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  1. That's true, but he's then also a 2-die attacker in a meta that still has enough lot of 3-agi ships and force users to limit the damage that almost 1/3 of your list is contributing. Don't get me wrong, I think he's pretty good, I'm just not sure just how good or if he's as good as the 1e Inquisitor admirers (myself included) hope.
  2. On the other hand, he also now gives a range 3 defense bonus regardless of his ability use, which sort of makes him Zuckuss at range 3 (and makes his sweet spot range 1-2). He’s pretty force hungry without Palp support, often forcing you to run on fumes and/or disengage to regain force, and the lack of autothrusters or fine-tuned controls hurts. The shields are nice, though, and any ship with multiple Force can’t be ignored. I think he’s good but I’m not sure yet if he’s the best option in most lists at that cost, or if Soontir is just the better choice in most lists. I think this might be pushing the (loosely defined!) notion of pocket ace a bit, 57 is starting to approach 1/3 of your list, which is more capital-A Ace territory. Especially difficult to look at him as a pocket ace in the faction of 42 point Duchess (or the 32 point TIE/ln’s, if you want to really stretch that definition in the other direction). 57 points is a non-trivial amount in most lists and I think moves him from your filler/fourth ship role to something the list is at least partially built around. His cool Hyperspace Trial alt art is worth at least a few points on its own though! EDIT: Is using Duchess, perhaps the most Pocket Ace of all Pocket Aces, as an example here misleading, similar to how people would occasionally use Pricing Anomaly Lu’lo as a pricing benchmark before the adjustment? It might be.
  3. @GreenDragoon is indicating a sense of fury. Fury is a dark side trait. Empire has the most dark side force users. Therefore it is now apparent, nay, obvious, that @GreenDragoon is really just hinting that the Empire is at the top of his forthcoming Faction Power Ranking Tierlist Breakdown. Make sure you rate each faction on skill ceiling, level of NPE, theme & identity, and amount of FFG faction bias/vendetta evident!
  4. lol So I searched the thread history, the discussion on Lone Wolf I was thinking about was back in January, and it was in fact you who was talking about it. I don't think you're wrong though. I do think there's a number of times it has to be used to be worth its weight, and that number is possibly different from one ship to another (but I expect it's +/- 2.5 in general), but I don't think you need to be using it every turn or anything. I wouldn't use it if it was competing with another card that could be providing similar value more consistently. Previously that was Juke (on Phantoms and Defenders, anyway) but it possibly isn't anymore in general. It might generally be a better option now, especially on more valuable/expensive ships or ships you want to make better in the end game (or less bad). I probably don't consider it quite as often as I should in listbuilding, though.
  5. I spent a couple weeks trying to make this work on all sorts of lists after it came up in conversation in this thread something like 200 pages ago (I think it was @GreenDragoon who was discussing it primarily but I'm quite likely wrong), back when we are all so much more young and innocent. In 3+ ship lists, I just find the range restriction is nailing me at inopportune times. Doesn't help that a fair amount of the 3+ lists I look at have either ships that have abilities that want to be near other ships (even just for Coordinate), and/or I'm bringing ships that are larger than small base and therefore that much more likely to be near a buddy. Just find myself getting into situations where I'm either not getting any use out of the talent, or I'm flying other ships suboptimally because I'm being greedy and trying to keep them away from my Lone Wolf. In lists where none of those things apply, I like it a lot. Goes especially well with Force-user crew. Lone Wolf plus Fifth Brother is an expensive but nice combo for a few Imp ships, for instance. I don't know what the number of uses per game is before it has earned its points but it's probably not terribly high? Say three, give or take?
  6. Seriously. I spent the last two months of pre-adjustment leaving my precious Imdaars aside because the only thing I was certain about was that there was no way they'd leave them at their current price... That's brutal. Happened to me year before last, while I was away at an X-Wing tournament in fact. The week before, my board game collection's shelving collapsed, so for exactly one week it was sitting on the floor until we could get to IKEA. Naturally, that was the week the basement flooded. On the bright side, all I lost from X-Wing was a Firespray dial, and Customer Service generously sent me a replacement dial inside of a month. Hope you didn't lose anything irreplacable.
