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  1. With Ruthless, I've always thought that anything that lets ships without target lock change blanks into hits has to at least be given some consideration.
  2. So there's a payload upgrade that lets you drop a proton-bomb sized token, the token is a remote with i0, agi 3, and hull 1. The token has a 1-die attack with range 1-2 (not ordnance, so it's 2-die at range 1) that it makes at a target of your choosing on initiative 0, no arc requirement and no dice mods for the remote, and it never moves once it's dropped. How much do you pay for this upgrade? What if the upgrade gives you 2 charges (i.e. 2 turrets)?
  3. https://xwingontherocks.blogspot.com/2019/10/from-imdaar-with-love.html Wrote that before the points changes made Imdaars/Whisper significantly better, thanks to Passive Sensors and making the Imdaars even cheaper(!!!). It’s still a very strong list. That said, the meta feels less favourable to them than it used to. I seem to run into more jam now than I did previously, and Phantoms struggle against both highly modified 4+ die attacks (so Boba/Fenn is a problem) as well as high quantities of attacks (so things like 5A, Scyks, etc can actually be a problem as well). I think I came like 17th or 18th at the last Space Jam with it (losing to two Boba/Dengar lists), both losses were extremely close and most of the wins were pretty one-sided. Similar experience at Worlds last year. Absolutely did not feel like a list with that “this will never make the cut” feeling in either event. Aside from the meta shifting a little, the only reason I stopped heavily using it in stuff like VASSAL league was I was worried I was starting to get predictable, otherwise I still think this is an extremely strong HS option. If I can have the success I’ve had with Imdaars, someone who actually knows how to play X-Wing well should be able to win a thing or two with them. Highly underrated Imperial option.
  4. Fair enough. I feel like I knew this at some point and then forgot. I definitely don’t feel stupid for not noticing this before I asked, that’s for sure... My only other suggestion would definitely be to add an option to sort by “more magic” or “less magic”. Any meta analysis tool worth its salt does this, and frankly I find it hard to take any stats seriously that don’t incorporate at least a minimal amount of magic.
  5. @Brunas is something awry with your delightful advancedtargeting.computer? I feel like there are some big names missing from the data. Surely Soontir Fel can't be so obscure that he's being filtered out of ATC?
  6. Not as annoying for infinite blue maneuver for the poor bloke taking Gina's stress token! Even Ten Numb doesn't ditch stress every turn. Only from Jek Porkins can one learn that power, and that feels pretty unnatural to me. Basically what I'm seeing is that Gina is bad in most lists - overpriced, poor in an endgame, inferior to comparable options even in her own faction, let alone outside it - and she's sometimes okay in a B-Wing list that itself is probably just okay? Mandatory giving of stress to her pals isn't upside. Getting stress is so easy that every single ship in the game can choose to either have or keep stress on any turn they want, this isn't something that Ten or Braylen are just at a loss for finding ways to get. They can link their focus, they can do a red maneuver, or they can even Dash Rendar through a debris field (you are exploiting debris fields with your named B-Wings, right?) Heck, you can give them the S-Foils for 4% of the cost of bringing Gina and give them yet another option. Ten and Braylen both have abilities that basically take some of the inherent weaknesses of the B-Wing chassis and say "let's mitigate these and sort of make them good sometimes." Ten Numb and Braylen have been saving their allowance for two whole weeks so they can buy Pokemon cards, and Gina is coming in and saying "oh you can afford Pokemon cards, then you need to buy some for me too." This doesn't strike me as chasing good synergy, and feels dubious in the exact same way that taking Angled Deflectors to turn on Fanatical for TIE/fo's feels dubious. Braylen/Cassian (at previous costing) was strong synergy, and that formed the core of some tough lists. Gina makes for really questionable synergy, and her winrate and tournament performance reflect this very clearly.
  7. But don't they have productive ways of getting stress without Gina giving them a stress token? It's not like stress tokens are hard to come by! Heck, Thane Kyrell(!) is 2 points cheaper with the same initiative and relatively same durability, and I don't have to plan all my other stuff around Gina and her threat of double stressing one of my other fellas.
  8. What am I missing with Gina Moonsong? She seems bad! I don't know that I've ever watched a game where the ability didn't either accomplish relatively little, or hurt more than it helped.
