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  1. Panzerninja

    worlds is April... faq needed?

    Nerf Torryn farr
  2. Whip gets some more value from lunging terror, but it might need some more support to really push the damage up.
  3. Panzerninja

    Drive the Horde - Uthuk release announcement

    Credit to @tgall for taking these photos from worlds but the rest of the cards are here: https://imgur.com/a/8UH75VJ
  4. Panzerninja

    Prince and Ventala release article

    Bolo net/vicious root scions. Have fun getting by them
  5. From rules reference pg 16: 64.6 The following language may be used when discussing range: • At: If any portion of a unit’s tray is inside a specified band, that unit is at that band. • Beyond: If no portion of a unit’s tray is inside either a specified band or band closer to the range “1” end of the range ruler than the specified band, that component is beyond the specified band. • Range #–#: This range includes all of the range bands from the minimum to the maximum ranges specified. • Within: If the entirety of all of a unit’s trays are inside a specified band, that unit is within that band.
  6. Panzerninja

    Three articles, wow!

    I initially read it as Lord V only (as opposed to the cursed version only). Oops
  7. Panzerninja

    Three articles, wow!

    Would thirst of bilehall work in both forms or just the Infantry version?
  8. Panzerninja

    Three articles, wow!

    Blades also seem to be rally good on a flanking Lord V. To bad Waiqur don't have a rallying drummer.
  9. Panzerninja

    Three articles, wow!

    https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/9/20/heroes-and-villains/ These are neato!
  10. With enough rallying shriekers around and whirling sinew/thrashing tail we can get this going:
  11. Panzerninja

    Viper Legion dial is revealed!

    According to the spread, there is still an uthuk only training to be revealed.
  12. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/9/17/brotherhood-of-kul/
  13. Panzerninja

    Anti-Squadron Hammerheads

    Probably the most effective (and by effective i mean its very silly) is to take following ship build and add green squadron, rieekan, and profundity. Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36) • Ruthless Strategists (4) • Rapid Launch Bays (6) • Flechette Torpedoes (3) = 49 Points The plan is to use profundity to drop the hammer head in a position where it double arcs as many squadrons as possible. You then drop green squadron into the enemy squadron ball. Proceed to spray everything and ruthless the **** out of green squadron and your opponent . Rieekan is needed but Profundity, FT, and RLB may not be necessary.
  14. Panzerninja

    Kethra's new terrain

    here are the tournament rules for including terrain: "Each player must include four terrain cards of his or her choice and the corresponding punchboard terrain pieces—or custom 3D terrain—in their army. The total capacity of any combination of two chosen terrain cards cannot exceed 6" So if you are including 2 tents, I believe you would exceed a capacity of 6.