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  1. I have a couple plug and play X wing's I use. Tarn r7 Integrated Astro And Hobbie Targeting Astro Integrated Astro Both are a ton of fun and only 25 and 27 pts respectively.
  2. I've thought about switching the tlt on kyle for an ion. Autothrusters aren't around much in my meta, we pretty much ignore them.
  3. Kanan Accuracy Corrector TLT Jan Recon Spec Ghost Zeb Phantom Kyle Adaptability TLT Recon
  4. Double Post Please delete
  5. This is the build I'm toying with currently. Kanan Accuracy Autoblaster Recon Specialist Jan Ors Engine Upgrade Ghost Zeb Phantom Biggs R2-D2 Integrated Astromech. Biggs stays next to the ghost for his ability, giving me some breathing room. I had originally used the tactical jammers instead of engine upgrade but I found I wanted the upgrade more.
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