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  1. This was really unexpected, at least at this point in the game's life, but really exciting. More upgrade options are appreciated, but more variety to the my armies even more so.
  2. Agreed. Half of my token cards remain unpunched.
  3. Darth 2Face


    Really excited about this. I converted the original 3 expansions but haven't played a game in about a year since Legion came out. This will get me playing again, at least casually.
  4. That was my understanding as well. That said, I would love if FFG did what they did with the Most Wanted expansion in X-Wing and provided cards for some existing models that allowed them to play in a different faction with different abilities. It would give more options immediately for the new factions. I don't believe it will happen, but it would be great.
  5. I was actually missing half a fleet trooper. One of the baggies had the body of a trooper but the arms and head of the commander. When I requested a replacement, I received a complete commander instead of the missing trooper. After another request, I received the missing trooper. I didn't mind, since I trusted I would eventually get the correct item and the replacements came quickly. That was the second time I had to make a request for replacement (the other was X-Wing). I've only ever had good, if humorous, experiences.
  6. I think the difference has to do with expectations. When I play at home, the lists will be sub-optimal and driven by character more than efficiency and expect the same from my son (or opponent when playing a pick-up game at the LGS). We are also willing to take the time to learn rules or play "close enough." At tournament, I expect to face optimized lists against players who try to follow rules with exactness. I play at a very small venue in a rather rural area. I've never played against the common meta-elements, such as 3 sniper squads, because all the players purchase about one of each release. All the players care more about variety of units because the want to play Star Wars. That doesn't mean that when we have a tournament that players aren't optimizing their squads. The expectation is still that you will bring the best squad you can field. The challenge seems to be about what your expectations are going into a game. If you face a highly optimized list when you built a less efficient squad just to try something new, it spoils the experience because you were expecting something else. I don't think that there is a difference in player attitude when it comes to casual or competitive, however. You can be a good sport and pleasant opponent in a competitive environment just like in a casual one. You can be a poor sport in a casual environment as well; just a few months ago I had to talk to my son (12) after a game at home because he was displaying such poor sportsmanship.
  7. This falls under the "Rule of Cool." Would a LAAT (and AT-TE) be too big for Legion? Yeah, probably. Would it be really cool? Yes definitely, so FFG should do it. Cool trumps everything.
  8. I had the same thought on those two pieces. Thanks for the information.
  9. As funny as it looks, isn't Armor (which is different than Armor 1) actually better than Armor 2?
  10. I would agree that Boba and Bossk should still be operatives, but I would love something that differentiates them from the imperial version. It would be cool if FFG did something like they did when scum was first introduced in X-Wing with the Most Wanted expansion that converted existing ships to scum. A card pack that converted existing Legion figures to scum would be great, although currently other than Boba and Bossk there isn't anything I would include in a scum faction (maybe the Rebel landspeeder).
  11. I would love to see Maul as an operative for the CIS and a commander for a scum faction. I think if a character shows up in multiple factions, it should be different in some way.
  12. It is also worth considering your play environment. My FLGS has a small player base where everyone pretty much buys one of each expansion rather than loading up on the most effective units. The heavies do much better in this kind of environment, even the T-47. If you are largely playing highly competitive tournaments, you probably won't have the same results.
  13. So far it seems that FFG has been really intentional when it comes to swappable weapons. I'm hopeful that it will be pretty easy, but this is larger swappable component than previous vehicles.
  14. Darth 2Face

    New Epic

    I was debating on whether to even convert my huge ships since they never got a lot of use, but Epic Battles means I likely will. The one conversion kit is also a bigger seller, since I felt burned buying the original 3 conversion kits. Hopefully this will be their big GenCon release, since at this point early fall is the probably the soonest we will see this.
  15. I tried this method as well. I have a love/hate relationship with step 3, Dip. First, don't actually dip the figures. It is very messy and they come out really dark. Use a brush instead. Just don't use a nice brush, since the dip is really hard on brushes. Also, the effect is really different depending on your color scheme. I used the medium and tried it on Stormtroopers. They ended up becoming sandtroopers. It highlights very well, but ended up being too dark, making them look dirty because of the white armor. I late found that a regular, thin wash worked better for stormtroopers. For my rebels, it worked really well. I love how they turned out. Just be selective on what figures you use the dip on. I will say as a relatively inexperienced painter as well, it isn't as difficult as I thought to get good results. I established early on what I considered "good enough." There is a certain level of detail that I'm not willing deal with. None of my stuff is winning any competitions, but I enjoy it and am pleased with the results. However, as I've become more comfortable painting, I've tried out different techniques that I was originally hesitant to do.
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