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  1. JJ48

    Inquisitor (crew)

    Played against one, and it was rather effective.
  2. JJ48

    The Mandalorian

    Data core? Willrow Hood was clearly making an ice cream delivery.
  3. JJ48

    The Mandalorian

    Mandalorian ice-cream-maker? Mandalorian crock-pot? Mandalorian canopic jar, which needs switches for some reason?
  4. JJ48

    The Mandalorian

    Canonicity of the Holiday Special confirmed...
  5. Ooh! Let's do a series of IG-88 horror films, along with some HK-47 movies, building up to the truly epic IG-88 vs HK-47!
  6. JJ48

    First game of Second Edition

    ISB Slicer was useful, but unfortunately the opponent's list focused more on repositioning than on tokens, so it didn't come up too often apart from one time on the Phantom (Jam action). Though, denying his Phantom a recloak would have been rather useful had I been able to capitalize on it. Freelance Slicer didn't really come into play much. Most of the time, I was trying to use my Target Lock to feed the Optimized Prototype, and trying to get a target that would work with that as well as who was going to attack my Freelance Slicer was a bit of a challenge. I may swap him out for another ISB Slicer, and put Jamming Beam back in. HLC was fun, but it probably doesn't trigger enough to really be worth it on three shuttles.
  7. It would probably just recalculate the totals. Having an illegal squad doesn't prevent you from saving.
  8. JJ48

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    Having played the X-Wing PC games, there are definitely times when you prefer unlinked shots.
  9. I don't know...Vader seems to go after his foes head-on, and I can't really think of a reasonable scenario for why he'd be sneaking around picking off grunts one-by-one. It seems a bit...playful for his character, if that makes sense. Some bounty hunters, though, I could totally see taking this approach.
  10. This is great advice in theory. Personally, though, I'm pretty sure I got my red dice from the same place Kylo got his...
  11. I always put on music in the background while I'm thinking.
  12. JJ48

    Which is the strongest faction in 2.0?

    I think I didn't consider Vader a problem because I've never actually flown against Vader. Also, while I'd prefer to remove such free non-actions, I do think Palob is worse in that he not only gets his free ability, but also has no in-game cost and gets a free token out of the deal. Nonetheless, for the sake of consistency, you'll notice that I did include Vader in my proposed fix.
  13. With the way my dice roll, I'm happy to take out one ship in an entire game, much less before a particular game phase.
  14. JJ48

    Which is the strongest faction in 2.0?

    Not really sure I agree that having to spend a token to give the opponent a choice about removing a token is quite the same as not paying anything to remove a token from an opponent AND gain a token himself, but if it's a huge issue, then sure. Let's figure out how to fix Vader, too. Make both of them only trigger if you're not stressed and haven't performed an action that round, so there's an opportunity cost. (Probably 0-0-0 too, while we're at it.)