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  1. It's entirely possible I missed it but I looked over the product pages and couldn't find the sleeving requirement. I've seen 9 Yellow as an unofficial requirement, can anyone confirm? Thanks!
  2. I think I've proven my main point here, which is that it's confusing and counter-intuitive. I agree that, as it's written, you can choose to leave TIEs behind regardless of carrying capacity, I just think FFG needs to clarify that is their intention if so.
  3. Hi I'm a little confused by what may potentially be an oversight/omission in the Rules Reference. Under retreating, it lists (emphasis is the rulebook's): When a player retreats, he must move all of his ships out of the system That line is then immediately contradicted (seemingly) by the line after saying they can choose to leave TIEs and ground forces behind. What concerns me is how emphatically it says "all ships." Given that and the fact that the 2 units mentioned require carrying capacity to move, it seems possible it's meant to actually say you can choose which TIEs and Ground Forces to leave behind "...if you don't have enough carrying capacity to move them." It may very well be the intent is that one can partially retreat by choice, but it just doesn't seem to jibe with the mechanical notion of retreating. Can anyone at FFG clarify this?
  4. The other thing I think FFG is not *quite* emphasizing enough is that for the Rebels to win they simply have to... not be discovered. Even if they do nothing, the time marker still approaches the Rebel marker which is a huge advantage for the Rebellion. Having watched a few play-throughs, it seems to me that the Imperial's main job is to do everything they can to avoid just aimlessly tooling around the galaxy and guessing the Rebel base. Rather, they need to block Rebel missions and focus on intelligence missions to narrow the base considerably. So both those things being said, I would say it looks like they've achieved both balance AND theme. In fact, I may say the Imperials are at a disadvantage if you consider that most players are going to try to run them TI style for their first game or two
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