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  1. bah... bad info.. ignore
  2. There's a Real-World Star War happening?! How Do I get there to help out?!
  3. No need for Range Bonus... here's a 4 Dice attack. (remember, adding dice before the roll is not a modification) A-Wing + Title + Snapshot EPT + Opportunist EPT Jan Ors as Wingman. still, you gotta be able to be in the right position to get it to trigger
  4. Snatched from: Any time Chewbacca is dealt a faceup Damage card, he flips it facedown without resolving its effect, including the Injured Pilot Damage card (original Damage deck). Damage cards flipped faceup by card abilities (such as Saboteuror Rexler Brath) are not considered “dealt,” and therefore Chewbacca’s ability does not apply. (X-Wing FAQ, Version 3.1.1, Updated 07/24/2015; X-Wing FAQ, Version 3.2, Updated 09/04/2015)
  5. Excellent.... not to the answer, but to the fact that this was another case of Short answers to long questions Plus, I'm happy with the answer too.
  6. Trying to build a Janky list for S&G's and I just need to confirm my thinking on the action economy here vs what timing windows there might be: Say I have: G-1A Zuckus With EU, Intensity and IG-88D Crew Flying with: Aggressor IG-88C (Do Boost get Evade) If I Boost with Zuckus' equipped EU: Can I enable both an Intensity Assignment of a Focus (or Evade) as well as the free Evade Action provided by IG Pilot ability? or Do I need to choose one or the other to receive?
  7. Just curious on how the community at large would rule the timing of R4-E1 and its potential with PTL. SITUATION: Nym does a Tallon Roll. Stress applied. R4-E1 allows bomb action while stressed. R4-E1 is discarded to remove the stress token. -> can I now PTL for a focus (and reapply the stress) or is my action window closed at that stage?
  8. well... I think I've broken something at least
  9. Yep... but he was not in a position to be able to move out of danger... he was in the corner facing toward the corner of the map, his next move (hard turn) put him still facing an edge. it was powerful in that situation because you can end up in that spot even if you arent a bad player.
  10. I have Dengar and Thweek in a list... my opponent has a Thweek too and chooses to mimic My Dengar, can I mimic his Thweek and have 2 Dengars? oh crap, I think I broke the game!
  11. I think we've lost track of the Original Issue... which is when a card is deemed as having been fielded. like I said, if you have to declare the swap card from the outset, you have fielded it at the time of your list submission. otherwise, the chance to swap in a unique could be valid.
  12. It worked twice for me.... Vizago + Jabba + Hotshot Blaster. swapped for a pregame-declared EMP. 2 out of 4 games in a single tourney, I flew 2 full health ships off the board because they "forgot" I could swap it in. I didn't mind the 100-0 score, but I'm sure my opponent was furious. and If I could dynamically adapt, I'm sure I'll catch a punch to the face the next time I do it.
  13. Thats going to be bloody amazing for Azmorgan then... Thousands of Crew to choose from that can dynamically **** the game over for the opponent. Want an example of broken? your opponent is near the corner, and you choose top swap in an EMP Device at end phase instead of your planed slicertool or glitterstim... Instant win for you if he has been suddenly unable to plan around your pre-built list and is now flying off the board because you changed up according to the situation. if I was said opponent, i'd like to know what was coming at me.... or perhaps now we can hide our entire list from the other player and suddenly announce prockets are equipped when he comes into range one? is that not any different? or at a tournament, I change my build to different equipped rockets per game, but still claim the list is 99/100 pts even though I've now chosen tracers instead?
  14. I cant see on the card where it says "any card in your collection" it says "Another card"... not "any other card"
  15. Side consideration to this: How do FFG declare we submit tournament lists for Cikatro? If they specify that the swapped in card must be identified prior to commencing the tournament, then technically you will be fielding it the list (the ship contains the unique item, even though it is not visible to the enemy ships). or, are they going to allow you (for the first time ever) to be able to adapt to another players list by swapping in any card that would be able to successfully counter something in the opponents list, <- this I VERY much doubt they will allow.