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  1. It triggers when the attached character uses one of its actions printed on the card. Examples include: phasma3 bringing in her 2 stormtroopers, wat tambor playing a red support and immediately rolling its die in, Palpatine rolling a die on one of his equipped abilities in. If the character has no actions printed on their card, then unless you're worried about spotting a downgrade (trandoshans), attaching it to the character is useless.
  2. The Death Star is a plot, not a character. Other cards such as focused fire might help you there.
  3. Set aside cards ignore deck-building restrictions. As example, Chief Chirpa can still bring ONE set aside Ewok even if he chooses the Arena of Death battlefield.
  4. You must perform each sentence in the order it is written. Since dealing 2 damage is first, you must deal the damage before you can remove a die showing damage.
  5. You cannot perform an action listed on a card that is not in play unless the card specifies that it can (See Cloud Car).
  6. Just wondering if anything is preventing R2 from riding in a X-34 to cross the map quick? Don't know if there's value there, curious is all.
  7. I believe you have to have at least one hull point left to Vader.
  8. Derpfish- 29/30 1 melee Blank Blank Blank Blank Blank This die can be re-rolled but its facing cannot be set. "Hey, you picked him, not me." Neutral, gray backdrop.
  9. A modification that reduces the damage you suffer from 'then discard all dice results' effects by 1.
  10. The stress from the debris applies immediately after the maneuver is performed. By default you cannot use Dauntless in this case because despite it being a free action it is still an action.
  11. Ditch the black market, I think between the hired gun and data pad you've got plenty of resource generation. Aim can also go, it's too easy to counter for its resource cost imo.
  12. Game is fun as leader of the demons. It would be way different if an AI had control. It would have to know when to play cards, to stand on medkits to make things harder, etc. Deckbuilding is important too, particularly when the number of players varies.
  13. No limit on non-unique characters. You can run two but can only have one out at a time.
  14. Activate jabba, who is equipped with 2 gaffi sticks and a flamethrower. Re-roll blank to a blank. Opponent activates rey who has one shield Reactionary activation of jango, who has 2 jetpacks and cunning Exhaust infamous Play ace in the hole, discarding flamethrower Play fight dirty, pitching all dice to do 11 damage to rey. Realize you can't just start the game with whatever upgrades you want on your characters. Cry.
  15. Yep. You can also remove a special or blank and do zero damage.
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