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  1. I believe you have to have at least one hull point left to Vader.
  2. Derpfish- 29/30 1 melee Blank Blank Blank Blank Blank This die can be re-rolled but its facing cannot be set. "Hey, you picked him, not me." Neutral, gray backdrop.
  3. A modification that reduces the damage you suffer from 'then discard all dice results' effects by 1.
  4. The stress from the debris applies immediately after the maneuver is performed. By default you cannot use Dauntless in this case because despite it being a free action it is still an action.
  5. Ditch the black market, I think between the hired gun and data pad you've got plenty of resource generation. Aim can also go, it's too easy to counter for its resource cost imo.
  6. Game is fun as leader of the demons. It would be way different if an AI had control. It would have to know when to play cards, to stand on medkits to make things harder, etc. Deckbuilding is important too, particularly when the number of players varies.
  7. No limit on non-unique characters. You can run two but can only have one out at a time.
  8. Activate jabba, who is equipped with 2 gaffi sticks and a flamethrower. Re-roll blank to a blank. Opponent activates rey who has one shield Reactionary activation of jango, who has 2 jetpacks and cunning Exhaust infamous Play ace in the hole, discarding flamethrower Play fight dirty, pitching all dice to do 11 damage to rey. Realize you can't just start the game with whatever upgrades you want on your characters. Cry.
  9. Yep. You can also remove a special or blank and do zero damage.
  10. Two games so far: First one I got 3 frags, second 1 frag. I feel like you could have a mode with 2 rounds where each player swap roles. Doomslayer has 1 life and whoever progresses him furthest wins...or something like that.
  11. You can target something else unless specified otherwise. There's an invader card that specifies it's second attack must target a different marine from the first.
  12. 3-4 seems balanced if the invader actually remembers to use cards and is liberal in his use of argent power.
  13. I'll be trying a game with 'the true doomslayer' tonight, seein based on his progress vs mine if it needs adjusting.
  14. Read through the rules again. I read them wrong. I understand now, my bad.
  15. So you can only perform one regular action per activation, however, charge is a sub-action (one you can perform after a main action) and discharge is a main action. I feel like the optimal choice is to charge twice than discharge afterward but I feel like the rules prevent this. Am I missing something? Did I read the rules wrong?
  16. Yeah I used X-wing logic to justify it (That you can spend a focus token to convert any number of dice, including zero). Overall if I can't force someone to lose all resources when their hand is empty (which won't be much anyway because they likely spent lots of resources to get to that point unless they reroll lots) or dump their whole hand if they have no resources (A more likely possibility), I don't see the value of this card.
  17. Can I choose to lose zero cards or zero resources if that is how many I have of the respective...thingies.
  18. I run three because my FACE is also a Sith Lolicron.
  19. My face is always the most correctly costed thing in the game. Vader is the other correctly costed ship: Solid abilities but with plenty of ways to be countered, including fickle green dice.
  20. The game uses dice. Luck is a guaranteed factor. As long as it's not as rng-driven as hearthstone we should be good.
  21. You can't eject kylo out the airlock if he's piloting the ship. Also, leebo and chewie have always made good buddies. Saddens me only slightly that they are just starting to get lots of attention.
  22. Just channel your undertale. Problem solved.
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