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  1. Todays update deleted all of my hyperspace-lists! Good job! *facepalm*
  2. KettchGER

    If you were a pilot, Happy Friday?

    TIE-Interceptor Pilotskill 6 While you attack, after rolling dice, you may change all dice-results to eyes. While you defend, after rolling dice, you must change all dice-results to eyes.
  3. Ok, since Hyperspace-Season is running and you're seeing a lot of TIE-Swarms based around Iden Versio lately´: Lets try to figure out what she's (edited that: thanks to magnus grendel) capable off, and what not. Ok, lets get the basics first: A) Her ability can only be used on TIE-Fighters (not on TIE-Interceptors, -Advanced or anything else) B) She can use her ability to protect herself (since it works on range 0 and doesnt say "another friendly ship") C) She says "before [...] would suffer [...] damage. This means her ability doesn't only apply on damage from attacks, but basically can trigger on any game-effect, that makes you suffer 1 or more damage. You could use her when you've overlapped an obstacle (and rolled a hit/crit). You could use her when you've got hit by a bomb. Or you could even use her when you have to roll for the effect of console-fire and the result would let you suffer a damage. Think everybody would agree until this point, right? Then lets go to more advanced stuff: D) Iden's exact timing-frame (during attacks): So...when do you have to decide if you gonna use her ability or not? In my opinion you have to use her at the beginning of "step 5" of the "perform an attack" step. (see rules-reference, page 4+5). This is where this is going to happen: ⁨ Ok...so basically you are rolling attack- and defense-dice first (using all modifications as usual). Then you are neutralizing results (where the attacker has to decide if he uses crackshot and similar stuff). Then Idens ability kicks in prior/at the beginning of the "deal damage" step. Agreed? E) How does Iden Versio interact with Ion-Weapons? Since she's not cancelling the results, but only prevents you to suffer the damage it has to be assumed, that the ionization-effect would still apply on the target, even though it doesn't take the damage from the attack. F) How does Iden Versio interact with critical damage from attacks? So, based on our observations at D): Does the defending player get to see the faceup-damage-cards he would have to suffer from an attack, before his decision about Iden Versios ability? An not so uncommon example: Your average Rebel-Proton-Torpedo-attack generates hit hit hit crit - TIE-Fighter is able to evade 2 of these. So he would have to suffer a hit and a crit. Now it's kind of a gamble, right? A direct hit might kill the poor TIE-Fighter - but can the Iden-player take a look at the faceup damage-card first`? I would assume he couldn't because he has to decide at the beginning of step 5, as seen above. But I think people might have different opinions about that? Ok, now last but not least. The question for all the pros and rules-lawyers out there: G) Does a "direct hit" create a new opportunity for Idens ability? Ok, for now lets assume my ruling on F) is correct: Iden-player decides not to use Idens ability and suffer a hit and a crit instead. He flips up the 2nd damage-card and, well you guessed it: it's a direct hit of course. D'oh! So, he missed his opportunity and can't prevent the first 2 damage cards. But lets take a closer look at the direct hit: Since the direct hit says "suffer 1 damage" -> can Iden intervene here and prevent that last damage from being applied? It would be kind of a waste, cause you only prevented 1 damage, while you could have avoided all 3 of them. BUT: Your poor little TIE-Fighter is still alive, and that's what matters, right? Do you think that's correct`? What would be your ruling on this? How about if you compare the damage from the direct hit to the one you might suffer from a console fire? Do you feel like a FAQ is needed for some of the points mentioned above?
  4. KettchGER

    The best possible Squad Builder experience?

    Totally agree with you. It's hilarious that FFG isn't able to fix this mess that they are calling a squad builder. They seem not to care at all.
  5. KettchGER

    Squad Builder Bug Reporting

    Lowhrick and Wulfwarro got wrong Initiative-values, when you turn the app to german language!
  6. KettchGER

    Vassal Team Tournament!!!

    I'm interested in this
  7. KettchGER

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Awesome news!
  8. It just seems as if FFG is giving a **** about the many complaints players have brought up about the official app.
  9. KettchGER

    No App updates since release?

    Agreed, that they need to put a lot more effort into the app. The app is still bug-loaded and gives a bad user-experience. It earned a lot of laughter, when we had our 2nd-Ed-Launch-Event-Tournament and basically were forced to use it. ?
  10. KettchGER

    Dock and Autopilot Drone Timing

    I think the controlling player choses the Order in which He docks/undocks and Checks the drones Pilot ability. So He can decide if He wants to lose It a Charge or not.
  11. KettchGER

    TIE Silencer and Rebel B/sf-17 preview up

    Nym can Team-Up with Lando to replace the missing Advanced-Sensors:
  12. KettchGER

    Ynot Squad Benchmark

    Yub...Denis seems to be able to quickly implement new stuff, but at the cost of many bugs, etc. His new version has all the new stuff in it + a bunch of really nice new features. But the combat simulator (which is the most important part) is kind of unplayable for me. I'm pretty sure it will pay off to develop in a more organized and structured way.
  13. KettchGER

    Ynot Squad Benchmark

    Sad too hear, that you couldn't team up with Denis. But glad, that you will continue your fork of the project. Seems a bit more reliable to me.
  14. KettchGER

    Star Viper, whats worth keeping?

    Won another tournament (22 players) with my list. So that's a 1st place (18-player-tournament) 2nd place (32 players) 1st place (22 players) all whitin the last month. Tournament-record with Guri, Palob & Manaroo: 39W - 9L Competetive Starviper is real.