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  1. JJ48

    Are vulture droids broken? (Energy cell charges)

    Dice randomness is definitely a not-insignificant portion of the game. Like how every single time I fly a TIE Defender, it goes down in 2-3 shots, while Soontir, in the same games and fighting the same ships, will survive 5-6 shots or more.
  2. JJ48

    Are you buying republic, separatists or neither?

    How so? I had one of pretty much every 1.0 product (except the Raider corvette), and felt that my collection fit rather well with the Conversion Kits. I hated the prequels too, but since I really just hated the acting, plot, and dialogue, I can still enjoy flying the ships! EDIT: To answer the initial question, I'm flying both!
  3. JJ48

    New game article! Check the link…

    So, either we noticed the date and wondered why such an old thread was brought back to the first page; or else we didn't notice the date until we saw the first new post, and still wondered why such an old thread was brought back to the first page. Sure, I'll admit to being confused or perplexed by this.
  4. JJ48


    Every time I hear it referred to as just "B-22", I can't help but think people are talking about a Douglas XB-22. (Proposed modification of the Douglas B-18 Bolo.)
  5. JJ48

    Are vulture droids broken? (Energy cell charges)

    That note is there only to clarify that reloading outside of a Reload action doesn't necessarily count as an action (though in this case it's still part of an action), and doesn't count against your once-per-turn limit on the Reload action. (e.g. if Hyenas have the Reload action, they could both reload this card and perform a Reload action if they were coordinated or otherwise got an additional action). It doesn't mean that the steps taken are any different from performing a Reload action.
  6. JJ48

    How long have you played X-Wing?

    I had been collecting the ships since early 2016 (at latest), but I didn't actually start playing the game until sometime between Waves 11 and 12, if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, I didn't discover until after I started playing that 1E was all about fat turrets and invincible aces, so I never really enjoyed that edition and was pretty much fully on board with starting anew as soon as 2E was announced.
  7. JJ48

    The Petty "I Told you so Thread"

    Bald-faced lie: I believe I saw it announced for Q3 2019.
  8. JJ48

    The Petty "I Told you so Thread"

    Observation: It is generally very easy to tell how HK-47 means his sentences. Non-serious suggestion: Perhaps we simply need to speak like HK-47 to avoid confusion in the future. Sarcastic assurance: I'm sure it won't get irritating anytime soon.
  9. Sounds like these could be the new canon's version of the Katana Fleet.
  10. JJ48

    First game with the SSD

    Have they said whether the SSD uses the front or rear base when maneuvering?
  11. JJ48

    SSD article up!

    Rebel/Imperial Fighter Squadrons packs 3, 4, and 5 will be announced.
  12. JJ48

    If you were a pilot, Happy Friday?

    If I were going off my imagined Star Wars universe character: I6 Z-95 After you make a <missile> attack against an enemy during your engagement, one other friendly ship at range 1-3 may make a <missile> attack against the same target. If I were to base it on real life: I1 Lambda When attacking or being attacked by a Scum ship, the attacker rolls 2 extra dice. Once per game, you may forget a rule that would have caused you to lose quickly, and instead lose a couple turns slower.
  13. JJ48

    SSD article up!

    My experience with Armada is limited, but I agree that it's nowhere near needing a Second Edition as much as X-Wing did. New A-Wing pilot, Arvel Crynyd: "When attacking a ship, if attacking an unshielded hull zone, you may sacrifice this squadron to destroy that ship."
  14. Just waiting to see Kevin J. Anderson confirmed as one of the screenwriters.
  15. Hardly. Starkiller Base was far too subtle and underpowered to seriously contend with a Sun Crusher.