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  1. Yeah just saw that, props to him for flying a pretty cool Tavson build.
  2. As in just Kylo/Tavson? Or Kylo/Tavson/Starkiller? I'm horrified of flying two ship FO lists.
  3. It's considered stalling, because you're actively avoiding engagement it could be construed as such.
  4. The "No Glory" variant has no options available for Resistance or First Order, nor is the mining guild TIE added.
  5. @Boom Owl It makes me happy to see you using the JAWA vassal map
  6. The correct answer is always Rise even though she's from P4.
  7. Anyone know what Duncan was flying? Was it just Yorr/Omega/Vader?
  8. My bad guys, I've been incredibly busy at work and dealing with a few issues mental wise. I'll have to drop from the tournament. Sorry for the trouble
  9. MrScience vs THRAWN'S MIGHTY BRAIN (ThrawnsMB) 349:167. MOV of 182 Win to MrScience. Also props to Thrawn for an entertaining game, and also for being a very friendly player for someone still grasping Armada vassal.
  10. Yay, thanks! And thank you @Green Knight for allowing it
  11. @Green Knight I realise it's past the deadline, but is there any chance of submitting still?
  12. My bad. I've been really busy at work doing, well, science. I'll submit now if that's fine.
  13. I'm looking forward to trying this out, that final game where we equalised the points somewhat helped make it much more fun.
  14. I'd like to register interest if that's still possible. I'm still fairly new to Vassal Armada but I'm sure @MattShadowlord and @doobleg can give me a few quick rundown games
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