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  1. Nah, I think he was focused on WW2 bomber missions, specifically the movie Dam Busters. Someone did a nice side by side comparison of ANH, and there are some similarities.
  2. mhd

    Leia + Two T-47's

    Well then, I stand corrected.
  3. mhd

    Leia + Two T-47's

    To repair what? They don't work on repulsor vehicles.
  4. I've run them loaded up, with Pao! duck and cover, hq uplink and sometimes targeting scopes. It's so much fun using Leia with her coordinated bombardment in conjunction with the hq uplink. The pathfinders go first with the uplink and either aim and shoot or shoot and scoot behind cover. Leia can then do the coordinated bombardment on whomever you want to spread damage around.
  5. For us stuck at work, save us from the drudgery of work by providing some updates. Thanks in advance!
  6. I kindly refer you to my 400-0 score against JJs Radus list. 😨
  7. For anyone that is interested, @NebulonB and I have scheduled my defeat to occur on this coming Sunday morning at 8:30am central USA time. It will be finished 20minutes after the Raddus drop occurs, blink and you'll miss it!
  8. @Ginkapo s analysis is spot on. Not sure how I'm going to drop that liberty.
  9. Shouldn't he be taking @PartyPotato to the woodshed then? Or did he skip town?
  10. The deployment error was maybe more of hus game plan in general. It didnt appear that he intended to use the big guns on the ISD. It was less early hits, than the quasar being able to go last-first with the squadrons after his Pryce turn came and went. After turn 2 it was clear that the ISD wasn't going to be able to turn hard enough to bring its front arc onto my fleet and I was moving to get everything inside its turning radius. I started to look for a squad victim to pick up some easy points and establish a lead which would force Broba to make difficult decisions. Once the one defender got overlapped and repositioned to the rear, I was able to kill it with a long range squadron attack at the end of the turn. 16 points down, if Broba didn't move to engage with other squadrons during the squadron phase, I could have pulled all of my fighters out of range and retained them as a future counter punch or if he engaged (which he did) launch 6 howlrunner-flight controller boosted squads at the start of the turn, which can be crippling. I was always prepared to send Cienna in to snarl up a single squad during the squadron phase and then try to gain a positive point trade. Yes, he had Dengar, but moving to free up the the single squad would just be putting a target on Dengar.
  11. And it's over. Brobafett chose to go second so we played his fighter ambush. He was on the top of the screen and running his ships as a convoy right to left along the far back of the of the deployment area. The first couple of rounds, not much happened as he kept traversing the top convoy style and the arquittans moved to fall in behind his conga line. His Pryce turn 2 came and went. Turn 3 involved a slight overlap of a defender which was then moved close enough to be pounced on and destroyed. Mauler & black engaged and splashed some damage while his marek, and the remaining defender moved onto the nearby station for cover for a secondary strike after my squads hits the start of the next turn. Turn 4, the quasar activated and killed mauler, black and plinked through the station to kill the plain defender. In exchange howlrunner, a generic tie and the interceptor were lost. Turn 5, Quasar activating first again, saw the death of his Dengar and merek stele as the main ships orbited each other out of range as I slowly pursued him and Broba slowly drove away. Another generic tie died at the hands of jonus. we called it at the end of 5, Jonus would have died but there was no point in playing it out. 97 - 43. Thanks for the game Brobafett, he erred seriously in deployment, and I continue to fail my way upwards.
  12. The negotiations so far: We've established that nights won't work with the time change between central and pacific time and Broba (rightly)defending his time with his wife. So I've suggested today & yesterday (didn't happen, obviously) @ 5:15pm central, but haven't heard back yet.
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