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  1. If You (potentially as VI Fenn at PS11) shoot at QuickDraw and take off a shield, their opportunity to shoot back will be fully modified (They are not "activating", they are "triggering" as part of your activation). Then if they activate at their lower PS Skill, you can prevent token use for dice modifications on THAT attack. You cant strip tokens when QuickDraw "First" shoots in that case.... so really, you need to make the decision if you want to shoot at QuickDraw or not
  2. ahhhhh... cheers StevenO What about if they were Coordinated from another ship? Coordinate is just a free action, not limited to action bar or upgrade card? <- I think you answered this with Part 2
  3. Say you have Experimental Interface, and you get hit with a selection of the following Crits. Loose Stabilizer After you execute ..... Action: Flip this card facedown. Major Hull Breach Starting the round after ..... Action: Flip this card facedown. Console File At the start of each ..... Action: Flip this card facedown. Since the action words are exactly the same, (just like say, performing a free "barrel roll action") is this subject to being in effect the SAME action? thus you are unable to action both cards in the one round using EI?
  4. If they already have a focus token, it is stripped effective-immediate. before they activate in combat.
  5. I guess that is well proven with Worlds Dice.... lol
  6. I think the game was meant to be played where each player brought to the table their own core set... that would then result in a pool of 6x green and 6x red dice (as well as the required independent damage decks)
  7. Because you'd get idiots like me who would blow our disposable incomes on 4x TIE Punishers for shiz and giggles
  8. It's a card restriction based on a cinematic reference to SW Rebels... an interesting way to implement crew
  9. Its always meaningful, as it resequences the deck
  10. Is a Destroyed Ship a valid target for anything? If no... then why can you still possess a mimic'd ability from that ship?
  11. Just remember you don't remove a ship until the end of combat timing.... you have every opportunity to overkill a ship in normal play (1 Hull remain, and you still shoot twice with TLT) so accepting an overkill with selflessness is quite acceptable.
  12. I'm on the side of "Can mimic a docked ship"... as per new FAQ - Condition cards don't get removed from destroyed ships unless specifically mentioned on the card. the existance of the ship on the battlefield (inactive/docked/destroyed etc) is therefore redundant to thweeks ability/condition card for mimic
  13. In Support of TL/DE/Focus to not attack Biggs: IMHO, Why would Pay Cost require a separate step if not to simply support this premise? Otherwise pay cost would have been incorporated in the select weapon step.
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