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  1. That's fair, but it's also a statement I don't think anyone is disagreeing with. As far as I can follow it @Darth Meanie simply said that perfection wasn't a realistic goal, at which point you brought up cars with 0% fatality rates, which sounded like you were contradicting him (i.e. saying we should shoot for perfection). Then I pointed out that it's not really a straight comparison (most drivers want to be safe, so even if they do foolish things, they usually don't actively TRY to have fatal accidents; whereas players can and do try to break the game to their benefit). Now you say perfection isn't a realistic goal, which is exactly what Darth was getting at to begin with. So, we're all in agreement and accomplished about as much as any standard Ferris wheel.
  2. Hopefully it'll involve real-life time-travel and they'll prevent Matrix 3 from being made. Actually, it'll probably be something even stupider and be that the "real world" they escaped to was actually a whole additional layer of Matrix. Because if they're continuing the thing they may as well rip off Inception, too.
  3. In fairness, auto designers don't have to worry about people going out of their way to find the unsafe features of the car. The safety is as much a function of people trying to drive safely as it is a function of the car's construction. Game developers, on the other hand, have to take into account people trying to break the game.
  4. I guess 2 and 3 didn't wreck the franchise enough.
  5. Instead of making another dial for each ship, I think an action selector should be generic (especially with upgrades adding actions). However, you wouldn't want it to be a dial, then, because then you'd need new ones every time a new action was introduced. I liked the idea of having action tokens. Give them some shape to distinguish them from condition tokens, and make them indistinguishable from the back. Each turn, you assign dials and actions to ships ahead of time. It may up the learning curve a bit, as you'd have to decide if you wanted to Target Lock or Barrel Roll before actually seeing where your ship and any lower-initiative ships ended up, but it would make the choices a bit more interesting, I think.
  6. I mean, you could always play a casual game with a buddy who doesn't mind letting you try.
  7. Personally speaking, I complained about turrets more often simply because I saw them more often. Sure, Poe's ability, "When you reveal your dial: ignore it, remove any Stress tokens, place Poe anywhere on the board facing any direction, and sprinkle on a few tokens," (I may be paraphrasing a bit) was annoying, but I only saw people play him once every couple months or so, as opposed to facing fat turrets every single week.
  8. But it also matters which Ace. An upgrade may synergize well with one's ability, while being only decent on another. Should all Aces pay the premium just because one can abuse it? Of course, with interactions this complex, there's not one, single solution. But that's why I find it odd to focus just on the Bullseye instead of looking at the larger picture.
  9. The primary difference being that was a Conversion Kit. The whole point was that it was for people who already had some miniatures and tokens. This upcoming pack is specifically to get the cards out to people who haven't bought them in other packs.
  10. What we know: 1. Only one ship can use it currently, and that ship already comes with a copy. 2. Two copies come separate from that ship. From this, I feel we can conclude that either FFG has gone completely off the deep end, or else there is something coming up that will use it or allow other ships to use it. Personally, I find this a cause for excitement more than bitterness.
  11. My point being, if everything is affected by initiative, why make everything scale with initiative rather than simply increasing higher-initiative pilots? Not only is it easier on the points, but it allows adjustments on a case-by-case basis.
  12. It sounds to me as if most of the arguments here pertaining to Bullseye could apply to most elements in the game. Munitions benefit Aces more because they get to move last, guaranteeing they'll be able to get a Target Lock. Actions favor Aces because they get to decide which to do with near perfect knowledge. I don't know if the system needs fixing or not, but it seems odd to single out Bullseye as the problem.
  13. Hm... Will R2 pilot have an astromech slot, do you think?
  14. Yes, I was being facetious; not raising an actual objection...
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