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  1. RAC, Predator, Gunner, Vader, Ysanne, EU @ 65 Ryad, Lone Wolf, Mk.II, /x7 @ 35
  2. TIE Striker. Fun and unique to play, not OP but not not a bunny run either.
  3. EU used as training wheels to correct my dial cock-ups. RAC, Ryad, strikers, you name it. EU for everybody!
  4. To me it depends on the opponent level. If they know more or less what they're doing then sure, but for my game vs a total beginner last weekend I've used a B-wing and a K-wing with no ordnance. And we both had fun.
  5. If it happens at a tournament, you've time to book the result and play again, that's what I'm doing every time it happens to me. At a friendly game it shouldn't happen at all, bringing a top tier list to a sparing with a n00b is kinda lame and can't imagine it being fun for anyone.
  6. All they're learning is how to use a strong list, they don't learn why is it strong and they typically don't know the basic rules/tactics unless their squadron utilizes them. Once you get spanked, analyze why and think how to avoid it. Alter the list and try again and again and again. Quoting Rocky: that's how winning is done. EDIT: Just to be clear: I'm not saying new players shouldn't look for inspiration or advice, I do it myself. All I'm saying is they should first understand the game mechanics and logic behind the ideas they want to use. Learn to crawl before you walk n all that..
  7. Not really a tactical mistake, but by far the biggest one in my opinion is netlisting. Not only does it kill the joy of learning the game, it can also put players off when their supposedly broken squad gets spanked over and over. Failure is unpleasant, but it's also a powerful learning tool.
  8. I've started re-painting my 5 bombers yesterday, should be done just in time for the release date. Happy days!
  9. hilux

    Tie Aggressor DOA

    More TIEs? Yessss please!
  10. I'd say it's the competent and confident painters who don't need it. I'm neither and skipping it nearly costed me all the work spent on re-painting my Deci. Stock paintjob is neat indeed, but even the thinnest layers of paint do stack up eventually. Especially when you repaint with bright colours (Ushabti Bone + Ceramite White in my case), you need a layer of primer and probably more than one layer of basic colour. There are few things in this hobby more frustrating than spending hours on a model and then being forced to re-work it due to an omitted simple prep-step. 15 minutes soak in Dettol and a 30 second brush can save you a load of hassle. Just sayin'
  11. Size matters What magnets did you use? The ones I'm using for small ships are the same diameter as the pegs themselves. The one time a magnet broke off a peg on me was when the peg wasn't filed evenly.
  12. 1. It's best to drill a magnet-sized hole in the ship first. Holds better and looks better. 2. All current coins are metal few of them are ferromagnetic thou. I prefer to use another magnet, cos it's completely flat, so glue creates a stronger bond with the peg and two magnets hold twice as well as one. Just watch out for polarization so that all pegs fit all the ships.
  13. What he said. Magnetizing all of them pegs was the best thing I did to my x-wing fleet.
  14. 1. Strip paint. 2. Spray with basecoat. 3. Paint basic colours. 4. Drybrush and/or ink/quickshade. 5. Finebrush final details. 6. Magnetize the peg. 7. Spray with satin varnish so paint won't chip or wear off.
  15. Meant to question it as well, is this EMA stuff different to Revell's? I'm a huge fan of working with plastic cement, would be awesome to find one that actually works on my TIEs.
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