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  1. Fantastic thanks very much
  2. I thunk I have heard of read this somewhere but are the reaper and saws expansion 2.0 compatible?thanks
  3. How does fearlessness work on her rear arc? Finn on the falcon has to have other ship in Frt arc to trigger. How does this differ they seem to worded the similiar as is dengars pilot ability. Thanks
  4. So Kath at range one in rear arc would throw 5 reds correct.
  5. Yes I agree this is a rough list. Been trying for awhile now to find a good counter. Ezra able to continually take stress is garbage but such is life I guess
  6. Asking if this is roughly how it works? Sorry for the confusion
  7. Just trying to get it straight. Fire harpoon Hit do say 2 damage then give condition card. does it take effect from that point. So any hits from then on will trigger it. Then on that ships next action they can do what it say to remove it. Thanks for help
  8. Is there a way I can update squad builder? Seem to be afew upgrades not being shown.
  9. teeg123456

    Guns for hire

    Anyone seen guns for hire for sale yet a any local game stores?
  10. Thanks much for the help.
  11. So Is a 360 ability different then a rear auxiliary arc in case such a attack range bonus? Thanks for the help.
  12. Doesnt dengar have a 360 arc? Does his ability only apply to front arc?
  13. So only with certain pilot abilities and upgrades?
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