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  1. It sounds like this would be along the lines of the game Hero Clicks, where as you take a damage you rotate the dial and it displays a different strength of attack, until you turn it and you get nothing in which case it's removed from the board. So after one damage, a standard tie would go from 3 blue with swarm to 3 blue no swarm to 2 blue to dead. Or something along those lines.
  2. All right kids, start cracking those fleets together. Good luck to @Bertie Woostertaking down the Super star destroyer with a single arquittan, you're going to need it.
  3. True. But I might have been able to knock a bit more health off it so you might be in the same spot.
  4. I don't know how I could have poured more damage into that stupid SSD. With the repair teams gozanti it must have healed over 14 damage off the hull alone before it started fixing/moving shields all over the place, it still ended up no shields yet more health than it came in with. Hopefully someone else can figure out how to crack that nut.
  5. playing the moose tonight at 8:00pm central.
  6. So where are the lists posted? Less the objectives obviously. Hope I'm not the only one who went squadless.
  7. sure why not, don't over think it.
  8. Once you discard it, it's gone! You'd probably want to save a token for the fleet command rather than discarding the card.
  9. Re: Rule #5, so Dcaps are truly a one time use thing!
  10. tokras idea sounds better. Having multiple ships to substitute in and out sounds like more trouble than its worth.
  11. this sounds like fun. keep it fast, casual and fun
  12. Nothing like resurrecting a thread. After I picked up some of the washers that @Thraug recommended above. We had some success with them but found them somewhat lacking.@Funny Defcon hit upon the idea of a two washer system, with the above washer glued on top of a 34mm diameter washer that perfectly matches the base so that they nest perfectly and measuring distances is even easier. Since the larger washer matches the plastic.
  13. Turns out a being a total ignoramus is not conducive to competent public health policy.
  14. I would argue that pathfinders are the best late game unit. The more enemy units get whittled down the better danger sense becomes, getting plinked at with reduced dice pools makes them very tanky. Duck and cover helps keep them rolling the extra white dice and Erso keeps them from running for the door.
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