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  1. Ob3ron

    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday, CB, it's been too long! Silencer and only because I just bought it.
  2. Love to see this!! I've had a problem since the start of the year in getting a printout. It has to be my browser setting but I can't get the print button to work because it's at the bottom of that print screen. Is it possible to put the button at the top, too?
  3. Am I reading this wrong or can you equip a Nu with Harpoons and an Autoblaster? When Someone moves in close, you have a very good deterrent. Here's the list: Quickdraw with VI, FCS, LWF, SOT 34pts Countess Ryad with Determination, Ion Cannon, TIE/D 38 Nu with Assault, Autoblaster Cannon, Harpoon, LRS 28 Yes, I have to be careful about disabled weapons. Is the mix of missile and cannon legal on Assault Configuration?
  4. I'm playing with Quickdraw and Countess Ryad. Is there anything preventing me from using a Nu with Autoblaster Cannon and Harpoon with the Assault Configuration? The single Missile/Torpedo icons aren't affected, so why not have a short-range punch along with long-range? The cost is 28! I just have to be careful about slamming around.
  5. Fenn Rau, Guri and Talenbane Cobra are my mountains. Countess Ryad on an Ion D is starting to look like one, too.
  6. That 200 points would make it a much easier to handle "team" event. Wish they were more clear about that. My proposed wingman is strictly into Rebel, so we'd have to split up along those lines. With 200 points he could fly Ghost/Phantom II and something else; I could fly Falcon and something else. Sounds like a lot of fun and nice to see another avenue to prizes. Thanks for responding. Likely we'll be there this March. too.
  7. OKay, maybe the wording has changed but here is the description. This may be more an Adepticon thing than FFG: A focus of AdeptiCon has always been on social team formats and Star Wars: X-Wing is no exception! The Star Wars: X-Wing Team Tournament is back, so grab your wingman and report for assignment! Look for some unique and fantastic prizes for this alternate format. Each Team must build a combined squad using the Star Wars: X-Wing Team Tournament Addendum. Teams must use the same squads, damage decks, and obstacles for the duration of the tournament. Complete tournament rules, FAQ, and errata can be found on the Fantasy Flight Games website. This tournament will consist of 3 Swiss rounds. Each round will last 1 hour and 30 minutes. Team Event: This Team Event consist of 2 people forming a single team. Only the Team Captain is required to purchase this event ticket. The team registration fee covers both players on a team. Both team members are required to purchase an AdeptiCon Badge.
  8. There's a reference to the tournament rules on the FFG site but nothing in any of those docs specifically explains the Wingman format. Anyone with even a good guess as to what is expected? Thanks.
  9. What about rules for the Wingman tournament format being used at Adepticon 2018 this March?
  10. I was there and enthralled. Saw it three more times. Waited for three hours before the opening of ESB where we all hissed the screen. Movies have never been the same. Happy anniversary STAR WARS!
  11. Ob3ron

    FFG at Origins?

    The Origins website leaves a lot to be desired in terms of information on vendors. I've never gone but I will be living in the Columbus area starting in June. Will I be able to get some X-Wing games in there? Answering my own question after returning to site and it working. There are Hangar Bay Tournament and Space Race games.
  12. I'd like to see one of the more iconic ships from the core updated: the Firespray. With too many flavors of TIE Fighters and the Aces updates of the Inquisitor, you're left with potential updates to Advanced, Prototype Advanced or Phantom since the Punisher is the in-betweener, although most in need of updating. So yeah, what the hell! Firespray and Punisher in a Heroes of the Resistance type package.
  13. So we're taking that as an AFFIRM on Henry's Outpost. I am under a fairly strict economy of auction collectibles for credit to buy new goodies, so I am fortunate to have a b&m store as well as eBay to work this, and I found Henry's to be a good source for cards where I didn't have an immediate need for the ship. Yes, as my collection grew, I bought a ship but having extra cards is not a problem. Henry's is fairly reasonable but more valuable cards make you really think "if I'm paying $6-9 for a card from a $15 ship ... hmmm"
  14. This post is a crock but I don't want to knock it.
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