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  1. JJ48

    Decimator 2.0

    Yeah. In fact, maybe we should increase Dash's cost a bit, just to be on the safe side. Say, 201 points?
  2. JJ48

    Which 2e ships do you want released before the others?

    A YT-24?? I've never even heard of that one! What does it look like?!
  3. JJ48

    Which 2e ships do you want released before the others?

    Gunboats and Lambdas. I need my Cygnus Spaceworks ships!
  4. JJ48

    Would you move over to Armada 2.0?

    Not just competitive. This strict casual is excited about the fixes, too. As for Armada, I don't think it needs a second edition at this time, though I'd probably buy it if they made one.
  5. JJ48

    Squadron upgrades

    <Cue FFG's announcement of Armada 2.0>
  6. JJ48

    Squadron upgrades

    We should crowdsource funding for an Executor memorial orbiting Endor.
  7. We got Palpatine crew for Imperials. I'm almost certain Yoda will be a crew for Republic, at least.
  8. JJ48

    Second Edition Lambda

    I saw someone point out in another thread that, though token stacking has been nerfed a bit, it's still possible to stack tokens a little bit. I figured the Lambda could help us out here and shut down token stacking once and for all! Lieutenant Sai (47) Jamming Beam (2) ISB Slicer (3) Omicron Group Pilot (43) Jamming Beam (2) ISB Slicer (3) Omicron Group Pilot (43) Jamming Beam (2) ISB Slicer (3) Omicron Group Pilot (43) Jamming Beam (2) ISB Slicer (3) Total: 196 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Seriously, though, with all these ship-specific discussions, what do people think of the great, white workhorse of the Imperial fleet? Has anyone tried it out in any matches yet?
  9. JJ48

    X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered

    I thought we were playing Armada rules. You hand us three objectives, and then we pick one.
  10. JJ48

    X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered

    You could print out the costs, locking them into a specific state until you decide to reprint.
  11. JJ48

    X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered

    If it's Schrodinger's Squadron, wouldn't that mean that it's simultaneously both good and bad until you open the app and force it into a single state?
  12. I guess it also makes a certain amount of sense if the armament is limited in range. Guns near the superstructure would have an awfully tough time even reaching targets amidships, so having the armament broken down into more zones while being able to use more zones seems like a reasonable representation.
  13. JJ48

    X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered

    On Wikipedia, I found Norman F. Williams as the only non-fighter pilot WW2 ace for the Royal Australian Air Force. The page on Flying Aces also mentions US B-17 tail gunner, S/Sgt Michael Arooth and RAF Lancaster gunner Wallace McIntosh. It really is a fascinating topic, and I just wish there were more about it collected in one place. EDIT: I found that the list of RAF WW2 aces has numerous gunner aces, but that's mostly because of the Boulton Paul Defiant having a turret. This was found to be overpowered, and future waves nerfed the turrets, or even removed them completely in the case of the de Havilland Mosquito.
  14. JJ48

    X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered

    I'm actually kind of curious now. Is there somewhere I can find a list of WW2 bomber aces?
  15. JJ48

    X-Wing 2.0 feels de-powered

    Just make sure they're priced accordingly to be viable, but still susceptible to swarms or beefier lists bringing lots of tech.