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    I was debating on whether to even convert my huge ships since they never got a lot of use, but Epic Battles means I likely will. The one conversion kit is also a bigger seller, since I felt burned buying the original 3 conversion kits. Hopefully this will be their big GenCon release, since at this point early fall is the probably the soonest we will see this.
  2. I tried this method as well. I have a love/hate relationship with step 3, Dip. First, don't actually dip the figures. It is very messy and they come out really dark. Use a brush instead. Just don't use a nice brush, since the dip is really hard on brushes. Also, the effect is really different depending on your color scheme. I used the medium and tried it on Stormtroopers. They ended up becoming sandtroopers. It highlights very well, but ended up being too dark, making them look dirty because of the white armor. I late found that a regular, thin wash worked better for stormtroopers. For my rebels, it worked really well. I love how they turned out. Just be selective on what figures you use the dip on. I will say as a relatively inexperienced painter as well, it isn't as difficult as I thought to get good results. I established early on what I considered "good enough." There is a certain level of detail that I'm not willing deal with. None of my stuff is winning any competitions, but I enjoy it and am pleased with the results. However, as I've become more comfortable painting, I've tried out different techniques that I was originally hesitant to do.
  3. Are you saying these are the counter to Rebel sniper meta? 😄
  4. The more I consider it, the more I think I will only get one. If I didn't already have 2 GCW cores, I would definitely get 2. However, I don't think I will want more than 2 Phase 1 clone trooper units as more corps units get released. I think I will start with 1 and see what gets released shortly after before committing to a second. I attend very few tournaments, so I can proxy until more stuff is released.
  5. I still have more than half of my stuff unbuilt and will never build it. I never even got around to playing a game. I didn’t think I would ever play a miniature hobby game again until Legion came out.
  6. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one suckered into Robotech RPG. It is hard to complain about anything FFG does after my experience with that game. That isn’t meant to diminish someone else’s experience, but illustrate how our own experiences influence how we view Legion.
  7. I assumed the original core was simply incredibly undercosted and this is just an attempt to right size. It is still a better deal to get multiple cores, though, even with the increased cost. As for the original question, I’ll be getting two just like the GCW core and none of the single expansions that are also in the core. If I’m slightly short 800 points initially, new releases will come out quickly enough to get to 800 shortly after release.
  8. I have to agree. FFG doesn't have a typical release schedule. What has been normal for this game isn't really normal for other games. We are used to FFG's release schedule, though, so our expectations are different. I also think that Legion players have a different expectation simply because of the Star Wars IP. There is very much a "I want them all" mentality that doesn't exist in other games simply because it is Star Wars. Many (myself included) are playing and purchasing all the factions because we love anything and everything Star Wars. When I've played other miniature games, I focused on one faction and then only on units that fit my army. For Legion, I want it all regardless of how much I will play a unit. It is going to be difficult for me to cut back on some of the releases since for the past year I've been able to just get everything. There will be no skimping on the Republic, though. (I had planned on passing on Separatists, but that's what my son wants to play.) As for the LAAT conversation, I want one. I'm not a big fan of the prequel films, but I have always loved the aesthetics of the Republic army. The LAAT is my favorite vehicle in all of Star Wars. One way or another, I hope we get one, even if the scale has to be fudged to make it work.
  9. I can see this on the local level, but not at the larger level. I live in a relatively small, rural area. There was a small yet active, more casual, X-Wing community where I am at. Two things happened at the same time that killed X-Wing here. First, 2.0 came and not everyone switched. It wasn't so much a dislike of 2.0 (although there was some of that) and more of a cost. For more casual players, it was just too much. At first this wasn't a big deal, but now there is a mix of 1.0 and 2.0 players. New 2.0 products just sit on the shelf now since 1.0 players can't use it and not enough games are happening for 2.0 players. Legion came out very close to when X-Wing 2.0 came out. With a gap in X-Wing product with the wait for 2.0 to release, several X-Wing players switched to Legion. The regular releases for Legion really helped. It is still a smaller gaming group than X-Wing was, but it is easier to get a game of Legion in. It is also easier to schedule a casual game, since for many players it is easier to play Legion at our LGS (even casually ) than it is casually at home just because of space and terrain restraints. Most of the former X-Wing players now prefer Legion over X-Wing. I my son and I both prefer Legion (and I switched to 2.0). This is most likely more of a result of our smaller gaming community, though. If there was a larger X-Wing player base to begin with that could support a 1.0 and 2.0 group, I don't think X-Wing would be suffering locally. I do think that as time goes on and X-Wing 2.0 becomes the only option available, the X-Wing community will return. It is simply cheaper and the pre-painted ships remove a barrier to play.
  10. The other idea for a Corp unit would be Ranger Troopers from Solo. Probably less likely, but I love the look. Patrol troopers on their bikes would be another option for support, but dewbacks are probably a given.
  11. I put metal on the side of one of my cases and store the AT-RT (and moisture vaporators) on their sides since they are too tall for the cases I have.
  12. I did the metal tray in plastic cases as well. Instead of gluing them, I drilled holes and screwed them on. The plastic cases I got stack and lock together, so they work really well for storage and transportation. The problem I have had is that some of the larger vehicles don't fit in the cases. I still need to get a different case for those.
  13. I'm all for FO and even Resistance just to add more variety. I won't play them, but I would love to play against them just so every game isn't rebel vs. imperial or a mirror match. I will be playing Republic, though, and my son plans on playing Separatists.
  14. We literally had the same conversation with our disappointed daughter (2nd grade) yesterday when a few of her friends won a drawing at school yesterday when she didn't win. "Do you remember how you felt earlier in the year when you won a drawing? How do you think your friends feel now? I know you are disappointed, but aren't you glad for them that they can feel how you did before?" Not having this figure doesn't change my experience with this game that I love. I'm looking forward to seeing that Scarif board and hope that it is an indicator of some upcoming Shoretroopers and K2-SO.
  15. In a game that already allows customization, this does not bother me at all. While I would love to have, I see it as a good way of promoting the game. As long as they stay away from alternate rules, I have no problem with this kind of thing. The timing is off, but I wouldn't have been able to go regardless. At least I now know that FFG will have a presence at Star Wars Celebration. More incentive to go next year!
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