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  1. New Angeles Tour Guide just hit Copper sales! Thanks to everyone who has checked it out and I hope it is better than you expected!
  2. Whether new to the city or a life-long resident, the New Angeles Tour Guide has something for everyone! This supplement is for GMs and PCs alike to more easily navigate the megacity of New Angeles. Each page covers one district or location detailing a medley of information: Short description of what makes the district unique Points of interest such as civil landmarks, residential neighborhoods, or commercial and industrial parks Item rarity Modifiers are new rules that change the inherent rarity value of an item depending on the district in which it is found or bought Factions of interest tell players who the players might run into beyond the local residents Cost of living charts show what it costs to live at a certain social tier for a given period of time https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/328716/New-Angeles-Tour-Guide
  3. I think a Comouters (Hacking) check should get you in. How easy that is depends on the vehicle or how the runner is doing the hack. Is it a pedestrian commuter hopper? Average difficulty to get in. An NAPD Detective personal Squadhop? Maybe hard or even Daunting. Once in, I would ask that any check to remotely control it would be a Driving check that is decoupled to use Intelligence instead of Agility.
  4. I have been working on a supplement of sorts to increase the options for a runner/Sysop. New programs (ice, icebreakers, and a new utility type), custom rig math, new mechanic to measure how many utility programs one rig can have active, rules for installable programs, and finally rules (and Advantage/Threat/Triumph/Despair tables) for crafting programs. Like mentioned above, it is essentially a reskinning on the crafting rules in RoT but fit to the Computers (Sysop) skill. I originally wanted to make something that would allow for truly unique custom programs on the fly but after a lot of thinking, I think that would have to just be up to the PC and GM at the table (or before the table). The additional effects of programs do not lend themselves nicely to an easily customizable mechanic.
  5. I did something similar to a hard point mechanic with a player of mine. He was playing a Cyborg fixer who worked for Los Scorpiones. He picked up a Cybereye at char gen. So I added the following addition: Cybereyes+ [AR Overlay] When performing a check to construct new items or repair existing ones, add 2 advantage to the result. Only use this ability if you have seen schematics for the item before. So I can see having customized hardware and I would certainly allow for a cybernetic to be customized to the wearer.
  6. New to the forums! I skipped RoT in favor of the flavor of cyberpunk. But I do wish I had access to a similar concept for heroic abilities. Has anyone tried making their own 'Oh ****, once per session' abilities?
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