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  1. I would allow it, then I'd have an enemy (if intelligent) just grab that saber with a successful coordination check.
  2. So I've been looking through the force and destiny lightsaber specializations trying to find some that the kind of character I want to play and I have some thoughts and questions. 1) One thing I've noticed is that niman has both force rating and dedication. It also has force-pull, very similar to hawk-bat swoop mechanically (different flavor, though). I have a feeling that makes him the most versatile form, as it allows both force powers and good lightsaber skill. Also seems decent defensively with all parry's and reflect's. 2) Makashi and Shi-Choo don't have reflects. They are basically melee only forms. Because this game is based on an era where most of the combatants would be ranged and few force-users, I have a feeling this makes them kinda bad choices. I mean when the stormtroopers start firing at you, they won't do you much good. 3) Sum djem talent apparantly allows for disarm on triumph or two advantages. However, reading rules on how to spend advantages and triumph in combat it says, you can use 3 advantages or 1 triumph to force enemy to drop his weapon. Does this mean sum djem is basically only an extra advantage? Or is there some other catch I'm not getting? 4) Talents that allow to spend force points on success or advantage (such as intuitive shot for hunter), is that before rolling the dice/resolving roll, or after. Meaning if I don't have enough success I can add it, otherwise I use it as advantage? That's it for now. I appreciate anyone contributing their thoughts and answers.
  3. you could try on Roll20: https://roll20.net/ I would love to play in a campaign, but still have to get up to speed with all the rules.
  4. Thank you for your response. 1) I was actually thinking of animals, so "special" pounce talent sounds cool. B) Yeah you are correct, miscalculated that. However if they had 4 wounds threshold than 5 damage should be enough to down. So in that case they should be down and out.
  5. I have a question, if somebody would be kind enough to answer. Let's say a PC character is medium distance away from minions (using melee weapons). Those minions would have to spend one maneuver to reach short range, and then could spend an action as maneuver to move to engaged. And that's it. PC could then attack them, and spend two maneuvers (using strain or advantage) to move to medium range again, and in this way he could kite them without ever fearing attack. Am I interpreting right? Would it be possible for melee minons to move from short range to engaged and attack (some sort of charge)? Another question is. If three minions, each with 5 wounds (for a total of 15) would suffer 15+damage or 10+damage and critical injury. Would this mean that all three are dead? Or would just one be dead (that is if you attack minions and overshoot the damage, is that damage wasted or still counts against other members of the group). Thank you.
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