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  1. It's a card restriction based on a cinematic reference to SW Rebels... an interesting way to implement crew
  2. Its always meaningful, as it resequences the deck
  3. Is a Destroyed Ship a valid target for anything? If no... then why can you still possess a mimic'd ability from that ship?
  4. Just remember you don't remove a ship until the end of combat timing.... you have every opportunity to overkill a ship in normal play (1 Hull remain, and you still shoot twice with TLT) so accepting an overkill with selflessness is quite acceptable.
  5. I'm on the side of "Can mimic a docked ship"... as per new FAQ - Condition cards don't get removed from destroyed ships unless specifically mentioned on the card. the existance of the ship on the battlefield (inactive/docked/destroyed etc) is therefore redundant to thweeks ability/condition card for mimic
  6. also good against AA Strikers
  7. In Support of TL/DE/Focus to not attack Biggs: IMHO, Why would Pay Cost require a separate step if not to simply support this premise? Otherwise pay cost would have been incorporated in the select weapon step.
  8. Uhhh... Every Ship Includes the enemy... Global 1 Agility reduction across the board might make for an interesting game while Wedge is alive
  9. #TooScaredToSayYes
  10. Another reason to not shoot Biggs: You shoot (and hopefully destroy) the ship who is going to possibly shoot you back... if Biggs hasn't got you in arc this round of combat, and you have multiple targets, you can shoot him later.
  11. bah... bad info.. ignore
  12. There's a Real-World Star War happening?! How Do I get there to help out?!
  13. No need for Range Bonus... here's a 4 Dice attack. (remember, adding dice before the roll is not a modification) A-Wing + Title + Snapshot EPT + Opportunist EPT Jan Ors as Wingman. still, you gotta be able to be in the right position to get it to trigger
  14. Snatched from: Any time Chewbacca is dealt a faceup Damage card, he flips it facedown without resolving its effect, including the Injured Pilot Damage card (original Damage deck). Damage cards flipped faceup by card abilities (such as Saboteuror Rexler Brath) are not considered “dealt,” and therefore Chewbacca’s ability does not apply. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 3.1.1, Updated 07/24/2015; X-Wing FAQ, Version 3.2, Updated 09/04/2015)
  15. Excellent.... not to the answer, but to the fact that this was another case of Short answers to long questions Plus, I'm happy with the answer too.