  9. I agree with your points but, to be fair, I think this one is actually a bit less trivial, mostly when Tractor Beams are involved. For example, I played Oli Aces vs 2x Zealous 2xIonScyk 2xTractorScyk at the first Space Jam and it was a really challenging match-up, since basically any single control attack from one of the Scyks could mean death within 0-1 turns. If the Scyk player is flying well and able to keep his Scyks from being overly committed to any one target, it means the ace player now needs to treat every rock as if it were roughly 1 range band higher, similar to a list flying multiple trajectory simulator Seismics, except instead of just taking one damage, I probably end up losing a ship within a turn of the tractor/ion hit. Flying aces under those limitations is a really interesting exercise, and I think probably leads to much more limited ace positioning that can be exploited by the tractor user. It can also occasionally be a challenge with Ketsu (although she is a bit more predictable and often makes big positional sacrifices to get a tractor) or Dooku (who can tractor you at i7 if he's ended up somewhere you didn't expect), but these fall more into your argument of tractors that are a bit more avoidable. But I mean, the entire argument of "beating aces is easy, just tractor 'em," is the old trope of presenting a listbuilding solution to a strategy question, anyway.
  10. "You can clearly see that this droid swarm is all using the brown paint jobs, while this droid swarm is entirely blue/black paint jobs. The difference is clear as day." The current season of XVT (which is using this format) avoided the whole issue by prohibiting any duplicate pilots between the two lists, unique or generic.
  11. I think the trouble you encounter is if your opponent also brought two lists with the same strengths and weaknesses, you might just be choosing between two bad match-ups. There's a prisoner's dilemma meta-game here. If we can all just agree to always take two lists with very different strengths and weaknesses, everyone will be on the same footing and we'll all be fine. starts finding two most similar lists possible
  12. I seem to see more events going with the reverse hangar bay/"pick your poison" format (you bring two lists, your opponent chooses which you get to play). There's some interesting meta-strategy in this format. Do you bring two lists of roughly equal power? Or do you pick one list you want to play, and one list you think your opponent will just take a hard pass on? Do you bring two lists with the same strengths and weaknesses, or closer to the opposite? How do you evaluate your opponent's lists to choose which one you fly against? What are you looking for as red flags (or big flashing "pick me" beacons)? --- For me, I would say: Originally I was trying to pick two equivalent lists, but outside of the established top tier stuff, I find it hard to really accurately gauge this in a vacuum. In one of these, I thought I brought two roughly equivalent lists, but 5-out-of-6 opponents picked one and expressed relief at not having to play the other. I think my approach now is to bring something I like and something I think they won't like so that I get to play with my favourite toys. I think at first I wanted to bring two lists with the same rough archetype (e.g. I brought RAC/Whisper and Fat Rey/friends). I've wavered on this but I think this might still be the right call, as it lets you reliably pick your opponent's list without having too much variance in the list you're bringing to go against it. If I have two lists with the same strengths/weaknesses, I first look for big silver bullet type stuff (e.g. my hull-heavy fat turrets were basically right out on any heavy TIE/x1 or other crit-themed list). Otherwise I just look for janky/inefficient builds and try to pick whichever list seems to have the most of that. Ships with extraneous upgrades, ace lists that I outbid with both of my lists, lists with sub-par pilots are all candidates for my pick.
  13. Well if you like self criticism, boy do I have a (older but it checks out) batrep for you: https://xwingontherocks.blogspot.com/2019/08/match-review-superkylo-thiccdraw-vs_17.html
  14. One of them is the most recent successful version of an archetype that people have played since there were three aces that fit in one list, and it has at least two of the stronger ships in the game. The other one is a list in a faction people consider weaker (especially after January), is not super intuitive to understand how it works or wins compared to an ace list or a swarm list, uses ships with less obvious value (aka 2-die attackers), and features names like Lt. Blount. Also, it won Nationals in Chile and Spain, which seems like a reasonable splash to make. It’s a good list, but personally, I don’t play it because eww rebels I think there are better versions of this list in First Order (and maybe another faction or two), and those I definitely do play. Put even more simply: one of them looks like Triple Imperial Aces, the other one looks like Tuesday Night Jank.
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