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  1. Hi guys, and thank you for the warm welcome. Incredibly impressed by the quick and detailed replies. I'm sure this will be the first of many posts asking for rules clarification! Also a special shoutout for Col. Orange for a very imaginative description ( Don't give my GM any ideas! ) Thanks everybody.
  2. Hi there, ill keep it short and sweet. Can a simple minion like the pigs from the beginner game that do not have strain thresholds voluntarily suffer 2 strain which actually does 2 wounds to their group to universally move from medium range (1 maneuver) to short range, and then from short range to engagement (2nd maneuver), and then attack in melee combat. It doesn't seem correct to me. I believe a nemesis NPC could do this as they have a strain threshold but for standard minions to voluntarily take wounds just allow them a 2 range charge seems a bit op especially when facing down groups of trash mobs. I've found people on the forums saying NPCs cannot voluntarily suffer strain but then the counter argument is that they suffer wounds to make up for that. The issue i have is that at the start of the game when you're 1 shotting things in the very first encounter ( with Oskara anyway) facing a 5 wound pig or a 3 wound pig doesn't make a difference to the PCs however taking 4 wounds each from their crappy axes because they sprinted 2 entire range brackets and attacked is a problem. Does it cover this in the rules? Just want a definitive answer. Thanks.
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