  7. Absolutely. That's why I used "undercosted" instead of "good", "bad", or "broken". Any ship can be good, bad, or broken at the right (or wrong) price. We could also use "better than", as in "The Imdaar Test Pilot is better for most purposes than other generic options at or around its price point" because that too is still probably true after that hefty 1 point increase. It's not wrong to use extreme terminology when you're conversing about ships that are at the extremes. Also not suggesting a super reductionist approach to discussing ship quality. Ultimately, identifying and exploiting undercosted ships isn't the only component of successful listbuilding... but I would argue that outside of combowing stuff like Handbrake Han, it is the most important one. EDIT: lol wait I see that I did use "good" in my second paragraph, well whatever I stand by my other points
  8. So before we had the Krayts suggesting Wedge was perhaps overrated being interpreted as "Wedge is bad." Is that now just being replaced with the Krayts suggesting the value of the Phantom's decloak being interpreted as "Phantoms are bad"? Generic T-65's seem fine. Maybe even good in the right lists. But they're a heck of a lot better when they also can often start the turn in up to three different places, decide to barely advance up the board at will, regen when they get a little cooked, and add two more green dice on their regen turn. Coming in at a minimum of Initiative 3 (ie higher than your typical ship's initiatives, excluding the more premium chassis of the world) doesn't hurt either. It's not crazy to suggest that the Phantom's ability is Comm Relay, token-wise, but I hope people aren't taking what @Brunas et al are saying to mean that Phantoms aren't crazy and still pretty much undercosted. Imdaars are (still) a steal.
  9. No uniqueness dot on the Diamond Boron Missile on the points PDF! Harpoons for everyone! Relive those cherished 1.0 memories!
  10. Well that's because of FFG's anti-FO agenda, obviously. Honestly though, that's a fair point. Scorch is pretty good though, Null can be a strong option in an appropriate list, and Muse is very good in specific lists as well (supporting something like Pattern Analyzer Tavson for instance). I'm not convinced that most of the other named pilots don't have a role either (aside from Static, who is truly terrible, and Midnight, who I think rarely earns her points in a list). Rivas and TN-3465 are fine but outclassed for most lists' purposes in general. I do not know what sort of list wants to use the generics (please, hold all Captain Cardinal jokes) or Commander Malarus. Stacking a bunch of Fanatical TIE/fo's probably isn't the worst idea in the world, but it's also probably not in the top 50% of ideas either... I honestly think there are decent (or at least playable) lists with most of the above pilots, but it's hard to justify exploring them when there are clearly superior options in general. This also applies to the non-Kylo Silencers too. But all of that is just my opinion, and I've been horribly wrong many times before (like the time I pre-ordered four Inquisitor's TIE because for some reason I thought quad Sienar Test Pilots was going to be wonderful or something???). Your First Order mileage will vary.
  11. I find the weekly (daily) posts/comments on Reddit about how FO is unplayable and/or FFG has an anti-FO agenda hilarious. Even if we just count the ships that are being played, that faction has a really strong selection of options, especially considering how few ships there are. Not to mention that there are some real sleeper hits in FO that people aren't really playing widely. Strong faction to get acquainted with for the future if, like me, you're planning around things like Leia or TIE Phantoms not being nearly so viable come July.
  12. I was running Double Scimitar and Grievous for a while and my experience was that the list absolutely destroyed people who didn’t know the basic Dooku approach you outlined above, and struggled against players who understood Dooku and when not to shoot him. I think Double Scimitar lists demolish new players, but if it became more mainstream, the counterplay book for it would become widespread enough to keep it from winning tournaments (but probably not keep it out of cuts). The window for this might already be closing now that it’s won an HS Trial.
  13. So having played my last HS Trial of the season yesterday, I realised on the way home that despite being someone who generally prefers Hyperspace, I'm really looking forward to pivoting back to Extended again for a while. Say what you will about the current state of either meta, it's still pretty refreshing to have two different formats to play around in.
  14. I love Tavson, but for these FO Salad type lists, I've also started to lean towards finding a way to get four ships in there, mostly so I dont end up totally DOA in an endgame. Scorch and/or Zeta is an endgame you are probably losing. Tavson solo is an endgame you are definitely losing. I mean ideally neither of these is happening, but if every game went ideally...
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