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  1. Thanks for the support everyone, glad you guys could join us!
  2. I know this might be a lot of peoples first miniatures wargame and don't be too intimidated about getting into the competitive scene! I'd like to welcome you to The Legion Discord to come discuss competitive game play, big scale tournaments and list building strategies with others! Never be too shy to ask a question either or submit a list for CC. -Mcgoats The Legion Discord https://discord.gg/kX8Vj7d
  3. The legion Discord is hosting 2 giveaways! Giveaway 1, alt art set of push, assault and ambush from ground assault kit 2. Giveaway 2, Rebel or Imperial command coin! Anyone is welcome to join the giveaway! https://discord.gg/kX8Vj7d
  4. It's already been one year since the announce of Legion, time flew! Within the next couple weeks the Discord channel will be having a couple giveaways to celebrate! Whether you're completely casual, looking for competitive advice or trying to get involved in the Table Top Simulator community, we'd love to have you! I will be posting more information on the giveaways soon! Look forward to seeing some new face, and may the force be with you (except empire players, jk!, no but really not empire players.) =P https://discord.gg/kX8Vj7d
  5. Here's the Discord Link to the rules channel! Win a Discord T shirt and a surprise promo card from the 2nd Legion kit! The final date to enter is end of July and August 1st will be the selection!
  6. For reaching 1k members the Discord is having a painting challenge. Info is in the Discord 1. Join the proper Imperial/ Rebel Channel. 2. Submit a picture of your army or units. 3. I'll choose 5 that I like from each faction and the Discord mods will vote for a winner! https://discord.gg/kX8Vj7d
  7. The Legion Discord will be having a painting competition giveaway at 1k members, currently at 950 members. It will be for best Rebel and best Empire painted. More details will be posted at 1k members where to submit your work! https://discord.gg/kX8Vj7d
  8. As the title says, we’re approaching 1k members and Will be giving away a few pieces of surprise swag! Come join the community! https://discord.gg/kX8Vj7d
  9. The channel is giving away a General Veers miniatures, giveaway ends Friday 4/27!
  10. Hey all, the Discord is growing very fast, i want to thank everyone who has joined so far! Come join us if your looking for: A place to hang Rules Questions Army building advice Find a TTS game prize giveaways! Painting advice DC: https://discord.gg/kX8Vj7d Look forward to more of the community joining!
  11. The Legion Discord 700+ members ! https://discord.gg/kX8Vj7d
  12. We're all happy about the release and I can't believe the Discord is nearing 600 members and our TTS league is kicking off shortly and just had our 2nd giveaway! Come join the community we'd love to have ya! https://discord.gg/kX8Vj7d
  13. While playing the demo I noticed, white dice are absolutely awful. More times than you think you roll all blanks. Surprisingly more.
  14. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/3/9/fortify-your-battlefield/
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