (german) version at my local flagship-store in november (with release being announced for december). By now I'm still waiting for my preorder....and I guess this situation applies to 90% of tournament-players in Germany. A third of the current Hyperspace-Season is already over. A third of the season without access to the Fireball and Vonregs-TIE (and aces from the Hotshot-Pack....B-Wing-S-Foils and so on). A third of the season with very limited list-building-options. This sucks. I wonder if they will rotate Fireball and Vonreg out of Hyperspace just after they are available. oO For the SOS Hannover in particular: Yes it would be disappointing if tournament-tourists can bring lists to the table which the local player-base can't. Seems unfair to me.
  8. Its right in Vassal itself. I think its called "howto and hotkeys"
  9. Especially when spammed multiple times in one list. This is the same issue as with Juke: One phantom (e.g. Whisper) making use of Juke always seemed okay....it's been the 4 Sigmas all fitting Juke who have been a problem.
  10. At least there seems to be some controverse discussion about the topic. I get the point, that Dengar may not have been a good pick for the tournament. But one would assume that 2 Ini-6-Aces and two point-efficent fillers like the M3As could compete with an average 5-ship-list. It seems kind of weird to me, that people are saying "Hey, Optics don't have much of a benefit compared to other dice-mods" and yet on the other hand they consider 5 A-Wings being "unplayable" if Optics would be increased by 1 point (meaning you would have to drop 1 of 5 Optics...or trading one named pilot for a generic). And yes, of course one A-Wing might have to spend his focus-token for defense, but the other 4 won't and will most likely throw at least 8 hits at you
  11. The main point for equipping the autoblaster is the extra-attack die in bullseye-arc. You basically get this package for just 28 points (with only Ini 1 though): New Squadron (31) "Scourge" Skutu [TIE/ln Fighter] (8) Shield Upgrade Points: 39 Total points: 39
  12. Autoblaster-M3As are ridiculously undercosted right now. 7 of them is like a >240 pointish list.
  13. I think Hyperspace-Meta will manifest next weekend during/after UK System Open. My prediction for the most played ships: Resistance A-Wings TIE-S/Fs M3As
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