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  1. Fans of the previous systems mostly refer to them as D6, D20 and Saga. Say one of those and people know what you mean. But Star Wars Roleplaying could refer to any of these as well as the modern system. For me I just call it Star Wars FFG.
  2. We had an entire thread about this where we discussed how this makes sense. Interesting interpretations. It's pulling it off with a carbonite ring thats harder to explain...
  3. Subtraction is done before applying the die cap, just like with ion cannons.
  4. My favorite part is "In addition, our super fans have found some rare and strange situations that are not directly covered in the rule books." (Cough. 2 ion cannons, death star and x-wing?)
  5. Building and deploying is affected by sabotage markers. Placing and gaining units isn't. What's the contradiction?
  6. As kmanweiss mentioned, the sabotage was unnecessary. You could simply 'activate' Dagobah to place your leader there. Moving units during your activation is optional.
  7. Agreed it's a mistake but disagree that you should feel there's a burden to clarify this to each new player. Most players are not going to see a tactical advantage in sabotaging systems that lack production and can't be claimed by the empire. They will use the card as intended.
  8. On second thought, I think you may be right. But this thread is still six weeks past expiration.
  9. "The Sabotage mission is intended to work only in systems that have a resource icon. If the Rebels could use this in a remote system then the Imperial player would be unable to remove the sabotage marker. That's an official dev response. There was a huge back and forth on this a couple months ago. Construct Death Star vs Sabotage missions
  10. Well it's unsurprising it would work with a captured Luke. He was captured when he did this in the movie. He surrendered!
  11. Normally, no. But the directions on the card supersede rules. You could also use this to deploy to a remote system which would normally be impossible as well. Also, this thread was six weeks dead.
  12. Based on RAW,yes. Bolstered by his former comrades' victory, a flicker of good emerges in Luke. But realizing he's gone too far to the dark side to return, he ignites his lightsaber and ends his own torment. Or aspiring to greater mastery of the dark side, he uses the confusion to eliminate one of the other Sith to find himself one step closer to being the master.
  13. It's a surprising and slightly amusing scenario, but I see no problem with it. And if the Imperials are already in a position of retreating, they probably aren't as much of a threat to the rebel base as they would like to be. It's like running into a cave for safety and then finding out about the bear. The listing on TV Tropes must be enormous.
  14. You naive knave! Never shall your navy nullify my navel actions!
  15. Three. Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny
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