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  1. It’s mostly quite random. Even on replays I’ve had the Hill Troll at diff times. Generally though I would say: Heroes (you want) → Ruffians → Goblins → Orc Marauders → Archers → Wargs → Wights → Troll
  2. It’ll be great if Gandalf and Bombadillo where Title cards! One use per adventure.
  3. These can’t compare to JiMe though because they are list building and army tailoring games. JiMe would be equivalent to Imperial Assault campaigns where contents are limited to the box. It sounds like an app glitch. It’s not specified anywhere that there is a component limit but that’ll be because the app should know and control the component count.
  4. A Shaman role would be nice. Cross between musician and hunter. I feel Gandalf would be to powerful for this type of game. However he doesn’t really show his true power a lot and this could be fixed by increasing the threat level by 2-3 when Gandalf is fielded.
  5. Yes that is correct, as long as the different tiles were adjacent to each other.
  6. Page 11 of Learn to Play, Attack Tests: Each ability indicates how many successes must be spent to resolve it, and each ability can be resolved only once per attack. This is not specified in the Rules Reference 12.1 Hero Attacks however, which is weird.
  7. Elite enemies DO become exhausted after they counterattack for the first time. However: 28.2 Elite enemy groups can counterattack heroes even if the enemy group is exhausted.
  8. Think about it this way: worst case scenario is you would fail your first 2 adventures, giving you a total of 6xp. You add 2 blank cards. This takes the odds from 26.7% to 23.5% to draw a success. Not a big difference when it comes to drawing successes! But you do add some new abilities if you pull them and prepare them.
  9. The damage is in addition, so no matter what you’ll suffer an additional 2 facedown damage. Even if you are suffering damage from other sources.
  10. With that, if you have 1 prepared card then it’s impossible to discard 2 prepared cards, then you must suffer the 2 damage. You don’t split the effects.
  11. It’s definitely hard to say whether you choose one of the effects, or suffer the first and if you can’t then you suffer then next. However since it is damage/fear which is bad, I’d say you don’t get a choice! So it’ll be do the first effect and if you cannot, do the second.
  12. Simply put, there are two types: 1. Abilities which require you to discard the card like all keywords or if it says discard to do this. 2. Abilities with ongoing effects (such as the one you posted). When you don’t need to discard a card, that ability is always used, and it is used in conjunction with any keyword it refers to, even on the same card. So if you have 2 prepared cards: Trailblazer and Paths Unseen. You say you will Sprint 1 using Path Unseen, then get 1 inspiration from Trailblazer, then Sprint 1 by discarding and using Paths Unseen. Or you can say you will Sprint 1 with Trailblazer, get 1 inspiration then use Trailblazer to Spring 1 by discarding it.
  13. 1. The game assumes that by that point you know the meaning of the keywords, so the explanation is omitted. You still have to discard the card to use the one keyword that you want use. Go to page 32 of Rules Reference for how to use the keywords. Keywords are shorthand for specific abilities that appear frequently on cards. So you are better of always using page 32 of Rules Reference. 2. Yes you can use each line up to once. You cannot use one line more than once. For e.g., you cannot get 5+5 hits if you get 4 successes. This is implied with some weapon cards having the same line for a success. Why would they copy the same line if you could use one line more than once? E.g., card below.
  14. Over at BoardGameGeek they got an official reply from Grace: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/31896849#31896849 Basically you do discard up to 4 damage and up to 4 fear (totalling up to 8 cards removed). Note most other cards say damage or fear. This one says damage and fear.
  15. You gain an inspiration regardless of which card you use for Sprint. As long as you have Trailblazer prepared and you discard the card with Sprint.
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